Customers buy goods due to different factors and for different reasons. One of these reasons is price comparison. It is common knowledge that the decision to make a purchase is dependent on certain needs or importance. However, the truth is that most times customers make a purchase after comparing items. This is something worth applying to your website. Provision of vision of choice within your store can boost sales and attract new customers.

Magento Special Prices are an important feature of Magento 2 for online store owners. It is impossible to attract customers by keeping the same price levels on mass products throughout the year due to the fact that we are going to have shopping seasons and holiday seasons. During shopping seasons and holiday seasons, one of the best and most approved ways of attracting customers is through the use of the Magento Special Price. Sales are known to skyrocket or increase substantially during the shopping seasons and holiday seasons if the rights steps are taking to achieve that. Magento Special Price is one the best ways to go about this. Alteration of special prices will involve a lot of products and such a process has to be effective to ensure there are no mistakes that turn out to be very costly at the end of the day. The Magento Special Price is an excellent addition that will leave your customers longing for more. With something like this, you will be able to ensure that your customers will keep coming back. During the holiday season and shopping season, customers will compare the prices of your products with prices on other stores. Your stores will gain nothing from having an unfavorable price comparison. Magento Special Price is that thing that you are looking for. It is what will transform your holiday season and shopping season into a time of increased sales and will always leave your customers coming back even after the holiday season. You may be dealing with a lot of products which will require a lot of hard work but the Magento Special Price will make all that hard work worthwhile.

Making use of special price in Magento store is always considered a good idea. It could be great in converting visitors into buyers. The Magento Special Price is something that will leave your guests and customers coming back for more. The creation of a special price Magento, however, takes too many steps and processes, most especially if you are dealing with many products at once. Do not let these steps and processes deter you from this tapping into this because after this processes you are set for a sales increase. In short, Magento Special Price is a feature which will be added and allow your online store to move forward. This article is designed to provide information on how to set Magento special price on holidays or other promotional events by making use of Bulk Price Updater extension as an example.

For example, if you want to set 15% off for our special price on holiday.

  • First of all, select “Price” in the Basic Price field.
  • In the Destination price field — select the “Special Price”.
  • Choose the duration for which you want the special price to be active in the calendar.
  • In the Update Type field select the “Percentage”, if you want to calculate your discount in percentages.
  • Enter the value with minus to complete the Update Value field. It is "-15 %" in our example.
  • Scroll down the page till you get to the Products section, after this mark the products to change the price for your sale.
  • And the final step is to click the button Update Prices in the upper right corner.

Great job! You have successfully set the special prices for all selected products for specific dates.

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