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How much time passed since your last backup? If it's been a long time, NOW would be the best time to do that. World Backup Day on March 31 reminds all digital users to always remember to make a safe copy of their own data. Creating a data backup will cost you less time and money than their recovery after their loss. You will be grateful to yourself for not being lazy for making this insurance.

In general, backup is the creation of copies of original documents stored on electronic media such as a laptop computer, a tablet, etc. It does not matter which devices you use. Everything can be crashed, stolen, lost, attacked by virtual viruses or hackers. The smart decision is to create copies and store them somewhere else.

Remember, you can stay ahead of the disaster thanks to opportune data backup!

We, at Mageside, support the idea of such a special day in the e-commerce world, where the data can worth a lot. This day is celebrated since 2011, and it is an essential reminder to people that

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. ancient proverb

Our own backups were neglected by us, as there're always a bunch of urgent tasks that appears every day. We are in a hurry to carry them out, and after that, there is always insufficient desire and time to make a backup. Again and again, we postpone a significant action neglecting all the reservations. After all, everything was going well and so, "why we should spend the pressures time on the unnecessary work?" you can ask. Well, let's imagine that you are reading this article and the device shuts down unexpectedly and refuses to restart or in a second your laptop is showing a blue screen.

Lost messages, essential contacts, phone numbers, documents, reviews, photos, all the stuff that worked just a minute ago and brought a revenue gone merely. Why not?

And if it was a whole system of computers and servers that were just in the process of editing your client's orders? A small electrical breakdown, a physical impact, hackers attack or unexpected disaster flew on your servers. Any data that has been saved temporary, such as invoices, shipping, customer cards information and contacts, their possible accounts in your store can be lost. Losing such valuable data may turn into an irreparable failure for the business. It can happen any time, so you should do everything to be ready.

According to sad statistics from the various sources:

  • In any year almost 6% of all the PCs of the world lost the data.

  • 60% of companies that have suffered a loss of information will shut down within six months; 30% of all the businesses that lose their data go out of business within a year and 70% within four-five years.

  • 31% of PC users couldn't control or prevent the lost of their files.

  • 93% of companies that lost a data center for approximately ten days or even more filed for bankruptcy within one year after the incident.

  • A half of all the companies that found themselves without their data filed for bankruptcy immediately.

  • Companies that aren't able to resume operations within ten days are not likely to survive.

  • 140,000 hard drives crash in the United States every week.

If you are an entrepreneur and own a business, the information on your servers and devices may have a high price. If you do not make backups, then you run the risk of spending money and time on data recovery instead of investing them in developing your own business. Also, it is possible that some data will not be able to be restored at all. This issue could lead to total collapse.

What Mageside.Magento_Olexandr.World_Backup_Day.1are your next steps? Just imagine, what a massive part of the work begins to hang between you and your business, which only moments ago was urgent. So, your next step is to make a backup of all critical files right now or in the next couple of days if you haven't done this yet. The more copies of backups you will have, and the more often you will update them with fresh materials, the more secure you will feel.

So how to actually do your backup? Well, for all websites based on Magento 2, we recommend you to start using the Backup To Dropbox module. It is a useful tool that works instead of you by creating backups of important information automatically. It is the best solution in case of the constant shortage of your time for other more important tasks. Our plugin will protect you from loss, and everything you, for now, is to install and configure the extension.

Feel the relief that arises after the backup is done. You will no longer have to worry. Your business will not lose any important components. You save your nerves and time to achieve even greater results with the informational stability behind your back.