The checkout is significant in e-commerce. If the homepage is like the business card, then the checkout is a package which accompanies the purchase. It can either make or break the purchase.

The one-page checkout has been praised as the idea that would make the buying process better. The ‘one-page checkout’ sounds very good. A lot of people feel that it should help to save a lot of time, but is that true? Let’s face it.

The truth is just that, information about the benefits are entirely unclear. The statistics that indicate the growth of buyers after changing to a one-step checkout page show exciting thing. It does not mention the reason is due to the number of pages. However, there are a lot of factors affecting this statistic. It may just be that the variant of the checkout pages was not optimized well enough.

A/B gray stonesstudies on this phenomenon have proven the following. If we make a comparison between the not optimized multi-step checkout (A) and the optimized one-page checkout (B), the result will favor the latter. However, if we introduce another option (C), in which the optimized stepped of the one page split into several pages, we will find out that options (B) and (C) will have similar results concerning customer satisfaction.

The truth is, if your checkout pages are designed to be as simple and intuitive enough to satisfy any customer, then the satisfaction gotten from these pages will surpass the possibility of any irritation when going from one page to another. If you, however, decide to make it even better, then the same convenient and easy steps found on one page will also create results.

This may be difficult to understand in a concept in which the client does not get bored and uncomfortable in switching from one page to another. The installation of the One Page Checkout PRO module is quite considerable for your Magento 2 website. The modules will also present you with different levels of comfort and quality.

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Our solution

We, at Mageside have put in a lot of work into creating a user-friendly version page for checkout. We understand the importance of a good impression on the buyer. Our extension consists of different steps which are appropriately grouped into various sections for easy understanding.

We wet stonestook note of the different perceptions of the checkout by analyzing the average user reactions to the different configurations. Our priority is mainly to the English-speaking users, and in English language, users read from right to left. So, in our Magento one page checkout, we are used to filling blocks of the information from left to right. Moreover, a lot of inhabitants of the civilized world are right-handed, and we have already adapted to the orientation that we would mostly come across right-handed people.


So, having opened our best one-page checkout, the buyer intuitively begins to move from the left upper corner to the lower right. There, at the very beginning, it sees the field for essential information, such as the email address. If the buyer has decided to go in as a guest, then immediately he has the opportunity to create an account on your site. The customer could make that through simple manipulation - a ticking the mark.

Under this, is the field of personal information which is needed in delivering the goods to the buyer. It is logical that the central part of the checkout page is a convenient block that will indicate all the shipping methods available for this purchase. After this, the buyer will need to select the payment method. Located on the right side of the screen is a summary of the entire order, for a final check of the purchase details. This zone is highlighted using another background to make things convenient.

All the additional features of the checkout page are found on the right corner. In this corner you can add a comment to the order, subscribe to newsletters or order gift wraps and so on.


All the steps make up a logical collage, and the buyer doesn’t get lost in the information on the page. In conclusion, it should be noted that the number of steps is not the most critical thing that provides comfort. However, if it possible to make use of a comfortable, balanced one-page checkout, you can go for it.

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