The owners of online stores always searching for new ways how to increase sales. What should you be concerned about? What should be the first step? If you are confused about where to start, we can offer you a lot of viable options. In this article, we would provide information on a lot of tools which can be used to boost sales in online stores.

There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you've been in the business. Oscar De La Hoya

Have you ever given thought to the factors affecting your profit? We will point out different key points ranging from the number of active buyers, the number of potential customers, markup to the average buyers check.

All businesses have Upsell Magento 2 their strengths and weaknesses. So, how to increase sales? First of all, analyze all the parts of your store and take note of the weakest. This will be a good place to make some impressive achievements. The simple truth is that, if you want to achieve a very good result, probably you need to do your work in a complex. This means you have to work in different directions. Today, you are advised to put more efforts into working on your client base. This is based on the importance of customers to success and stability.

A good aspect of creating a business strategy is effective sales. This is aimed at establishing a connection between the company and the client. Therefore if you are interested in making use of any effective business tools, you are advised to make use of the Post Purchase Upsell module in magento 2. However, by making use of this extension, you will see how to increase sales without time investing. You will also have to risk nothing in any case.

The options created by this module are:

  • provision of special offers to customers who have made purchases;
  • establishing a connection with customers;
  • increase profit on each order;
  • control analysis;
  • boost sales;
  • creation of lucrative offers.

When a customer login to an online store, Sales winner creates order and finalizes the purchase. The order will have the status ‘Pending Post Purchase’. After this, the client will be presented with products he can purchase at discount offers. He has 10 minutes (the time has been set by the store owner) to decide on the purchase of the displayed goods. As soon as the customer adds these products to the purchase and clicks ‘Confirm’, the order changes status to ‘Processing’.

In fact, this process is beneficial to the buyer as it saves him money. It is also beneficial to the owner of the store as it increases profit.

In order to make use of the PPU extension, take note of these steps:


  1. Click the store section and select the Configuration.


  2. Activate the module by selecting "Yes".
  3. Set the time for the countdown. This is the duration during which the client can take advantage of the offer.
  4. 2.General

    Payment Processing

  5. Fill in an Invoice Comment.
  6. 3.Payment processing


  7. Set advanced options:
    • Upsells Items Count – Set the number of items that are offered up on the "Thank you" page.
    • Activate buying of multiple items by clicking on "Yes".
    • Allow Maximum Number of Items – Specify the number of products which can be purchased at once.


    Setup the rules: Marketing>Manage Rules>Add New Rule

    • Fill in the name of the rule.
    • Activate the rule.
    • Choose different websites for the rule.
    • Select the Customer Groups for which this rule applies.
    • Specify the priority of the rule in the room.

    5.Manage rule

    7.Rule information

    Create a rule for your post purchase products list.

    8.Apply the rule

    Select the products that will pop up in the list.

    9.Products to offer

    Fill in the required fields in the Offer Settings section:

    • Fill in the title of the offer.
    • Then setup the description of the offer.
    • Specify a discount on the list of products for shopping.
    • Set the number of goods that can be displayed as a special offer.
    • Finally, fill in the number of authorized purchases at a time.

    10.Offer settings

Eventually the Post Purchase Upsell is the answer for how to increase sales by up to 30% with post-purchase sales. This is the first step to get effective sales. Also pay attention to a clear plan of action, and the results of your online store will be exciting.

Sincerely, Mageside Team.

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