As a business owner, you have to feel the heartbeat of markets' life. There is no margin for error here. Your initial instrument for surviving is content. Content is a king, and all roads lead to it. In this article, we will talk about quizzes and how to get more sales.

The main reason why you create a survey is to observe customers' moods. An interesting question can involve customers in the discussion. If you succeed, that increases traffic and brings new guests to your web site. Analyze all gained information to know what your clients like and dislike, what they wish to change. It's simple, but why is it so overrated?

Quizzes are part of interactive content

When you make the content interactive, whether it's text format or image format or anything like that, people will start learning more. Because they're engaging. And that's the key to helping people: it's to make sure that they're engagedNeil Patel

Take a look some statistic


According to the Content Marketing Institute research:

  • 81% of responders agree that interactive content is more effective than static content;
  • 93% agree that interactive content educates better the buyers;
  • 70% of responders say that interactive content converts visitors to buyers much better;
  • 79% of users say that interactive content increases the retention of promotional messaging;
  • 88% of business owners say that interactive content differentiate their brand from competitors.

The survey is a hidden gem in the market

According to the iProspect research in 2015 - 90% of all shared content on Facebook were quizzes. Later in 2017 top content in BuzzFeed were stories with quizzes.


Neil Patel, whom we quoted earlier is a well-known SEO and marketing expert who used questionnaires to increase leads captured up to 500%!

Craft your questions

Now, when you agreed to add the survey to your website, it's time to bring to life your original idea.

Keep in mind these thoughts before crafting your questions:

  1. Breathe the personality into your quiz. Make your customers feel like you are talking in person. Create a comfortable atmosphere to make them back to you later.
  2. Get used of pictures. If you have no opportunity to use images - that's fine, but if it possible - use pictures where appropriate. An image brings to your quiz the feeling of a game and also make your questions more relevant and exciting.
  3. There is always a clear need to simplify things. People today don't like to devote their time or attention to you, except for some pleasant and engaging entertainment. You can count only 2 or 3 minutes from your guest.
  4. Shareable results. Make sure people will get more than satisfactory results. Make them feel proud of themselves, because you love your customers, isn't it?)

And the last thing: how to add a survey to your already working website? MULTIPLE CUSTOM FORMS - this extension can create a dozen of unique forms and place them anywhere on your website. Ask for help from our support experts.