The One Page Checkout plays a crucial role in every online store. The successful customers' purchases or the high number of abandoned carts directly depends on its appearance.

One page checkoutTherefore, the One Page Checkout solution is one of the best options for online stores because users immediately see all the essential steps and make a purchase without unnecessary clicks. On this single page, a client can edit the billing information, add a comment, choose a delivery method, add other delivery information, apply a discount, add a gift message, etc. One Page Checkout PRO is a Magento 2 module that helps to simplify the order form for your online store customers.

In short, your checkout page will be more adapted with this module.

Installation and setup instructions

One page checkout pro is an extension with a modern responsive design that is easy to use for any Magento store.

So how to install the module? It's pretty easy if you follow the following steps:


  • Enabled - click "Yes" to activate the extension.
  • Require Authentication before Checkout - to identify the customer before placing the order, and you must set the "yes" mark.
  • Default Shipping Method - depending on the store's needs, you set the default shipping option. For example, it can be a flat rate.
  • Default Payment Method - you choose an available payment method. For example, this could be the PayPal Billing Agreement.
  • Allow Guest Checkout - optionally, you can allow guests to place an order, and for this, mark the box "Yes."


Display Configuration

  • WYSIWYG Editor - on the checkout page, you can create a unique message banner.
  • Show Discount Code Section - click "yes," and you need to add an input field for discount codes.
  • Enable Gift Wrap - please your customers with a unique option using gift wrapping. To do this, put "Yes."
  • Amount - enter the price for the gift wrap. If it is free, then leave this field blank.
  • Display configuration

  • Enable Gift Message - you can also add a gift message field. For this, click "Yes."
  • Show Order Comment - set comments to the order, put "Yes."
  • Comment Content-Length - set the number of characters for the needed comment length.
  • Show Term and Conditions - check "Yes" to use the Term and Conditions field. Terms and Conditions protect all parties after purchasing goods.


Subscribe At Checkout

  • Enabled - you put "Enabled," and the user can automatically subscribe to your emails at the checkout stage.
  • Subscribe At Checkout - you select the type of subscription. You can choose one of the following options: Checked by default, Not checked by default, Force subscription not showing, or Force subscription.

Feedback At Checkout

  • Enabled - click "Yes," and the customer would be able to leave feedback on order.
  • Feedback At Checkout - select the field for feedback. It can be the default with or without validation or Force email sending.
  • Feedback Checkout Label - write the text for the feedback label on the checkout page.
  • Order Statuses - select order status, which displays page checkout.
  • Delay before Email Sending - after the sale, the store sends letters to customers, and you can set the number of days before sending this letter. For example, you installed it here for two days. It means that the client will get the email will in 2 days.
  • Max Emails per Day - set the maximum number of emails per day to not get into spam.
  • Recently Bought Products - in the email, there would be a section with recently purchased products, and in Recently Bought Products, you can set their quantity to display.
  • Promotion Block - here, you can write a promotional text, offer customers discounts, or make other tempting offers.
  • Email Sender - select the type of email newsletter.
  • Email Template - set the email template.
  • Time of Day to Send Emails - set the time for sending messages.


Congratulations, you have installed the One Page Checkout Pro module. And now, let's take a look at the frequently asked questions.


What payment methods does the module support?

The extension supports all proprietary open-source Magento 2 and Magento Commerce payment methods. It also applies to PayPal, PayPal pro, Credit Card,, Braintree, Eway, Worldplay, etc. Also, the extension supports many payment methods from other providers.

What delivery methods are available?

The administrator can specify the default shipping method from the admin panel. All other shipments will work according to your store settings and available shipping extensions. The following example used the default shipping methods and the Mageside Canada Post extension.

Shipping methods

What is the difference between the One Page Checkout PRO plugin from One Page Checkout?

Extension One Page Checkout PRO has advanced functionality. The critical difference is the Leave Review feature (Review Newsletter extension to Checkout).

What could be better for an online store than another customer review? This function allows you to customize the feedback parameters. The store administrator sets the conditions for leaving a review.

For example, a customer made a purchase, clicked on the shortcut for submitting a review, and for some reason left this page. Then you have the opportunity to remind him about this in a few days using an email. Earlier in this article, we talked in detail about this feature.

Does the One Page Checkout PRO module support Magento 2.4?

A team of experienced developers at Mageside is working to create and continually improve products for the development of e-commerce. And this module is no exception. We have already integrated its work on Magento 2.4. So, feel free to download.

Remember that adding an item to the cart does not guarantee the purchase. But a one-page checkout improves the usability of your cart and increases the likelihood to buy.

If you want to turn a website user into a customer and increase your store's revenue, then the One Page Checkout PRO pro extension may be one of the best solutions for you.

How to get help?

If you have any other questions regarding the module's functionality or inquiries about its installation, we will be happy to help you. Just email us ; best regards, Mageside team.