Low-frequency (LF) queries are a growing trend of 2021. Google and other search engines consider that LF queries can give customers more precise answers to their requests. Search engines respond to this trend by creating more relevant and advanced search algorithms.

LF phrases are those which don't exceed 100 searches in one month. The exact frequency of each LF request depends on many factors. For example, they rely on the seasons, current trends, topics and the target audience of a particular search engine, etc.

To reach more information about the division of internet requests and get to know how to determine them, we recommend you to read this article:

Web store promotion through high-frequency (HF) queries usually carried out by companies that already occupy high positions. Mainly, they don't build the basis of their development strategy on LF and MF queries. Promotion of online stores using LF queries is effective if they have a narrow specialization and offer unique products or services.

Promotion of LF queries is a winning strategy to raise the position in search engines results to the TOP. But, as you may already know, LF usually gives a small influx of users, and in this article, we'll talk about what to do if your goal is to attract a more significant flow of visitors by using this specific type of queries.


There's an essential list of main themes connected to the specialization of every online store. Every store wants to be the first on its subject and to be in the high ranks. To understand how queries work, we can imagine an online store with a specialization on sunglasses. For example, 100 people searching for sunglasses per month, and for them, the TOP queries would be:

  • Women's glasses - 32 people per month
  • Men's glasses 12
  • Driving glasses 9
  • Computer glasses 8

In our fictional statistics, these would be HF and MF queries. All others will relate to LF queries. The request "buy women's red Dior sunglasses" is searched only once a month, but there are lots of requests like this. Now, new search engine algorithms target them because a more significant percentage of all search traffic consists of these queries.

That's why it's so important to do reviews on ALL products with the maximum full description. Your responses to infrequent but accurate requests will already have all chances to get to the search engine's TOP. Your store would be able to quickly get 30-40% more of this traffic.

So, what that sunglass online store can start to do? Work with low-frequency queries!

Create content that includes LF queries. Write blog articles for sunglasses fashion, add additional pages or categories for Red Sunglasses and only for them even if you had only 1-2 positions. They need to start from it and create an incredible amount of descriptions for each item and word form.

  • OurFade_Description_-_250x250 FREE module Fade Description for Magento and Magento 2 will help you build a strong base of LF queries for every single product and at the same time will help not to clutter your website with huge unnecessary texts. You will be able to write as much clarifying information as you need, increase the chances of your buyer to find you and focus his attention on the most relevant information on the page.

How to drive low-frequency queries to your Magento 2 store?

  1. Collect all (not 10, 30, or 50 but ALL) possible requests that relate to your store's theme.
  2. Then break them down into about 30% of HF and 70% of LF requests and start working with the latter.
  3. Group requests according to all possible meanings (colors, time of use, age of customers, etc.).
  4. Set up a free module Fade Description for Magento and Magento 2.
  5. Start generating quality content. It includes unique texts, pictures, images, infographics, videos, characteristics, use cases, reviews, etc.

Your task is to fill your online store with the highest quality content and, of course, the high number of goods. If you have only 1 product in the red sunglasses section, then the probability of getting into the TOP is too small. Add five more units. Make it "out of stock," and thus, you will create an artificial shortage of your product, and at the same time, the number of offered products will raise you higher in the search engine. But at the same time, it's important not to deceive customers. Make the possibility of pre-ordering goods that are “out of stock”. The buyer who needs your glasses will find you now.

Major competitors in TOP

Competitor analysis gives you a complete picture of your market, and the giants usually are in TOP of this list. How can you compete with them? With the LF queries, you have an edge.

Firstly, you must understand that if you are engaged in one topic, then the search engine, comparing you with market leaders, understands your advantage. But you should demonstrate 100% versed in your own subject. Your immersion, in such case, is not available to market leaders. You must understand your advantage and use it to reach the TOP ranks.

You may argue that it won’t work and it’s hard to reach the TOP due to a small number of goods. But big companies (or more successful competitors) have their position not only because of a large selection of products. Analyze the quality of filling each product card of your competitors. The whole departments of copywriters write descriptions on all pages, answer all questions, and fill in all characteristics on each item. The full name of the product, keywords, and photos, accompany each subspecies of one product in size, color, and even packaging. Compare everything and try to do a little better than they do.

If you still don't understand how you can compete, here is a simple example. If your competitor has 1000 products and you have only 5, then whatever you do, he will be first on the search engine's list. But if you have 100 and he has 1000, then you are on the same terms. The search engine understands that customers can choose from both 1000 and 100, and it begins to compare other factors. And once you implement our tips in your online store, you will have much better indicators because your store will gain more expertise due to a narrower focus.