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Use any third-party SMTP server for your Magento store. Increase the chance for your emails, order details and other emails to deliver the correspondence to customers.
  • Quick Email Delivery
  • Log of emails with detailed view
  • SMTP connection
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Delivering messages is a very important and necessary thing in running your e-Commerce business. Sometimes you need to send an email to a lot of customers. It can be hundreds or even thousands of them. To do it in the right and clever way we would like to look at our extension “SMTP”. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The SMTP extension is a good way of sending out emails using such SMTP provider as Gmail, GMX, Mailgun, Zoho etc. With the SMTP module, you have higher chances to send an email right to the customer’s range of vision not to the spam folder. The extension helps you to use any third-party SMTP server for your Magento store and configure all necessary settings. Of course, you can use such stable SMTP servers as Gmail or Yahoo to help email get right to the customers. Our extension has pre-defined data autofill option, all you just need to do is select an SMTP provider and other fields will be filled automatically.

Key Features:

  • Quick Email Delivery
  • With the help of SMTP module, emails will be sent easy and quickly. As long as SMTP mail server is working, you can expect that emails will be sent very quickly to recipients.

  • Log of emails with detailed view
  • SMTP email settings extension lets you log all the messages sent from your store. You can view the status of email when it was sent etc.

  • SMTP connection
  • You can check SMTP connection by filling the data in the fields of SMTP settings and click to check the SMTP connection. If it is no connection you’ll see an error message.


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  • Nick J.

    Must-have for Magento

    Perfectly made module
    On May 27, 2022
  • JarJar_dev

    Great work

    Great add-on for email function on magento. It really makes things much easier to deal with
    On October 20, 2021
  • Benjamin J


    Just what I wanted

    Thanks for the opportunity to buy this module cause it's does everything that I needed. Communication with my clients is safe now ^^
    On September 27, 2021
  • Armi K.

    Like a charm

    Very glad that we found Mageside and their modules as they help us a lot during the past year! Comfortable communication, understandable extensions, easy installation.
    We tried approx 5 modules and it's all working as designed.
    On September 16, 2021
  • Tony

    Help a lot!

    Very convenient to have this module
    On May 25, 2021