Mastering E-commerce Management with Must-Have Magento 2 Modules. Part 1

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, efficiency, and precision are paramount for businesses looking to thrive. It is where a suite of four indispensable Magento 2 modules comes into play, each designed to enhance different facets of online store management. These modules, namely "Duplicate Category," "Bulk Prices Updater," "Mass Order Processing," and "Easy Duplicate," cater to the diverse needs of e-commerce entrepreneurs by streamlining complex processes.

From effortlessly replicating categories and content to strategically updating product prices and expediting order management, these modules provide the tools to reduce administrative burdens and save valuable time. As e-commerce competition grows, store owners need inventive solutions to improve their operations and offer top-notch service. Explore these four essential modules to boost your online store and simplify crucial business management.

Duplicate Category

The Duplicate Category module is a time-saving solution for e-commerce store managers who frequently need to add new categories and subcategories. Managing a growing e-commerce store involves creating new categories and subcategories. It often requires copying extensive information and settings from existing categories, which can be time-consuming and tedious. The Duplicate Category module for Magento® 2 streamlines this procedure by enabling you to duplicate categories effortlessly.

With Duplicate Category, you can replicate the structure of existing categories, sparing you the need to copy data and settings manually. This module simplifies and automates the otherwise repetitive task. Instead of investing hours or days in this process, you can configure and duplicate numerous categories in just a few minutes with simple clicks.

Key Features:

  • Copy all relations with products: Duplicate Category allows you to duplicate the categories and the products assigned, saving you significant time and effort.
  • Select the parent category for the category being duplicated: You can conveniently choose a parent category for the repeated category, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your catalog structure.
  • Repeat the duplication process with the same configuration settings for all subcategories of the target category: The module offers the option to replicate the same configuration settings for all subcategories of your target category, ensuring consistency throughout your catalog.
  • Save a significant amount of time: Installing the Duplicate Category extension can significantly reduce the time spent duplicating categories, making your management tasks more efficient.

If you're duplicating categories regularly and want to streamline this process, Duplicate Category for Magento 2 is an indispensable tool. This module empowers you to easily replicate category structures, ensuring you don't waste hours or days on manual duplication. With Duplicate Category, a few clicks are all it takes to do the job efficiently.


Bulk Prices Updater

Managing and altering prices can be daunting in an e-commerce store with hundreds or thousands of products. The Bulk Prices Updater for Magento 2 is a valuable solution that streamlines the process of updating prices for many products. This module lets you select the products you want to modify and efficiently update their prices, saving you valuable time.

Whether you need to increase or decrease product prices for various reasons, such as changes in manufacturing costs or promotional events, Bulk Prices Updater simplifies the process. It allows you to apply percentage and fixed-amount changes to product prices, ensuring you can make the necessary adjustments quickly and accurately.

Key Features:

  • Update thousands of prices with a few clicks: With Bulk Prices Updater, you can modify prices for many products in minutes, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual updates.
  • Price can be decreased or increased: Whether you need to lower or raise prices, the module provides a straightforward method, ensuring price management flexibility.
  • Filter products by categories or other attributes: You can filter products by specific categories or attributes, allowing targeted price updates.
  • Apply percentage or fixed amount changes: The module permits you to apply percentage-based or fixed-amount price changes, depending on your specific pricing strategy.
  • Apply price rounding: To ensure that your product prices look clean and consistent, Bulk Prices Updater includes the option to round prices.
  • Update tier prices: The module also lets you update product tier prices, giving you complete control over your pricing structure.

The Bulk Prices Updater is an essential tool for e-commerce businesses dealing with an extensive product catalog and needing to adjust prices efficiently. It empowers administrators to make bulk price changes quickly and accurately, saving time and ensuring that your prices are always current.


I had an issue with installation (turned out it was a bug in my theme), but support member has given me the best consultation and didn't leave me with that issue alone. I really needed this module before BF. Thanks to Mageside!JAMES CHEERWAY

Mass Order Processing

Efficient order processing is a critical aspect of running a successful e-commerce store. Processing orders promptly and accurately enhances your store's reputation and increases profits and customer satisfaction. However, manually processing a high volume of orders can take time and effort. It is where the Mass Order Processing module for Magento 2 comes to the rescue.

This module streamlines your order management workflow, allowing you to change order statuses, send invoices, create shipments, and add tracking numbers directly from the order grid. Instead of navigating between individual orders and waiting for pages to load, you can process orders quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time.

Key Features:

  • Manage orders fast to serve your customers better: Speeding up order processing improves your store's reputation and customer satisfaction, ultimately increasing profit.
  • Change order status: With Mass Order Processing, you can change order statuses from the order grid, eliminating the need to access individual order pages.
  • Send invoices: This module lets you send invoices directly from the order grid, streamlining the invoicing process.
  • Create shipments: You can create shipments for orders without leaving the order grid, ensuring that the fulfillment process is efficient and accurate.
  • Add tracking numbers: The module allows you to conveniently add tracking numbers to orders, providing customers with the information they need to track their shipments.
  • Configure invoice creation before submitting You can configure invoice creation settings, add comments, choose capture methods, notify customers, and create shipments, all within the user-friendly admin panel.
  • Easy to use: The Mass Order Processing extension is designed to be user-friendly, streamlining the order processing workflow for efficiency.
For e-commerce businesses dealing with a high volume of orders, Mass Order Processing is a must-have tool that significantly improves order management. This module simplifies order processing, saving time and effort in fulfilling customer orders. FEATUREs module MASS ORDER PROCESSING

Amazing tool. I do recommend this module for all Magento users!AMARET23

Easy Duplicate

The Easy Duplicate module simplifies content management for e-commerce stores by offering an efficient way to duplicate categories, cart price rules, CMS pages, and CMS blocks. This tool is designed to save time and effort in managing content. Managing an e-commerce store involves duplicating categories, cart price rules, CMS pages, and CMS blocks. These repetitive tasks can consume a significant amount of time and effort. The Easy Duplicate extension for Magento 2 simplifies this process by enabling administrators to duplicate essential store content effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Duplicate the categories: With Easy Duplicate, you can duplicate categories with just a few clicks, simplifying the process of replicating your catalog structure.
  • Copy category product relations: The module allows you to copy product relations and the list of products to the newly duplicated category, ensuring consistency.
  • Duplicate CMS pages: You can easily duplicate CMS pages, including all their content and settings, saving time in content management.
  • Duplicate CMS blocks: The module enables you to duplicate CMS blocks effortlessly, ensuring you can quickly reuse and repurpose content.
  • Duplicate Cart Price Rules: The extension makes new cart price rules based on existing ones easy. You can duplicate cart price rules along with their conditions and information, allowing for quick rule creation and customization.

The Easy Duplicate module is a time-saving solution for e-commerce administrators who frequently need to duplicate categories, content, and cart price rules. It makes managing your website content easy, letting you quickly duplicate essential parts. These Magento 2 modules provide vital tools to simplify e-commerce tasks, making store management more efficient for owners.


Really good support and thinking with you! I did buy this module to get my life more easily :-) and i love it. I found one future missing with duplicating blocks and after contact them they added it within some day's for free to all users. It is my first mageside extension but they did give me a very good feeling about it. Keep the good work up!MICHAEL


Consider an e-commerce store that offers a wide range of electronics and gadgets. Managing this diverse product catalog can be challenging. Here's how the four Magento 2 modules - "Duplicate Category," "Bulk Prices Updater," "Mass Order Processing," and "Easy Duplicate" - collaborate to solve a common problem: Adding a New Product Category.

  • Duplicate Category: Suppose the store needs to introduce a new category, "Smart Home Devices," which includes subcategories like "Smart Speakers," "Security Cameras," and "Smart Lighting." Using the Duplicate Category module, the store owner can swiftly duplicate the "Electronics" category, retaining the same subcategory structure and product relations.
  • Bulk Prices Updater: With the "Smart Home Devices" category in place, the store owner wants to update prices for products within this category. Using the Bulk Prices Updater module, they can apply a percentage discount to all the products in this new category to run a promotional campaign. This process saves hours by updating prices in bulk and ensures all relevant products reflect the discounted pricing.
  • Mass Order Processing: As the promotional campaign attracts more customers, the store experiences a surge in orders for smart home devices. The Mass Order Processing module allows the store's team to manage the increased order volume efficiently. They can quickly update order statuses, send invoices, create shipments, and add tracking numbers with just a few clicks. It ensures swift order fulfillment and enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Easy Duplicate: With the success of the "Smart Home Devices" category, the store owner decided to expand the range further by introducing "Smart Home Bundles." Using the Easy Duplicate module, they can duplicate product listings from the "Smart Home Devices" category to create bundles, making the process quick and easy. This module also helps in replicating cart price rules and other essential content, such as CMS pages and blocks, efficiently.

In this example, the four modules work cohesively to add a new product category, update prices, manage increased order volume, and diversify product offerings. This seamless collaboration improves operational efficiency and helps the store maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.