Amazon is one of the world’s e commerce leaders. According to statistics from Walker Sands, on average, two out of five US consumers (41%) receive 1-2 parcels from Amazon per week.

These numbers are awe-inspiring, aren't they?

The company is actively using methods of digital transformation. Most recently, Amazon has patented the delivery of small goods using drones. And now, humanity is waiting for their new brilliant ideas about improving the parcel delivery service in general.

Do you want to become the best in e commerce sales?

Take an example from the leaders. A smart delivery service should be a priority of your online store.

We suggest you use the Magento module Shipping matrix rates. It will be your first step towards advancement.

With this module, you can increase your average purchase value.

For example, if a customer purchases goods worth more than $ 50, then delivery will be free. Using this module, you can set any minimum order amount to increase the average purchase value. In this case, the number of sales and the amount of income of your business could increase significantly. And along with free shipping, your client is happy. After such cherry on top, 90% of buyers return for the purchase to the same store again.

The condition for the minimum order value in the shopping cart may vary depending on your desire and needs. This scheme will work successfully for any online store, regardless of what you sell (detergents, household appliances, clothing, or food products).

The module will help you implement many delivery options. When placing an order, the customer will immediately see the cost of delivery, depending on the set parameters, such as distance, carrier, package weight, country, etc.

To make use of the extension, take note of the following steps:

Module admin configuration

Enabled- to activate the module, select “Yes.”

Title- the name of this shipping method that a user sees.


Shipping Price Calculation Method - it is a method with which products in the cart will process for shipping.

Calculate Price Per Item- the delivery price depends on the number of units in the basket.


Price Per Row- the calculation of the Shipping price is per cart row.

Calculate Price Per Shipping Group - the items are in groups by the product's, and the price of the delivery you will get by the whole group.

Calculate Highest Group Price- here, the goods are also in the group. But, in this case, you will not summarize the prices. The shipping price selected among all grouped matches. It is the highest rate among the group.


Include Virtual Products in Price Calculation- select “Yes” to add virtual products when calculating shipping.

Use Product Price in Base Currency- calculate shipping rates using the store Base Currency prices.

Use Product Price incl Tax- select “Yes” to include tax when calculating price based shipping.

Use Product Price with Discount- select “Yes” to include discounts when calculating price based shipping.

CSV Delimiter- put the field separator for your CSV import file.

Export/Import- this form field allows you to upload your customized CSV file.


Handling Fee Calculation Method

Choose to “fixed” to add the handling fee directly to the shipping price, or “percent” to multiply the shipping price by the cost as a percent. And then add it.

Handling Fee

It is value to be used for the handling fee.

Post Code Max Length

Sometimes it is necessary to limit the number of zipping/ postcode characters for using during lookup.

Displayed Error Message

It's a custom error message displayed to the shopper when this module encounters a problem.

Ship to Applicable Countries

Here, you can allow countries in your Store View, select “All Allowed Countries” or choose“Specific Countries.” Default is “All Allowed Countries.”

Ship to Specific Countries

Select the specific country where the module will work.

Show Method if not Applicable

To display the module at checkout, even if not applicable, click "Yes."

Sort Order

It is the order in which this delivery method appears in the list of available shipping methods.


Keep in mind:

The speed of delivery of the order is a critical point for the buyer. Delivery time of goods from the online store must meet the expectations of customers.

The issue of the organization of delivery should be in priorities for the owner of the online store. We recommend you to think about it before opening and starting sales. Otherwise, there is a considerable risk of getting delivery problems. And this can affect the success of the company and negatively affect the process of its development.

Contact us if you have any questions.