One Page Checkout for Magento 2

Making purchases online means you would face expectations. For several hours, we select the product we want on the computer, select it and want to spend lesser time in ordering it. If considered form another perspective, the checkout process for purchases is only made compulsory. If you could do without it and immediately pay and pick up your good like in ordinary stores, then nobody would voluntarily fill out a bunch of information. Because there is a certain procedure, it is possible to make it as quick and simple as possible.

If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.” Maya Angelou

Do you remember this scenario, when an idea to buy something pops into your head? toaster For example, a toaster. A regular toaster which can use in making fast, tasty croutons. What you would end up doing, is to search the internet and obtain information about manufacturers. After that, you would compare the prices and decide on the model which you need. Then you would begin to search for your desired toasters in separate online stores until you get it. You sometimes do not know how you came across the store. Your decision was influenced by the design of the website, the name, the logo, a convenient and direct interface, positive product reviews, a long list of products and good delivery prices. The factors above influenced your impression and decision of the store. As soon as you locate your toaster among the list of good, you proceed to purchase it.

It is quite certain that almost everyone has experienced such difficulties. This endless process of ordering seems never-ending. Despite the beauty of the website, the information you will input is just as essential. However, after completing the third step, then you are informed that you have three additional steps to go. Almost immediately, you realize you have a discount which has been indicated before. You decide to go back to change the details of the previous pages, and you find out that all your filled in data is gone. If you are one of the patient buyers, you will find yourself providing bad website reviews. However, not all buyers will do so, as some of them will end up closing the website down and navigating to another website.

This is a good moment to think.

How Croutons in squarefrequently do you get frustrated by all the pages required to get a particular product? How often do you choose to navigate to another store due to the inconvenient interface on a particular website? And what about those inconvenient configurations that make you annoyed and navigate from page to page while filling out an order? It is quite clear that any user on a website has the freedom to use an useful checkout. If you respect his clients, you must respect his time.

If you respect your customer's time, you will get favorable results. Most times, during the purchase stage, the buyer is still unsure if to buy the good. At this stage, he is vulnerable. It is similar to fishing and is similar to the moment before the fish has not yet taken the bait and is still playing around with it. So we provide you with the butterfly net! As soon as a client navigates to the one-page checkout and can see all the necessary fields, he can calculate his time. He also has more control over how to complete the order this way.

Simplification of the checkout process for the customers is a favorable decision for the online business. All clients want to save their time and have simpler steps before checking out. It is a common rule to increase conversion rate and reduce checkout time.

Croutons in a row

Magento One Page Checkout extension

We have provided a great module for you that will hasten the completion of the order conveniently. The One Page Checkout PRO extension increases conversion rate by providing the customers with a quicker and simpler order process. All information for the product provides on just a page for the convenience of filling up different fields and addresses. On this page, you can apply a coupon code, select your shipping and payment method or even purchase gift wrap. You can also alter the number of cart items, subscribe to newsletters and agree to website terms and conditions.

To make an order a customer can go to checkout as the guest.

Then, he fills in all necessary fields, which placed on a single page and presses the "Place Order" button.

The new-born customer gets the confirmation of his order.

On the backend, the admin or manager gets the order.

Magento One Page Checkout PRO extension is easy in use and is also easy to configure. The admin can manage "General" configurations, ... "Display Configurations", ... "Subscribe At Checkout" configurations, ... and "Feedback At Checkout" configurations.

If you have any questions, please write a comment below the article or contact our support team.