Do you need to make changes to pricing rules? Are you about to witness a special event and feel the need to update prices? If you have a large amount of products in your store, making use of Magento price update will take a lot of time. Recently, it now requires lesser efforts to action products in your store. Our mass prices update is designed to provide a better price management experience.

Not only can mass price updating be frustrating, it can also be time-consuming. It may take up the time necessary to take care of other equally important activities on your online store. A lot of online store owners are only used to the bad sides of mass price updating. This makes them forget that mass price updating can be stressful but is very important to the store owner and the customers. Mass price updating can be used to alter prices of products in the store to prevent the loss of customers due to outdated high prices or the store owner losing money due to outdated low prices. These points underline the fact that mass price updates of action products in your store can be stressful but are equally as important to the store owner.

You might have encountered problems relating to the mass price updates of fashion products by employing a lot of other methods but your troubles are seemingly over. Mass price updates do not have to be as stressful as they are normally, because you can set it up in much more efficient ways making use of the Magento 2 Bulk Price Updater.

The update of Magento product cost has never been this time efficient. Bulk Price Updater for Magento 2 allows for the application of price update to different items. Due to this extension, management of Magento price list has become quicker and easier.

These are some advantages of the Bulk Price Updater for your store:

  • It has the ability to update a lot of prices of different items
  • It allows for the adjustment; increase, decrease, approximation and application of percentages or fixed amount of price changes
  • Its admin panel can be customized

This is how the price updater works:

As it has been mentioned earlier that the Magento 2 Bulk Price Updater is meant to make mass price update much more efficient and less stressful, mass price updates using the Magento 2 Price Updater is as simple as it gets. It is possible in just a few easy steps. Peradventure there is a need to apply price changes, all that that is required of you is a selection of the products to be update, completion of the necessary fields and update the settings.

Complete all the required fields during price configuration.

Bulk Price Updater for Magento 2

Basic Price — Select basic price. Basic Price is the price of the former price of the product that is to be updated.

Basic price

Destination Price — Select end price. The destination price is the expected target price or the updated price.

Destinatination price

After the selection of “Special Price”, you can go ahead to choose the duration of the price change.

Special price

Destination Store View — This can be used in the management of product prices for different stores.

Destination Store View

Update Type — select update type.

Percentage — Percentage change in prices.

Fixed — The prices will be adjused as fixed price.

update type

Update Value — Alternating price field.

Update the Value

Rounding — type of approximation for prices.

Price Rounding

If "Round to integer” has been selected, then choose the “Rounding Direction” for prices.

Round to Integer

Round to integer with ending — if it is your preference to “Round to integer with ending”, then select "Rounding Direction" and the type of the "Round Ending".

Price Rounding

Round ending to threshold — if “Round ending to the threshold” has been selected, then type the “Ending Thresholds”.

You can employ the use of endings separated using a semicolon. The closest lowest or highest ending will be applied. If you didn`t make use of the ending, the price will be rounded to next integer.

For instance: 0.00, 0.25; 0.50; 0.75


Minimal Destination Price ― type your minimal destination price value. Complete this field using the minimal acceptable price for selected products. You will get this value if the result of the calculation is lesser than the Minimal Destination Price.

Minimal Destination Price

Maximal Destination Price — type your maximal destination price value. Set up this field if the calculated price is greater than Maximal Destination Price.

Maximal Destination Price

An example of setting up Decreasing Prices in Bulk Prices Updater

1. Complete all necessary fields in the price configuration window Bulk Price Updater

2. Navigate the page to the “Products” section and choose the products you wish to change their prices. To locate important products quicker, make use of “Filters”. With this you can filter the products into different categories. Example Bulk Price 2

3. Assign the products. Example Bulk Updater 3

4. Click the button “Update Prices”. The prices were successfully updated. Bulk Price Updater by Mageside

It is good to note that the ability to update the prices of a lot of products instantly makes this extension the important extension for the management of any website which has huge catalogs of products. This is the most important feature of the Magento 2 Bulk Price Updater extension.

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You are welcome to contact our support team.