A logo is a small picture or particular text which passes a message about everything your business is about. By using a logo, you can give a lot of information by utilizing the shape, color, size, and style of your logo. Never consider minimizing cost when hiring a designer to create your logo. Always remember that even the best designer may create a bad design with reduced resources and short time. For best results, your idea must mature properly into a final result.

What is a brief?

When creating a logo, the first thing the designer should do is to understand all the aspects of your company. A brief is utilized to do this. A brief is a tool which can be used to create a total picture of the customer’s expectations and the design which will form the logo. The brief is a questionnaire in which the designer will ask all the questions relating to the logo. The issues may vary based on the company type and the line of business.

An example of the structure of the brief

Most times, there are general questions or the design brief example you should know. Those questions can divide into sections. The first section is one relating to the business itself. The designer should collaborate with the company team to find out the following:

  • The company’s product
  • The essence of the product brand
  • The uniqueness of the product
  • The advantage of the product over others
  • Product positioning
  • 3 top values of the product (either rational and/or emotional)
  • Benefits of the product to the consumer

The second section based on the audience. It is vital that the potential customer can easily understand the "logo." It found on the following points:

  • Demography: gender, age, marital status, religion, nationality, and so on
  • Sociography: social status, education, occupation, monthly income and so on
  • Behavior: customer authority, the degree of product awareness, the degree of product interest, intensity of consumption, way of life and psychological portrait
  • The motivation for purchasing the product (either rational and/or emotional)

The third section is just as important and should base on the company’s products. It can be in the form of either digital products or physical goods. Based on the products in question, you will need to choose the best questions. The most common issues include:

  • Why does a customer need such products?
  • What problems does the product solve?
  • When and how will customers utilize such products?
  • Are customers aware of your products?
  • Under what conditions are your products needed the most?

Our experience

The creation of the Mageside logo lasted about 3 months. This time was needed to process all the information that had been gathered fully. It was what it looked like. At the initial stage, a brief created and contained different questions. These questions were designed by our team leader, project manager, SEO and marketing specialist, our writer and designer.

That is what our brief was like:

Business Section

  • What is the company’s product?

The company sells digital products, majorly modules which expand the opportunities for online stores. All plugins contained the essential functionalities for each e-commerce website.

  • What is the essence of the brand (the main idea (mission) of the product)?

Mageside is designed to be a personal development team. It focuses on individual clients to help meet all their need and solve all the issues they are dealing with. When purchasing a plug-in on a Magento Marketplace or directly from our site, a client can get in contact with our team of developers to get help and a full range of services.

  • What is the unique product offer?

For our product, it is quite tricky to create an UPO, and our company is trying to offer the best to all the clients that we serve. It means the provision of full-service developers, free support and 100% 15 days warranty on money on the purchase of an extension.

  • What will attract a consumer to your product?

Our product complies with all stated specifications. We will offer all our clients a complete package of services related to the configuration of all the plugin and support to all our clients. Also, we make sure that our reputation and appropriately take care of because we value every customer. We trust in our abilities, and this makes us work exclusively with many clients that we can effectively deal with and attend to.

  • What differentiates your product from other competitors?

With our product, we eliminate the risk of wasting money on the product because of the high quality of the product. We carefully look after all our products to reduce risks in every way possible and eliminate any form of crashes.

  • What are the 3 top values of the product (either rational and/or emotional)?

  1. High-quality product.
  2. Accessible technical support.
  3. 100% warranty.
  • What are the benefits of the above-listed values to the customer?

  1. The quality of the product ensures a steady growth of business and an increase in sales profits.
  2. The ease of access to such support provides the product is effective in use.
  3. 100% warranty eliminates all risks.

Audience Section

  • Demography

A lot of our clients are business people who are mostly ages 25 years and older. They are primarily severe people who want to experience comfort and require stability in their life.

  • Behavior

The number of visitors who develop an interest in products display on the site is about 100%. Visitors come to achieve a purpose, search for a product, answer their different questions, test the modules before purchase and get more information about the company. Customers always have perfect knowledge of what they need and will always look to get the best option.

You will usually find us on the Magento Marketplace, and on social media: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • The ratio of motivations for purchase

The rational motivation for the purchase is essential due to the type of business we do. However emotional impulses affecting acquisition also occur. We are doing our best to stay with the trend. Therefore, we offer our clients with innovative solutions to potential problems.

Product section

  • Why does a consumer need your product?

All over the world, our modules are used to improve businesses and ensure their development.

  • What problems does the product solve?

Each module deals with a specific problem and cover it completely.

  • In what manner will our products utilize?

Our products may be used all the time in managing the business.

  • Are consumers aware of the product?

When making a decision on the creation of the store on the Magento platform, installing and making use of plug-ins will ensure success in the business.

  • How useful is our product to the consumer?

Our product is responsible for preventing and resolving problems that occur before starting an online business.

Logo design process

By utilizing the information stated above, the designer initiated the creative process, and that is an image of how it first looked. At the initial stages, there was a general and comprehensive understanding. She wanted to make the logo unique. First of all, she experimented with different fonts and icons and even considering how possible it was to create a digital image of the name that could combine with the digital products. After this, some ideas included a better human aspect, such as puzzle-thumbing. Or a light bulb that indicated ideas; a person's image or a programmer; a road and the mountains.

A shield indicated the readiness to protect and support all our clients. A screw was a symbol representing the mechanism and engine of our work. An arrow or staircase would help to project our aspiration for growth and development. There was even an idea that comprised slippers or a house because the designer felt the home atmosphere and wanted to include it in the logo.

The towers and the arch would represent a strong structure which would represent stability. The “click” and “@” symbols would indicate our affiliations with the internet of commerce. Parts of the whole would indicate that we possessed a team spirit and a fantastic working mechanism. A lot of other friendly options associated with a smile and even superheroes. You can identify that the search process is similar to the game, but you can randomly locate the best point. The other variants include:

The final stage of finding an idea

However, any growth showcases a simplification. The faster the client can understand the visual information, the higher the chances to involve him in your business. The designer was able to identify the ideal variant in his thoughts and continued to use it. A lot of ideas were discarded for a variety of reasons, the most recent versions of the logo was to contain all the features mentioned above of our company.

The best idea that was accepted looked just like this:

After this, there was work on geometry and other suitable calculations. The thumbnails started to seem more complicated on paper before being transferred to photoshop and vector.

The result of the work

The last version was able to provide the logo that appropriately describes our business.

The simplicity of the logo passed a message that our products were easy to use and there was impressive support for each line.

The directness of the lines indicated completeness and a constant search for perfection.

The circle indicates the circle which comprises of our collective, integrity, unity, support of everyone, strength, and confidence.

The cube has sides in a similar fashion to our business found on the Magento platform. The name of our company Mageside is made up of two words, “Mage” (meaning Magento) and “side” (meaning side of the Magenta) are inscribed on both sides of the cube. That says that we are always close and monitoring the development of our platform. We attend conferences, pass certification and strive to develop our knowledge and improve our services. Also, we strive to provide quality support and offer an impressive product.

Also, the cube as a perfectly placed and shaped object indicates our steadfastness, stability, and self-belief.

Colors help to indicate our connection to Magento and on the other side of our Clearness and white side affiliation.

The similar amount of our designer put into developing a template for our different modules. You can identify all the options used in producing the final variant. Recently, all our icons pass a clear and vital message and are "breathing freshness." The clarity of the information is obvious. A good mood is also provided by using different colors, our name, and logo, a distinct name of the module and nothing extraordinary.

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