If you desire to develop your business in the right way and to professionally look after it while nurturing it into an excellent career, you need to take a look at the second part of Alexei Bezdir’s speech on the opportunities open to developers in the company.

The company and its expectations from the developer.

Let’s take a look at a scenario. One morning as everyone is gathered in the office and pondering over a cup of coffee. This special “coffee communication” may involve as much as 150 people. With this cup of coffee, you could get a pay raise, you could get a promotion, or you could easily introduce new customers to the business.

However, with the company's size expansion, this crowd of people drinking coffee at once may become too much for truly productive time. This сould result in a communication problem inside the company. These problems can be termed as the “opportunity barriers for growth.”


The size of the company.

This become a problem with communication when a company becomes too large and has to divide its resources physically. What happens when a team is divided? A quite simple answer for this is that you keep 2 coffee machines on two floors namely; the first and second floor. When this happens, employees fail to establish personal contact with each other, because they see no need to share their coffee. Within a short time, such as a week, these employees fail to talk, and in a month, it starts to feel like they work for different companies. This is often the case, and we’re still talking about just coffee time.

Now imagine, if the company divides its workers and restricts communication between them at work. However, the unity of the company is its most substantial assets, which result in the production of the leader. Therefore, the division of labor and preservation of integration is considered the first major problem of the company.

Different goals for different groups.

When in an organization which is filled with a variety of teams, groups, departments, and nationalities, it is quite common to find each of them with different goals, different targets, and different modes of operation. The increasing amount of diversification can become a problem. The company would have certain people focused on development while another set of people may be focused on sales. It is essential to get a mechanism that would allow for effective communication between these groups. It would communicate the right types of objectives to the groups.

The only problem is that the structure of the department cannot prove such goals in principle. Whenever you create a technical task or pass technical information through the PMO (Project Management Office), it is quite possible to lose something technical. If you send something non-technical through the development office, it is most likely for it not to be found by the “filter of technicians,” lose some extra information and may fail to get to the target destination.

This necessitated the need for a team that could communicate with everyone on their goals while also monitoring the result. An absolute requirement for the group would be a cross-functional that nothing was lost.

The constant need for professionals in the staff.

The truth is that when recruitment is carried out once or twice monthly, it may be quite straightforward. However, collating information on the different features of the person needed for the vacant positions, while only being able to identify the position from the HR department can be quite tricky.

Need for leadership in the institute.

Upon the creation of new teams, there would be a lot of people who a) need to be evaluated; b) there is a lack of leaders for the new team, and these leaders have to be located. It is also challenging to find a leader from inside the company.


Successful division of a company into business units that are not owned by any country.

This means that every country should have a good number of business units in any country. This is how it would work. The whole office is closed for a day using MindMaps, different technics, and games help to determine the features and qualities which are the most valuable for every individual. The results are gotten by analysis of the prism of value for the team and looking through the overlaps, which are considered necessary for the team and person.

Different goals for different groups.

Create an entirely new department which is filled with people from different working groups including frontend and backend, PM and so on. Getting this person into the department will make it cross-functional. The task of this department would be to organize all the technical processes and augment the performance of the different departments of the company. This means the members of this particular department will not belong to the teams but will be very vital to them.

Since finding people for all open positions is a rather tricky task, there is a good alternative.

This training involves the recruitment of trainers who create useful training content in their field. Asides the trainers, mentoring can be a quite good idea. This occurs when an individual is assigned a mentor for long-term purposes, and the mentor guides the individual to a better future. The mentoring will not only provide knowledge to the individual but will also lead to a type of promotion. The mentoring is a long-term process that involves a lot and has a lot of requirements for the success of the entire process. However, the results are often impressive.

Need for leadership in the institute.

An excellent option would be to develop a leader within the team. However, the problem exists in finding a very good system for evaluation to determine who is fit enough to lead the group. There needs to be a systematic approach which would help to identify the leader. To assess his strengths and weaknesses.

Yes, a company with a workforce of 400 people would definitely utilize different approaches and strategies to a small team. If you plan to develop and grow your personal company, get ready to introduce unique management methods. These unique management methods may lead to some level of comfort for certain people, while others may welcome it. However, ensure you take decisive steps, and hard work will eventually pay its dividends.

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