Increase Customer Engagement and Sales with the "Smart Related Products" Extension for Magento 2

Our team prepared a series of articles designed to educate on the peculiarities and benefits of using cross-sell, up-sell, and down-sell techniques in online stores. Throughout these articles, we provided some insights and advice on effectively implementing these techniques to attract potential buyers, encourage your customers, and boost the average amount they spend. We delved into cross-sell and up-sell strategies, explored how they can drive sales, and examined the workings of down-sell and its benefits.

In this article, we aim to provide a detailed overview of the Smart Related Products module for Magento 2 settings. It'll be the perfect helper for efficiently managing to cross-sell, up-sell, and down-sell strategies for your products. We understand the importance of having a user-friendly and effective tool for managing related products. That's why we've created a module that is intuitive and easy to use. So, you'll be able to assign related products to your items quickly and configure settings from the admin panel.

Smart Related Products extension with features

Key Features

  • To offer your customers a broader range of products, you can use multiple features of the Smart Related Products module. For example, you can show related, up-selling, and cross-selling products in one block. Also, you can easily display cross-selling products right on the shopping cart to encourage more purchases.
  • With highly flexible settings, the extension allows you to display products based on the number of views or purchases.
  • Additionally, the extension allows you to easily exclude out-of-stock products from display to ensure that only available items are presented in the online store.
  • By setting conditions, you can also specify the number of displayed products for each block and enable an "Add to Cart" button on the related products block to enable customers to purchase products easily.
  • Finally, you can sort the related products by type, such as newest, best-sellers and price, etc.


Select "yes" in the Enabled drop-down list to enable the Smart Related Products extension.


Manage Related Type

To manage or append a new related type, navigate to

Configuration panel -> Marketing -> Related Type -> Add New Type.

Manage Related Type 1 Manage Related Type 2

Manage Rules

To add a rule, navigate to

Configuration Panel > Marketing > Manage Rules > Add New Rule

Rule Information

  • To enable the rules, select "Yes" in the Enable Rule button.
  • Type a rule name in the Rule Name field.
  • Type the priority for the rule in the Priority field.
  • It's necessary to type a title for a rule in the particular field Title.
  • Choose a store view for the rule in the Store View drop-down list.
Rule Information
  • Select the customer groups for the rule in the Customer Groups drop-down list.
  • Select a necessarily related type for the rule in the Related Type list. If you need a new related type, create a new one, as we have already learned.
Customer Groups

Rule conditions

Create a unique condition for the rule or leave it empty if the rule should be applied to all products.

Rule conditions

"What products to show" block

There are three variants of products to show. In the Display Algorithm field, you should select one of them.

  • To show based on condition products, select Condition.
  • To display the related products with which a product was the most viewed, select Most Viewed With.
  • To display the related products with which a product was the most ordered, select Most Ordered With.

*For the option "Most Viewed," you should turn on the "Reports":

Stores -> Configuration -> General -> Reports -> General Options ->

  1. Enable Reports -> Yes;
  2. Enable "Product View" Report -> Yes.

Note: Magento has functionality that collects the data on the visitors and customers who browse the store's pages. The "Most Viewed" option in the Smart Related Products extension uses data gathered from reports.

Smart Related Products extension

Magento Open Source has an automatic reindexing feature that updates the index when there is a change in one or more items. The reindexing process works to save the product, or when the user starts the reindex, setting the status "invalidate index."

Magento Open Source


To display the block with the related products, you need to create a widget for it, so navigate to

Content > Widgets > Add Widget

  • Choose "Smart Related Products List" in the Type drop-down list.
  • Select a design theme for your store in the Design Theme field.

In the Storefront Properties section, you should fill up all the necessary fields:

  • Type a widget title in a Widget Title field.
  • Assign the store views in the Assign to Store Views list.
Storefront Properties section
  • Select where to show a block with the related products in the Layout Updates block.
Layout Updates block

In the Widget Options section, you should input data into all the necessary fields:

  • Select a related type in the Related Type drop-down list.
  • Type a block title that will be shown on the frontend page in the Block Title field.
  • Type a number of products displayed in one block in the Max Product to Display field.
  • To show the "Add to Cart" button select "Yes" in the Show "Add to Cart" button drop-down list.

To disable the option of displaying "Out of Stock" products, select "No" in the Display "Out of Stock" Products drop-down list.

Select a type for sorting the products in the Sort Products by Type drop-down list.

Widget Options section

Note: All configuration settings are only specific to the "Smart Related Products" widget. We don't influence Magento's related products.

In conclusion, the Smart Related Products extension provides a perfect solution for online store owners who want to enhance their customer's shopping experience by offering related products. With its user-friendly interface and advanced configuration settings, this module enables store owners to manage their related products efficiently and boost sales.

Stay tuned for more!

Mageside team.