This year the Mageside team visited the MageCONF'18 in Kyiv. At one of the lectures attended, Alexey's Bedzir spoke on the theme "Why do developers should write less code and develop themselves?" He based his research on leadership on Vaimo’s experience, and I would like to make some brief highlights of his speech.

Generally, it is significant to have practical experience, especially if you can distinguish and analyze it. In different companies, there are two sides. These sides include the part of the company and that of the developer. A lot of times, there is an employee interested in development and a company that wants to help the employee with the progress.

When the company grows larger, the company’s management has to make sure that all employees are in agreement with the company’s strategy. The development of a business is tightly related to the development of the company.

The development of the career takes place in a developing company. Alec Bedzir

The different processes which take place within the company are determinants of growth rate. If a company refuses to grow, then it cannot be even a talks about the development of the employees. This shows that there is a clear relationship between a company’s growth rate and the development of its employees’ careers.

We can consider a career as a flight and a company as a plane. If the company is flying, the worker will fly along with it, and if it doesn’t leave the ground, the workers would also remain on the ground.

There is always a period during which the developer has talent and has been working for years without any noticeable changes. His position does not change, nothing changes, the level of remuneration does not change, his obligations and the level of responsibility also does not change. You may wonder how this is possible. The truth is that it is possible during a period of waiting. Everyone is always waiting for something which may or may not happen. The most important thing is what we spend our waiting period. Let’s take a perfect look at these career goals or expectations.

Developer. His career expectations from the company

Expectation 1.

The company has to be continuously involved in the development of its employees.

This is an exciting aspect because a lot of people think so. The team is one of the most critical assets of the company. Have you ever imagined why this is possible? Do you understand the meaning of “the team is the greatest value of a company”?

Imagine you are growing personally. The company becomes profitable and achieves the desired results. Now imagine that you have developed so much and have exhausted all the possible work you can do for the company and you need more. You are growing regardless of what is going on in the company. Every company around has a limit of development, and anything above this limit is considered your own personal ambitions and they have to be treated separately from the company.

You cannot continuously disturb the company annually that you desire to grow more especially if you are working there for about 5 – 6 years and now feel restricted. The company always has a way to develop but you can only grow within its borders, otherwise, unfortunately, you need to change the company. You could, however, do something else by introducing something new to your present company.

Expectation 2.

The company should regularly upgrade my remuneration.

This expectation is correct but has some criticism. Criticism is the only way to access you and your work correctly. Alec offered to create two different points of views; the company and the developer.

The developer’s point of view:

He considers the years spent in the company. If a developer has spent a long duration of time in a company, they begin to think they merit a reward. The actual question is, does the company believe so too? What the employee invests - he gets back. This means that the work which he does in the office with friends and mutual help offers a certain kind of atmosphere which is essential.

Quality successful projects. The quality of successful projects is a principle considered in hiring. A lot of times during an interview, the company doesn’t state that it expects any failure from you. This means that if you complete any project successfully, there becomes a question of the need for a more effective method.

New skills. How possible is it for an employee to develop? Let’s say he knows how to program with his right hand, then switches to his left hand and then his legs. When he starts to do so with his legs, it is already a skill. The skill is important to you, but you have to learn how to monetize it. How should the skill add value to the company? Therefore, it is important to look at all skills and consider only the ones useful to the company.

New technologies are being researched about. However, Alec notes that no programs can keep track of technologies the developer did not learn about. This is so good because technology is growing quickly and it is impossible to know everything. So actually there should be a fee set aside for unexplored technology.

Working model of evaluating the developer:

Any employee in any direction such as Magento developer, QA, project manager, offers new opportunities for the company. He is the man who has brought something new and valuable to the company and even makes a new position. There are always new potential opportunities for the company, but more importantly, they need to be developed and transformed.

Another fact is that a high-paying model should be honest. There are different responsibilities in different companies. When the work in the project goes to a high level and successfully, in the end, we expect praise, and it gives us an occasion to think that this gives us more value in the company. Then there is an expectation for more cost to be added to the company. But did you notice that employees pay fines or sanctions for the lousy project? The truth is that he can apologize and that's all. He would want praise for a good project but no criticism for something bad. I would now like to showcase that risk and responsibility are related. Only then would the model be honest.

The ability to share knowledge and learning can be found in different resumes and different new job descriptions, but only a few people know how to share and learn experience. What does it mean to share the experience? This occurs when a particular form of passed down from one person to another in the company.

Such a new model of assessment can be developed, and if you take note of the different point in your company, you can add real value and share it.

Expectation 3.

The company should care that the employee develops.

This is true but doesn’t work in reality. When a company is changing and developing, there are new positions that need to be filled. Who is filling them? They can only be filled with new skills, ideas, and leadership qualities. That is when it is evident that the split is happening. Do your best to fill it with your own skills and see how the company responds to it. They would love it, and it becomes a career opportunity!

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