The business earns more with customer care

The main reason for customer dissatisfaction is waiting. Everyone who has ever shopped knows that. What is the likelihood that you will be waiting in line if it stretches out the door? Yes, most likely, you'll leave. Therefore, the automation of business processes plays a leading role in the organization of a business.

The negative effect of long waiting

The first impressions are marginal important because one bad experience can scare a customer away forever.

Research has shown , that people have a thing to remember negative experiences, but not positive ones. It may even be an evolutionary conclusion. But this is not a business advantage.

It means that bad images of long queues stick to our minds like glue. And, it ultimately is a negative impression of your brand.

Often the psychology of queues is more important than the statistics of the wait itself MIT researcher Richard Larson

One of the companies surveys reported that they lost 75% of customers due to waiting times. And when a customer leaves the door with nothing but frustration in their hands, they are unlikely ever to return.

Businesses should be concerned about this fact. And use all possible options for providing timely customer satisfaction.

For example, automation helps organize information about the availability of the goods (size, color, material, season, manufacturer, collection).

The most crucial factor of the successful automation of a retail facility (network) is the optimal selection of a solution (software and equipment) that must fully comply with the company's business processes.

Process automation of the online store on Magento 2

The growth in sales or services is leading to the development of more complex processes inside the business, and as a result, to the staff expansion and the creation of new departments.

As a result, there is a need to improve communication, increase efficiency, and create conditions for productive work for all partitions. We agree that when the number of clients of a company exceeds a thousand, the old methods of maintaining a client base and interacting with it, such as simple spreadsheets or cloud documents, stop working.

Mageside’s extensions help solve the problem with customer interaction. The extensions can simplify the procedures of creating and maintaining some company's processes.

To learn more check out the following extensions:

  • Bulk price updater
  • Automatically update costs for thousands of products in your store, edit percentages, round off prices, and more.

  • Easy duplicate
  • Save your time on content management (duplicate categories, cart price rules, blocks, and CMS pages).

  • Facebook pixel integration
  • Keep track of customer purchases, track time on the site, understand consumer needs without spending time on calls, surveys, etc.

Remember, it doesn't matter what method the business chooses, because the golden rule of business management says, "Don't forget about customer time." If your store is still struggling to process orders, then it's time to develop a new business strategy by introducing new technologies.