The theme relating to incidents during working moments is a lasting problem. Until there is upgrading to the full automation of data processing and sales in online stores, there will be problems with timing.

Every day a backend to online stores boils furious pace. Every employee is responsible for a part of the whole work. However, online stores are most times united with organization charters including shipping, other manufacturers or payment platforms. You are not in control of any of the activities of external organizations regardless of your sector. Others will always be a source of trouble for you.

Nothing lasts forever - not even your troubles. Arnold H. Glasow

This means there are terms. These include Terms of acceptance of goods, transportation, sorting, and dispatch. Whenever any customer makes an order for any item on your store, he starts a process that consists of the activities of your backend. Your client is very likely to make use of Stripe payment if given an opportunity.

Stripe is enabled with two types of payment processing. You can make an authorization without an immediate capture. It can be a handy feature if you trade the service and withdraw funds as soon as they are provided or if your store structure can check or modify the goods before they are shipped or you are just interested in reviewing for fraud. There are different reasons to integrate hand capture for funds.

In this method, you can authorize a payment now and capture later. Stripe allows users to keep funds authorized for as long as seven days during which you can make all the necessary manipulations and do the capture. However, the processing of an order takes much time, and when this time gets longer than seven days, then the funds will be released to the customer’s bank account.

What to do in this case?

To make sure you are secure in different scenarios, you can make use of our Stripe payments extension for Magento 2. With the use of this extension, you can charge for invoice the total amount after the seven days have passed as a new transaction. It works for customers who have stored a credit card on your website and have withdrawn funds from their bank account.

Here we can see on Stripe user page that authorization is expired.


We can easily create a new transaction.


The result of a new transaction we can observe on Stripe.


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