Quality search experience for Magento website  with Product finder solutions module

A search bar is an important part of website usability; it helps clients to use a website more comfortably. Many people come to websites explicitly looking for specific information, so it's really useful to have a search bar to find what they need right away.

Businesses should regularly check how their search engine works in case of any problems. Otherwise, it even can harm the business. Businesses monitor the number of people who use the search, compare this figure with the total number of visitors, and analyze the search performance on the website. This information can help businesses optimize their websites and increase conversion.

Some visitors are looking for products they need via the search bar only. In this case, good site navigation is most likely essential for them. Thus, businesses should scan the common path of such customers and improve their navigation accordingly.

If users seek something specific on the site and won't be able to find it, this is an important signal for the business to notice on time! In this case, it is worth reviewing the assortment of goods and adapting the name of the goods so that everything would be apparent to customers.

Google Analytics is a great way to see what people search for on your website. You can set all the analytics settings and see the data within 48 hours.

To start the search tracking process, the administrator needs to:

Customize search in website account.

Presentation of Data - Settings of presented data - Settings of search - Track search - Enable.

Set custom search options on the website.

It can be "term", "search", "query", "s", "q" and so on. If the site search uses categories, you still need to enter the parameters of the internal search by category in the "Category parameter" field.

A notification about a search on the site will be available from the tab "Behavior" - "Search on the site" after 48 hours. You will see the number of search sessions, unique requests, time spent on the site, the pages where the customer made it, etc.

You can implement text search on the site using ready-made software extensions, such as PRODUCTS FINDER SOLUTION from MAGESIDE. This extension provides a search feature using a larger list of criteria, giving the buyer a fast and efficient experience. A vast and advanced settings system makes this module unique and flexible for any store.

Perfect custom website search

Most people would rather search for information themselves. So customers expect high-quality, relevant inquiries on your website. The search on a website starts with a client request: someone enters information, and then the SERP (search engine result page) issues its answer in the form of results. The user finds what they're looking for when it uniquely, accurately, completely, quickly, and appropriately answers their query.

Benefits of a quality site search

Relevant results

It is the primary goal of a quality site search. Artificial intelligence helps to return the right search results for any query.

Convenient user journey

The site can have great content and unique products. But if users cannot find them, they will likely be disappointed. Site Search allows users to filter results, view different content categories, and even recommend related and popular search terms, resulting in satisfied visitors.

Reduce bounce rate

Customers could leave the site because of an unsatisfactory search. Don't neglect this! By offering a fantastic search experience, you will retain your visitors and attract new customers from your competitors.

Increase Conversion

Give your customers the best first impression by making it easy for them to find what they are looking for. Your site will be more engaging and effective when you let people shop without frustrating on-page navigation or overwhelming content that is difficult to understand.

Carrying out qualitative monitoring

Site query analytics is an incredible resource for marketers. Analysis tells about the desires of customers. Regular monitoring of such queries shows search trends, the discovery of fruitless search requests, and general customer preferences help to optimize search results and improve the overall UX of the site, which is very important for Google's ranking systems.

If you're looking for a quality site search for your Magento website, look no further than Mageside. Our Product finder solutions module will give you the ability to create a custom site search that provides relevant results to your customers and makes their journey through your website convenient and easy. Not only will this reduce your bounce rate, but it could also increase your conversion rates – so what are you waiting for? Try out our module today!