The delivery of goods is carried out around the world every day and every minute. This fact drives by the popularization of online stores and the increased demand for online shopping. The high speed of any delivery plays a vital role in the overall order fulfillment process. Modern e-commerce projects tunes to make sales and delivery as quickly as possible because of that reason. Quick access to information, quick directory views and choices, fast purchases, and prompt delivery are the keys for successful e-commerce business.

In fact, Canada Post Corporation has a reputation as a reliable postal operator which is constantly changing and developing for the better. Canada Post continues to build a company that confidently keeps moving forward by conquering the name of the leader in distribution.

You've got to stay super focused on shipping product. There isn't a version two or three if there isn't a great version one. Brendan Iribe

To point out, one of the great advantages of using the Canada Post shipping services is the ability to calculate the cost of delivery of a particular product depending on the size, weight, and destination point. Considering the fact of specific terms of cooperation between online stores and the delivery company, the process of calculating the cost of delivery of the specific order could take some time. Many customers leave their carts without completing the order because the delays with the calculations or if the process of the checkout seem to them too long and tedious.

Canada Post Shipping extension for your online store will make this process as easy as tea-drinking. The module has what you need to provide convenience and show care to your customers to their time. You can make sure of that by testing it right now.

Mageside has fully implemented the Canada Post web API for Magento 2 stores. With Canada Post Shipping you can:

  • calculate the most accurate shipping rates by using Canada Post's methods;
  • display live rates to customers before and during checkout;
  • register parcels with Canada Post before drop off;
  • track shipped parcels using your tracking number;
  • print shipping labels;
  • create shipping manifests as payment records;

The Canada Post Shipping module fully supports all shipping options including Regular Post, Xpresspost and Priority for parcels and envelopes.

General Settings

Select "yes" in Enabled for Checkout field to enable the module in checkout.

Sandbox Mode field was created to make it possible to interact with the Canada Post API in a sandbox environment. To enable the function select "yes".

Use Sign In button only if you do not select in "Sandbox Mode." With the help of this button, you can sign in to Canada Post. Just sign in, and Canada Post module will take all passwords automatically to configuration.

Title displayed to the customer in checkout for specific shipping method. This form field display only when a store view is selected.

Locale – select "English" or "French" language to display error messages.


In the Customer Number field, you should enter your Canada Post customer number for the module to work with the API.

In Contract ID field commercial customers should enter the Contract ID in this field.

Method of Payment – select "Account" or "Credit Card" method of payment.

In Certificate Path field type a certificate path. More detail information about it you can find here.


Ship to Applicable Countries – you can select either "All Allowed Countries" (if you require no specificity) or "Specific Countries" if you want to ship only to specific countries.

In selection box Ship to Specific Countries, the admin should select the specific countries for delivery.

Debug - to enable the debug select "yes."

View Debug Logs enable to view the debug logs. Click the View button to check.

Show Method if Not Applicable - to show method if no applicable select "yes".

Displayed Error Message – type the error message.

Sort Order - type the number of sort order.


Calculation Settings

In Max Package Weight field type max weight for a package. For setting an unlimited weight type 0.

In the Quote Type field, select the quote type to return to your customer. "Commercial" returns the discounted price for commercial customers or "Solutions" for Small Business members. "Counter" returns the non-discounted shipping prices.

In the Rates Price Type select Excluding Tax or Including Tax rates price type.

In Rates Minimal Price specify the rates minimal price.

Lead Days are the expected number of days before an order is shipped. If the order shipped on the same day "0" should be defined.

In Working Days, select the working days of Canada Post.


Show Estimated Delivery Date field help to enable the function of showing the estimated delivery date.

Fields Default Box Length / Default Box Width / Default Box Height - type the default box length and width and height in centimeters. Type 0 if you want to ignore this setting.

There are Сalculate Handling Fee options. Namely, there are "fixed," "percent," or "Fixed and Percent." "Fixed" adds a flat fee to the order total. Enter the desirable fee to add them in the Handling Fee Fixed field. "Percent" multiplies the value in the Handling Fee Percent field by the order total and adds it to the total. "Fixed and Percent" adds both a flat fee and the multiplied value in the Handling Fee Percent field at a time.

Handling Applied field specifies whether the fee adds per order or per parcel.

In Non-mailable Attributes, admin can select the non-mailable attributes.


Shipping Options

Collect On Delivery option affects only shipments within Canada. To enable the option, select "yes."

In the Coverage Threshold field should be defined, the minimum price at which postal insurance coverage should be added to the rate quote. "0" should be established for all shipments, some value higher than any expected order price to disable.

In Signature Threshold, admin can set the minimum order price at which the Canada Post "Signature" option adds to the rate quote. Admin can set to "0" for Signature required on all shipments.

Delivery Options has a dropdown list with options "No," "Card for pickup," "Do not safe drop," "Leave at the door - do not card." Admin should choose one option.

Delivery Instructions has a dropdown list with options "No," "Proof of age required - 18", "Proof of age required - 19". Admin should choose one option.


Enabled Delivery to Post Office option allows a customer to select the delivery to post office and is available only for Canada. The shipment will be delivered to the nearest post office.

Google Maps API Key is necessary for showing the addresses of the post office. Admin should type here the API key of Google Maps.

In the Notification list, admin can select one or several events that will send an email notification to the customer.

Print Output Format allows choosing the paper size to which you will print.

Reason For Export is a dropdown list to choose the "reason for export" to use it on the export manifest.

Other Reason text field uses for different reasons which are not in the previous list. The "Other Reason" value should be specified in "Reason For Export" in that case.

In Non-delivery handling options should be specified how Canada Post can handle undeliverable shipments.


Shipping Methods Settings

In Allowed Methods admin should choose from the list Canada Post allowed methods. Notably, that the extension is not able to determine if products can or cannot be shipped by a particular method based on contents.

In No Rates Method Price, admin should type a price for specific method label. Also, admin can add a custom one in the field "Shipping Methods Labels." Sometimes Canada Post Service can not respond because of some website crashes. With this in mind, that's why to let the extension Canada Post Shipping working it's necessary to create a specific shipping method label and specify the price for it.


In Shipping Method Labels different shipping method labels are available. And the admin can rename any shipping label.


Fixed Price Methods Threshold Price Type is a dropdown list in which admin can select the type of free methods threshold price.

In Fixed Price Methods, an admin can add new price methods. To add an original price method, the admin should click "Add Method."


Print Return Label

  • Enable – to enable print return label select "Yes."
  • Shipping Method – select a shipping method.
  • Name – type the name of the print return label.
  • Company – type the name of the company.
  • Address – type the address.
  • City – type the name of the city.
  • Province – type the name of the province.
  • Postal Zip Code – type the postal zip code.
  • Return Notification Email – type the email for returning notification.