What is customer experience?

Customer experience is one of the most effective marketing tools. Usually, clients, turning to the services of online stores, least of all want to deal with another unidentified object. There are many deceptions since this is the Internet. A potential buyer is primarily looking for any review because he wants to ensure the reliability of services, goods, and quality.

According to statistics, 85% of people make a purchase decision only after reading reviews.

It clearly shows that reviews are powerful tools that encourage people to place orders and make an actual purchase.

Why do you need reviews?

Perhaps we can compare reviews to a food processor in a modern kitchen. It is possible to cut and slice various products without its help, but with a significant time and quality loss.

So, what is the use of reviews?

Customer experience increases loyalty.

Improve customer service by adding a comfortable way to look through reviews on our website's pages to attract loyalty and trust. It is much easier to work with regular customers and not spend money on advertising to find new people.

Reviews work for your reputation.

They reflect the experience of consumers and quite often play a decisive role in the purchase of goods. Each review is a store rating. And the rating is growing with more sales.

Popularization of the product.

Products that people talk or ask about become top sellers. While the store does not spend money on advertising, buyers create a buzz, and your sales increase.

Dialogue between the store and customers.

The store should hear every client and a potential client. Dialogue is the key to long-term relationships.

Search engines index reviews.

Customer comments quickly drive traffic for low-frequency queries. Because they are a free source of additional content that buyers create on their own.


Best Methods to Get Review from Your Customers


Surveys in groups, on pages, are rarely ignored—customers like that they do not need to waste time registering, clicking on extra links, etc. Many people take part in such surveys with pleasure. With little investment in writing questions, you'll get a lot of customer feedback. Bonus from polls in social networks increase in traffic to the online store page.


It might sound embarrassing or even selfish, but the truth is that people usually love to share their opinions. The problem is that they are unaware of the possibility. Therefore, as a store owner, you can directly remind your customers by using this tool.

A tool like One Page Checkout PRO allows customers to send a review form a few days after purchase.

Forms for reviews on the website

Perhaps this is trite, but sometimes users do not know how to leave a review on the website. It is very convenient to add a particular form to the product page to avoid this. That is how customers share their opinions, and you quickly respond to all the advantages and disadvantages of the store.

To maintain interest, you can test different variants of the name of the form, for example, "Rate us!" or "Tell us what you liked about our product," or "What we need to improve?". Small gifts can be an incentive to leave a review on the website.

Reviews on social networks

Social media marketing is an effective channel for getting feedback. You can analyze reviews, likes, shares, and other metrics. If your customers have had a bad buying experience, they are more likely to tell you via social media than email or phone. It allows you to react in time and retain a specific client, as well as attract others.

Photos of customers with your products

A brand gets a lot of credibility with the content that shows it alive and human. Photos from production or office, backstage from a photoshoot, photo reviews of customer experience with goods, all these frames bring the company and subscribers closer together and significantly affect the audience's loyalty to you.

Review bonuses

Play the prize for the most creative review to increase its quantity. Alternatively, you can offer bonuses for each comment; this is also an effective way. And it's also a valid marketing method to connect with customers.

What types of bonuses are most often used by online stores?

  1. coupons and promotional codes;
  2. bonus points to the card;
  3. discounts on the next purchase;
  4. prizes and gifts directly for feedback;
  5. participation in the drawing with the condition to leave a review.

General tips for collecting feedback

Always respond to reviews.

You save potential customers if you respond to customers as quickly as possible.

Give a customer several opportunities to leave a review.

Allow your client to communicate with you more conveniently. We are talking about email newsletters, social networks comment section or direct, questionnaires on the site, etc. The client must have a choice.

Don't push customers.

Don't be overly intrusive, and don't get carried away with excessive creativity. Prioritize meaning, conciseness, and understandable texts, personalized approach to each client.

Don't remove negative reviews.

It's almost impossible to avoid negative reviews. Therefore, if you have already received negative feedback, then try to solve the client's problem and thank them for letting you know about this issue.

Negative feedback is precious for the growth of the company. The person spends his time describing the situation and waits for the solution to the problem. And at this stage, you can quickly turn a negative impression into a positive one.

Think carefully about the timing of the revocation request.

If a revocation request comes at the wrong time, a customer can negatively comment about your company.

Therefore, it is essential to guess when you have a better chance of getting positive feedback.

It's better to ask for feedback with customer experience:

  1. when enough time has passed for the client to have time to use the product and form an impression about it;
  2. after they have had some positive experience or success with your product or service;
  3. when you re-purchase a specific product;
  4. when re-ordering from your store;
  5. if the client tags you in their social media post.

There may be other good points. It all depends on what products you sell or what services you provide.

Do more than clients expect of you.

If the store makes an order well, then the buyer perceives this as the standard. Most sellers don't want to impress the buyer; they just do their job.

But how nice it is for every person to feel cared for, isn't it? Experienced people in business know about this. That is why they offer comprehensive advice on ordering, express delivery of goods, or sincerely wish you a good day!

How to implement a Magento review strategy?

Magento owners shouldn't worry, as there are ready-made solutions, such as ONE PAGE REVIEWS extension.

This module helps collect customer feedback. The extension allows you to send customers an email reminding them to share their reviews of previously purchased items. Because very often customers forget to write a review.

Have you ever had such a situation where you left the online store because there were no reviews from people?

In online shopping, there is no way to check the product: touch the product, taste it, smell it, etc. That is why customer review is becoming a critical factor in choosing a product. The person who entered your store for the first time evaluates the store products based on its reviews. And their absence scares off all potential customers, and sales could drop.

Using the ONE PAGE REVIEWS module, the administrator can independently set the time and date of sending a reminder email to your customer. You can add an ad unit to the letter, choose the necessary fonts, styles, colors for letter templates. If desired, it is possible to add other products to purchase to the newsletter too. Also, you could use a direct link to the specified review page, and the client does not need to re-authorize.

You can find out more details about this module, and more specifically, about its features by simply clicking here.