Today we continue to talk about how to increase sales. Namely, how to grow the average check of your store. The main methods, for the growth of store revenue, we described in our article earlier. However, there are additional methods that will work only with ONLINE SALES:

  • fast delivery (on this day or the next day);
  • responsive website design;
  • organization of the bargain sales;
  • create a limited offer (1 item left in stock!);
  • simple return policy;
  • the international cooperation;
  • the organization of an aggressive advertising campaign on the internet.
  1. Fast Delivery
  2. Fast delivery is a factor that consumers recognized as one of the decisive factors when making a purchase.

    According to a PwC study , 29% of people in the survey said that a quick, reliable delivery influenced their decision. When we talk about speed, we expect delivery on the same day or the next day.

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  3. A convenient mobile version of the website
  4. Today, more than half of all Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. It is imperative to make sure your website is suitable for viewing on mobile devices.

    More information about responsive web design here: IS IT IMPORTANT TO HAVE A MOBILE-FRIENDLY WEBSITE?

  5. Bargain sales
  6. Before the crisis, there was a view that the bargain sale can help increase sales online store up to 10 times. Nowadays, consumers have become more judgmental, and bargain sales should be more often. This method doesn't bring the same revenue as before, but it could still be useful.

    To conduct a bargain sales, you must come up with a legend (for example, selling the rest of the collection only "for your own"). It is necessary to announce a sale and remind the customer about it. An announcement with a code to enter the site (or a separate page with sales) must get a large number of people.

  7. Limited Offer
  8. Many online shoppers conduct a thorough analysis of products before making a purchasing decision. Moreover, some of them read too many reviews and lose interest in the goods before the purchase.

    To prevent the loss of customers, you can create a sense of urgency on your websites. It's not only about a sale that lasts only one hour. But also the notes like "this product will end soon" or "2 pieces left".

  9. Simple return policy
  10. A third of goods ordered over the internet are returns. And there are two good reasons for this:

    • the broken product;
    • the product looks worse in real life than in photography.

    Do not fire the photographer, and you only need to make the return policy simpler. As a store owner, you can think that customers who encounter a refund will never come to your store again due to an unpleasant experience.

    However, it is not valid: polls show that about 90% plan to purchase something again if they encounter a simple return process. Also, most of them said they were ready to order a more expensive product if they are sure that the return process is free and elementary.

  11. International cooperation
  12. The specifics of sales in an online store is that a small store has a chance to sell goods not only in its city or country but even go international. It is especially true for unique products (made by yourself or a folk craft style).

    Organization of delivery throughout the country and work with various transport companies helps to expand the customer base and, accordingly, increase sales of the online store.

  13. Aggressive Advertising Campaign
  14. The investment in an advertising campaign on the internet will pay off not only by increasing sales through the store's website but also by stimulating sales of physical stores. Since some consumers visit the store after studying information about it on the internet.

Despite the universal ways to increase sales (average total value), there will be different tricks in each store. It depends on such factors as the assortment of goods, the external environment (holidays, fashion, trends), the season, the location, etc. Combining competent merchandising, assortment, sellers, work techniques, service standards, and you can achieve significant sales growth!