How to make the Effective Mass Mailing of the Magento 2 online store?

In all the articles with tips for creating email campaigns, you will often find a significant point - "Make emails personalized." That's excellent advice, but it works not in every case. To create high-quality personalized sales emails for each customer, whenever you need to announce an event or remind about the store - you need A LOT of human and technical resources. It's hard even to imagine how to gather information about each customer on the site, create text, personalize, test, and send it.

So there's no surprise that many online stores choose mass instead of personalized mailing to inform about most of their events. Mass email can be no less effective and enjoyable for the recipient. However, this type of communication should be done with particular care. The customer shouldn't feel that he is communicating with the emotionless robot. Otherwise, your emails run the risk of making the customer send it to the trash or, worse, to the SPAM folder.

In this article, we will try to understand all the possible subtleties to help you make letters for mass mailing always relevant and well-composed.

Difficulties of online mass mailing

Like any marketing tool, newsletters have their pros and cons. The main disadvantage of using mass mailing is the risk that the letter won't reach the recipient. Spam filters often delete mass emails as unsolicited. And if you use email hosting for your business mail, then the reason for getting your email into spam may be caused by your server “neighbors”. More information about it here:

The solution is to use the SMTP protocol to send mass emails. Our SMTP module for Magento 2 can help you use your own or any third-party SMTP server. With the SMTP extension you can facilitate the settings for SMTP e-mail services and organize the correct sending of messages straight to the customers’ e-mail boxes.

Read about the advantages of using an SMTP server and its operation here:

What tasks does mass mailing solve?

Periodic communication with customers and reminders of your online store is necessary to maintain the awareness after already completed purchases and recognition level among potential buyers. When the customers are satisfied with the products and service, they leave their contact and subscribe to the store news.

Don't neglect the chance to make contact with your customers who leave you such an opportunity. There is a high probability of turning a one-time buyer into a regular customer. Emails will help you be always in touch with them and report anything they may be interested in.

In addition to the fact that mass mailing functions as a support for customers' interest in the online store, they also work as advertising for potential buyers. That's why make sure your email domain is as simple and straightforward as possible so that the recipient finds out about your store from the first glance. Remember that email, as a tool, has the potential to attract the most demanding customers!

What to write in these emails?

Before thinking about what to write in the letter, let's define its task. What should happen after the recipient reads it? Apparently, in most cases, the purpose of the online store's letter will be to attract the customer to buy the product. The subject of the message should be everything that looks attractive to the client, namely:

  • Sales and discounts
  • Any online store shouldn't miss an event like Black Friday or Cyber Monday! Under the pretext of discounts, you can advertise many products both in the letter and on the site. A good step would be to highlight attractive offers in the email with different fonts, bright colors, or use photos and pictures. The more attractive email seems to the customer at first glance, the better the chances that he will read it.

  • Holidays
  • The tradition of giving and receiving gifts for the holidays brings adults back to childhood. To make loved ones happy, people are looking for a valuable good gift. Mass mailing on any holiday will always be appropriate and may help someone decide what to buy.

    The exchange of gifts doesn't accompany many holidays, but it's not a reason to refuse to greet your customers. Even if you don't have discounts or promotions to offer now, make a creative congratulation on holiday. Such a small gesture of attention will motivate the reader to a future visit to your online store.

    Pay attention to themed or professional holidays. For example, if you are the owner of an auto parts store - congratulate customers on International Motorist's Day; if you are selling equipment for hiking and active sports, then write to customers on International Tourism Day!

    If you have special events related to your online store, this is an excellent chance to create your traditions. Make special offers for the anniversary of your store opening and invite customers to share this holiday. Create a community by creating your holidays, events, maybe even organizing them offline. Invite customers for celebration, encourage them to spread the information, form coupons, and make raffles. Mass email campaigns could be your bridge between you and your customers to discuss these topics.

  • Assortment update
  • Getting new product models or expanding the range are good reasons to invite customers to your site. Let your customers know about your joy! Surprise them by presenting this news in emails created with the help of professional copywriters and designers.

You can always find a reason to do a mass mailing. If you feel that your web store needs to be reminded, you can even write an article on a hot topic, associate this topic with your online store, and do a mass mailing with it. Few people refuse to pay attention to really useful or interesting information or even share it with their friends.

Important email components

Some subscribers can accidentally skip advertising or informational messages because they delete it without reading. One of the reasons for this action may be an unclear domain name and an incorrect or uninteresting description of the email. Thus the user won't understand that the contents of the letter are worthy of attention. The story should be clear and eye-catching. Do not overlook this detail.

When the email is already open, there's a phase of interest, and we believe that you already know quite a lot about attracting attention. We won't give you obvious advice about the bright, pleasant design and completion of the letter. We will only gently remind you that after reading the email, the customer should take action. At least he should follow the link to your store or a specific product page. Even if you have already added a link in the middle of the letter, it won't be superfluous to remind it at the end. Be sure to tell your reader what to do next.


So, an email campaign is one of the most common tools for online stores to interact with customers. It can serve as an advertisement and a reminder about the store when needed. It can be a part of the mechanism for creating a brand and, at the same time, a part of the tactics of approaching the customer. The only thing that can stop it is delivery troubles, but with the help of the SMTP module for Magento 2, you can easily setup using any SMTP server and forget about those. An adequately used mass mailing will be a persuasive helper for business progress.