There are three basic types of commodity relationships available on the Magento platform. These include: Up-sells, cross-sell and related products. Examples of this type of product proposals are on the website. The arrangement of the recommendations is highly reliant on the goals of the admin. This type of advertisements can be in the form of popups, success messages, on the navigation panels of stores, in different shopping carts, or when picking a certain product.


There are little ways to differentiate between the different types of products. By considering this, up-sells items are products which are recommendations for sale other than the product the buyer is interested in. By making use of up-sells, the store provides better products, equipped with more functionality, better qualities, and higher prices. Up-sells make it easier for the buyer in choosing the requirements of the desired products to make the product relevant fully. It means customers spend much money on buying something more expensive by paying more funds for special bonuses to a certain product.


Cross-sells are similar to products that lead to impulse purchases. Adverts which make use of cross-sells are mostly found in the shopping cart or on the navigation side panel during the purchase of a certain product on the page. It is not compulsory for these products to be expensive or better than the normal product. The cross-sells type of products exists to generate more sales profit by making you sell more items. It means, it is possible to offer relevant products to the buyer after purchasing his product. The better the type of cross-sells chosen, the easier it is to generate interest from the buyer.

Related products

Related products have been created to make it able for buyers to view products that can be purchased to complement the particular product in question. They take the form of shopping recommendations based on the product you want to buy. Related products instigate buyers to make more purchases in addition to their product of choice. It is always made up of similar good with a little difference. Related product may take the form of another brand, model, color and different other qualities. Related products provide different options for the buyer to choose from. It always does well to leave a good online impression of the store.

An extension Easy Cart provides very simple location of special products. All the different types of products offered to the customer on the screen possess the button which says “Add to Cart” under each of them. This feature simplifies and quickens the entire stage of purchase. It makes it easier and better for buyers to make use of a “smart” online store.


Let’s keep in mind all the setting for the different types of products stated in the example. First of all, to alter the settings, you need to navigate to the Catalog -> Products and make the choice of product which you desire to change.

Navigate to the necessary product page by clicking "Edit".

Locate the “Related Products, Up-sells and Cross-Sells“ column.

So, Related Products provide additional recommendations for certain products viewed by the buyer. If you want to make use of Related Products click on the “Add Related Products” button. In the next window, you can choose the products which you want to show as a related product by simply ticking boxes. After this, click on the “Add Selected Products” button and then "Save".

You can make use of these similar steps if you desire to add up-sell or cross-sell products.

Basically, recommended comprise different types. For instance, up-sells and cross-sells offers in a similar way to related products. They increase the opportunity for the buyer to buy more products plus more expensive products. Up-sells utilizes in different banners found under the label such as "Want to Upgrade?", "The Best Offer for You!" or "Best Goods for a Small Surcharge.” Related and cross-sells are to take the form of "More Recommendations," "More Variants," "You may also be interested in such products" and so on.


In conclusion, there is a clear difference between Related products, Up-sells and Cross-sells. Up-sells is a particular type of recommendation which allows for the purchase of more expensive goods while the other two allow for more purchases. Related products are always very similar to the preferred products of the buyer and cross-sell are items that are to be used along with the preferred product.

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