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Canada Post Shipping

Canada Post Shipping module allows you to calculate the most accurate shipping rates using Canada Post’s unique methods.

  • Instant live prices by weight and destination
  • Deliver to post office near customer location
  • Delivery to Post Office
  • Register your shipment with Canada Post prior to drop off
  • Track shipped parcels using your Canada Post tracking number
  • Works for Small Business and Commercial Customers
  • Create shipping manifests as payment records
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Canada Post Shipping

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Your Canada based operation needs to ship Canada Post, and Mageside has fully implemented Canada Post web API for Magento2. With Canada Post Shipping you can display live rates to customers before and during checkout, print shipping labels, register parcels with Canada Post prior to drop-off, create manifests for all shipping labels, and track previously shipped parcels. Whether shipping to Canada addresses, US addresses or Internationally, Canada Post Shipping will deliver the correct live rates directly to your customer. All shipping options including Regular Post, Xpresspost and Priority are fully supported for parcels and envelopes. With Mageside, best in class code, ease of use and customer support are guaranteed. Thanks for your trust and a shared commitment to excellence!

Key Features:

  • Instant live prices by weight and destination
  • Our extension features live integration with the Canada Post API which allows rates to be queried and displayed instantly once your customer has specified shipping destination information. All shipping options that you use are displayed, and all rates calculated live from Canada Post.

  • Register your shipment with Canada Post prior to drop off
  • Once a purchase is made, the calculated shipping price and the parcel is registered with Canada Post. At this point, a tracking number and shipping label are generated. You can print the shipping label for use on the packed parcel, and your customer can immediately retrieve the tracking number.

  • Track shipped parcels using your Canada Post tracking number
  • Look up any shipment and click through to its tracking information.

  • Delivery to Post Office
  • The Canada Post Shipping module gives you an incredible feature as delivery to post office. Now a purchaser can get the parcels right in the post office. Just select a necessary delivery post from the proposed list of post office addresses. The extension will propose the list based on the addresses that are the nearest to the address of the purchaser. The option "Delivery to Post Office" works only with Expedited Parcel and Xpresspost shipping methods.

  • Works for Small Business and Commercial Customers
  • Configurable for both Small Business customers and Commercial Customers who use a Canada Post parcel agreement.

  • Create shipping manifests as payment records
  • The transmit shipment feature sends shipment data for billing and tracking to Canada Post and provides you with shipping manifests for record keeping. Our Canada Post Shipping module allows you to select which shipments should go on a manifest. It then allows you to print each manifest as you create the transmit calls.

  • Set all shipment options including Signature and Coverage
  • Canada Post allows the options of Signature, Coverage, Notification, Reason For Export, Non-delivery handling options and others. All can be configured from the module admin.

  • Create multiple parcels and shipping labels per order
  • Sometimes merchants need to split an order into more than one parcel. This module allows the admin to choose which products should be placed in which boxes, and to create separate labels for each.

  • Print labels for customer returns (only for Magento 2 Commerce)
  • Customer can print labels when requests a return of order items. This feature works with native Magento 2 RMA functionality which is available only for Enterprise version of platform.

  • Fully manageable from admin panel
  • All parts of the module are manageable from the admin panel.


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  • Adnan


    Excellent Support

    I placed the order since long time, and when I asked support, this company provided the support in a professional way and for free. I recommend this company. Don't focus on the price, focus on the support service after sales. Thank you
    On December 14, 2021
  • jessedw

    Website Integrator

    Excellent and ongoing support

    After initially installing the software, it took me some time to figure out to correctly configure it. Mageside support was always there and available, and very patient.

    Later on with an update to magento 2.4, the software also need to be updated, and they even added a feature request to the update that I need, at no extra charge.

    Excellent software, excellent support.

    Buy the software here on their site as opposed to via the marketplace, quicker direct support!
    On April 13, 2021
  • Adnan

    Manager for North Ribbon Company

    Perfect Support

    I have placed an order for this Canada Post extension for my Magento 2.4. It is working fine now. The support team for this company professional and helped me in configuring the configuration at Canada Post web site for free. Really, I am thankful and I recommend any one to work with this company for any Magento Extension.
    On March 11, 2021
  • jessedw

    IT Solutions

    Easy install quick help

    The module has many options, and seems to work great. I installed it first via composer after having purchased it at the Magento Marketplace, however that version was out of date and had errors. A quick email to customer service, and they sent me the updated version. Seems like its best to buy directly from Mageside.
    On February 1, 2021
  • Emilie

    Beware updates are not included

    The module works great but updates are not included. They require that you buy extended support to access updates. Also no changelog details are available so you don't know if there was some improvement to the module or not.
    On January 18, 2021