The eCommerce trends don't stop at any point and tend to change, transform into something new, or expand. Earlier, in the previous article about SEO, we covered the central and beneficial aspects that can help your Magento 2 store grow and get to the TOP in the search engines. We recommend you to read about it before you start: How to do SEO for Magento 2 website in 2020? You can find many useful tips and exciting information that hasn't lost a drop of its relevance!

2020 is coming to an end, and we expand the list of aspects that will help grow a Magento 2 online store to the TOP position in search engines in the upcoming 2021.

5. Protection of users' data

The search engines in 2021 will worry about fraud issues more than ever. For a search engine, the most important thing is the protection of its users. That's why, years ago, there was a BOOM of the transition of sites from HTTP to HTTPS. If you don't change it in your online store yet, do it now. This transition is inexpensive, but this is a necessary condition, and without it, you cannot get to the TOP.

The company's legal data should also be displayed on the online page of your store or website. It is a must! It doesn't matter where to put it exactly, on the contact page or at the bottom of the site - the search engine will find it. Providing information about your physical location, phone numbers, emails, and other similar information, your online store shows that you have nothing to hide from the legal authorities. That's the way to be ranked higher.

Don't show any card numbers openly! In no case should the card number be posted on the website! It will immediately lead you to a total drop in the rankings. In 99.9% of chances from the search engine's point of view, the site owner is involved in fraud. Use only online payments.

6. Viruses Monitoring

Keep your site free of viruses. If the search engine recognizes a virus on your web store, your site will never be included in the TOP ranking. If you react to this after 2-3 months, a search engine will never raise your site to the TOP because of its priorities. It protects people who mostly go to the first sites. Sometimes, some have to work with a new website because a virus that was defeated half a year ago can harmfully affect it.

To prevent this from happening, you must update your site's CMS. It will save you from losing money, and we talk about potentially earned funds and those that you have to spend on a disaster (if it happens). For example, to hire specialists and invest in his work until the damage is recovered.

Be sure to update the software on the servers. If you are on hosting, then choose a trustworthy and reliable one. And be sure to install antivirus systems if you have your server. Safety comes first in 2021!

7. Keeping the webstore in online status

If your site is down for at least 2-3 minutes a day, a search engine may come to check it at that moment. It will recognize your site as fallen, and you won't get to the TOP ranking. Make sure this story is not about your store.

A vast number of resources are specifically designed to help you determine that your online store is online. They can notify you if your web store has ceased to function. The reasons can be numerous. For example, you may have an SSL certificate expire, or your provider's server is lagged. If your website has such or other similar problems - the website doesn't work.

Are you 100% sure that your site didn't go down even for a second in the previous week? It's essential, and you need to react immediately because, in just a split second, you can lose what you have built for years.

8. Following the "dark theme" trend

More and more people prefer dark themes to light ones and not only at night time. For such users, dark colors are more pleasant and satisfied to watch! Two years ago, no one used it so widely because the dark mode was not implemented to most interfaces. Social networks were one of the firsts who caught this trend wave. But now, the dark theme is available for everyone, from online stores to applications. According to the AndroidAuthority survey, almost 82% of users use the mode theme on their phones.

The number of supporters is growing! If you want to change how your website looks - any dark theme might be a sage option to consider in 2021!

9. Using voice search capabilities

According to Search Engine Land, nearly 50% of users make a web search using their voice.

Why did the number of people who make the voice request instead of manually typing grow more and more? Even if you don't use this feature, you have met those in public, in cafes, or somewhere else.

Why do they do it? Because it wasn't challenging before to write a short query. But now, people aren't typing short, simple queries. They search for using more detailed long descriptions. Everyone wants to save their time, and we know that the more specific request we'll input, the more precise we'll get the answer. There are no more inputs like "jacket" with a long searching process through the list of suggestions. We want to have "jacket blue short sleeve casual" immediately.

We can use this fact as a hint and create more low-frequency queries in your online store. It's a powerful trump card that can bring you a lot of new customers. Read more here:

There is no reason to believe that in the new 2021, we'll get completely new rules of life online. Such aspects as the site's smooth operation, its reliability, and customer data security have been and will be essential for search engines' work. But we also advise you to take at least small steps towards the development of the newest trends. Following today's tendencies allows you not to lose to the competitors and stay eager to fulfill your customers' needs.