Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other similar promotion opportunities can significantly affect the increase in sales for any online store. Digital devices and household appliances have the most significant demand on Black Friday. But any other products still make great sales during this promotion day, such as clothes and shoes, baby products, cosmetics, accessories, sportswear, inventory, household goods, and even airline tickets.

As alternatives to price reductions, sellers offer free shipping, promotional codes for future purchases, additional gifts, warranty service, or free insurance to your airline tickets. Traditionally, Black Friday is a fantastic shopping day organized on the first Friday following Thanksgiving. It is the time when retailers start their holiday shopping season. Black Friday 2021 officially begins on November 26, although deals could begin during the previous week.

Usually, buyers are divided into two types: some know what they want to buy, while others look for purchases at a bargain price. Black Friday discounts and promotions beckon people. That is why the main task of every store is to attract these two types of customers.

You need to prepare for the previous sale in advance and ensure that customers visit your store during this shopping tour. How to do this? Special software can help you. When we talk about software, we mean a ready-to-use extension for Magento 2.

They help you solve a wide variety of store tasks and problems. For example: make a newsletter for customers, notify them about a promotion, help with pricing, calculate shipping, set payment methods, and so on. Extensions are very effective and convenient tools because they save time and thus greatly facilitate the store's work.

On the eve of Black Friday, it is worth paying attention to a ready-made extension for online stores, such as a SALE COUNTDOWN. It helps to get the maximum number of orders during big sales.


Impulse purchase with the Sale countdown extension

More than 90% of people who shop today make impulsive purchases. They buy things that they did not intend to buy before. And the reason is that often people make decisions without logical thinking.

Sometimes desire fights against common sense and wins. The reason for this is impulse buying. Because the decision to buy a product is made instantly. We mean without the participation of logic, assessment of its merits, and demerits. Create all the conditions to nudge the buyer towards an unplanned purchase in an online store. First of all, shorten the time between choosing a product and placing an order.

The countdown clock shows how much time is left until the end of the promotion. A ticking watch is sure to grab attention wherever you see it.

It creates a sense of urgency! Nobody wants the limited sale to end. Countdown timers are very effective. So many online businesses are vying for your attention that a countdown timer is a perfect way to get your visitors to notice a special deal. When people choose between urgent and important tasks, they tend to get the critical jobs done first (even if they are not priorities).

Clients see how time is running out, which becomes a decisive factor in purchasing a particular product. Pin the clock on the product page in the most prominent place, and you will see the increased number of conversions.

Our countdown extension is fully customizable. You can add a title to the timer, use any color for the clock's background, choose the appropriate font and text size, count down the days, hours, minutes, seconds until the end of the promotion, or until the launch of a new product. It is convenient to set the timer on any page of categories or attach it to any object. In addition, you can even set a timer schedule. Worthy, isn't it?

The extension allows you to get a countdown timer on your website in a few minutes. In addition to the timer, you can use particular words and phrases that show that the offer should be used as quickly as possible. For example, terms such as:

  • Just one day!
  • Product of the day!
  • Last day of discounts
  • Last chance to buy
  • Don't miss it
  • and so on.

The countdown timer is the most effective way to get customers' action. There is nothing more compelling than seeing that time is running out. The threat of paying more tomorrow prompts people to buy today. The countdown timer is very effective in reducing cart abandonment. When a product or coupon code expires, the customer takes no procrastination and tries to complete the purchase before the time passes. Urgency is not a new concept, but many companies do not take full advantage of it.

Strategic use of urgency can have a significant impact on your conversion rate. Applying the tactics described in this article can be a good start to increasing sales.

Sales Analysis

Prepare carefully for a start, and be sure to track the metrics during the promotion and after. Received information will be a nice-to-have guideline for planning a development strategy in the future.

Email addresses, interest metrics for stocks, merchandise will be your database that can help guide your follow-up activities. Black Friday will be an excuse for new users to come back to your site.

How to return customers to the store after Black Friday?

  • Invite customers to subscribe to the newsletter. Keep them informed about discounts and exciting news after Black Friday. Start retargeting.
  • Do not miss any opportunity to remind them about your shop and share exciting news about new arrivals or discounts.

What's the bottom line? Conclusions

Black Friday is a golden time for stores: the opportunity to sell more, get rid of leftovers, and attract attention with creativity. To meet November 26 fully armed, check in advance the delivery work and the site's readiness for a significant influx of visitors, create an email campaign, think over the size of the discount or promotional products. And get ready mentally because it would be a busy time!

Great job on Black Friday is colossal merit for every online store, but it's important not to stop there. You will surely attract many new buyers this season. Marketers have an essential task to keep them and turn them into loyal customers. But we are going to talk about this in other articles.

Happy Black Friday sales!