The future about which we read books and watched films is already here. Robotization and artificial intelligence, chatbots, and neural networks are terms that have a trend over the past few years.

According to experts from Global Market Insights ,  the use of chatbots by 2024 will grow by 31%, and amount to $ 1.34, billion. Why the use of chatbots becoming so popular in e-commerce? How did the chatbot outperform humans?

A chatbot is a program that simulates a real conversation with a user, and it's intended to automate this process for a business. Therefore, its place on the market is continually evolving.


Types of Chatbots

The main types of such bots according to purpose are  

  • Entertaining. Everyone loves entertainment. Therefore, these programs are the best way to attract customers. An example of an entertaining bot is GoTBot, a chatbot called Game of Thrones, which can answer questions from the audience of the series. Would you like to chat with him?
  • Consultants.These programs are indispensable for the e-commerce industry. They communicate with real and potential customers, answer questions about goods, delivery, talk about promotions and new products, etc.
  • Assistant chatbots. Messengers and search engines use in instant assistant bots. It provides data at the request of the user, independently track and report changes in information.

Modern possibilities of chatbots in e-commerce

Reduce the number of abandoned carts. A chatbot will provide high-quality customer service. It instantly answers all the questions that the customer may have during the purchase.

Increase sales. Chatbots eliminates the human factor. It actively interacts with all visitors to the site. Also, a  chatbot can help to engage the customer in activities that are provided by an active marketing campaign.

Saves. It works round the clock without days off and rests, so no holdbacks in customer communication with the brand. Using a chatbot, an entrepreneur also saves the costs for employees (wages, workspace).

According to Juniper Research, brands will save around $ 8bn by 2020 by using chatbots. This program is not able to fully replace a person but can give automatic answers to all common questions. So the chatbot is one of the best tools for your business.

Chatbot has some undoubted advantages:

  • operative (loading and responding instantly);
  • easy to use - both on a computer and a mobile device;
  • operates with vast volumes of information;
  • easy to train;
  • availability.

Weaknesses of the chatbot:

  • the bot cannot give the answers on the original and peculiar question.

chatbot It gives answers to questions that are in his knowledge base. Therefore, in the case of atypical situations, it can not solve the client's task. Today, chatbots, according to market research, are popular tools for human interaction with the virtual environment. It is a very dynamically developing area. The demand for IT programs in this direction is continually growing. Therefore, the intellectual and technical level of bots is becoming more diverse and smarter.

According to statistics, an online store loses 15% of potential buyers if it does not respond to customer requests on social networks. Therefore, the use of chatbot is becoming an integral part of social media marketing.

To summarize:

The process of technology development entails that soon, assistant bots with artificial intelligence will appear in all sectors of human life.  Does your store still haven't chatbot? In case if you want to integrate your business into the future today, maybe it is an excellent time to think about it. 

Do you want to stay in the trend? Then stay tuned for all relevant business project management tools with the Mageside team.


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