Run business with CUSTOMER GROUP PERMISSIONS extension

Customer group permissions extension is a unique option for Magento 2 stores. E-commerce carefully builds its business strategy. And quite often, there is a need to show the product catalog partially, like only for certain groups of customers.

For example, this could be true when a business cooperates with B2B and B2C markets and different requirements. Fortunately, the issue of segmenting those business processes can be easily handled with the CUSTOMER GROUP PERMISSIONS extension for Magento 2.

It is a smart tool that allows e-commerce to set up a range of permissions for an online store. Businesses create prohibitions and permissions for certain parameters, and this applies to a customer group, product catalog, payment methods, delivery, wish list, and other attributes.

With the Customer group permission module, you can create default permissions for commercial individual customer groups and optimize website performance.

Today we would like to share with you how a business can successfully apply this restriction tool to Magento websites.

Benefits and Features of Magento2 Customer group permission module

Restrict the products

Sometimes a business uses product restrictions to create a personalized experience for users. It also encourages regular customers to register as members on the website. Because in this way, they will be able to access "premium" features or items.

For example, if you sell stock photos on your Magento website, you may want to limit some products to only your "Premium" members. These members get an exclusive catalog of items, special prices for goods, and maybe other bonuses. This is a lure that encourages people to become Premium members.

Restrict the categories

The category restriction allows the business to choose which categories users can view or add to their wish list. The extension allows you to restrict access based on the user's group. It can be helpful if, for example, you have exclusive products and wholesale packages that only certain groups of people can purchase.

Payment Method Permission

Also, the Magesides extension helps to restrict some payment methods. Sometimes, the store restricts payment options for goods for certain customers. That is quite convenient and easy to do on the part of the store administrator.

Shipping Method Permission

There are reasons, such as parcel dimensions geolocation, due to which not all delivery methods are available. And the Customer group permission module can restrict the available shipping options for some customers or items.

Wishlist restriction

Stores need to understand the needs of their customers. There are cases when people are interested in a product but, for some reason, do not make a purchase. Marketing can focus on specific categories of customers. And to segment the audience to research specific groups, you can easily use this Magento module. After all, it helps to limit wishlist ads for groups of customers (excepting store guests).

Product Attributes Permission

Product attributes describe its functionality, define its parameters and other data about usage properties. It can be the number of product units, the total amount of the order, the status, etc.

You can also restrict product attributes for customer groups with the administrative panel. In this way, the store can set up an advertising campaign to encourage groups of customers to take action.

Do you have your own Magento website with a huge variety of items and client base? How difficult is it to organize and control all groups of customers, and at the same time motivate them to buy more in your store?

Some groups of customers make purchases immediately upon their first visit to an online store, but others only browse through but do not make actual purchases. In order to improve customer relations, you need to study their needs and find the right way to cooperate. For that, businesses use audience segmentation, marketing study of each customer group, and their behavioral factors. This works for online and offline businesses as well.

The Customer group permission extension can help store owners with catalog content. Such a shopping process is more individual. Since the administrator configures the display of exclusively relevant products to the right customer segment, it increases the level of sales and promotes a trusting relationship with its buying audience.

For example, an online textile store has two sales methods. These are wholesale customers and retail customers. Goods for wholesales are sold in long rolls and, of course, much cheaper than for retail, and for retail customers, they are sold in meters. In this case, setting up the appropriate groups of buyers will be extremely important and convenient for both customers and the business itself.

In this way:

You can provide a customer-focused shopping experience with flexible content visibility conditions. The module allows you to assign redirect pages from hidden categories to those clients who are allowed to access the hidden content of the website. You can quickly and easily create and delete an unlimited number of permissions.

Do not ignore the individual approach to each client; write to us, and we will be happy to discuss all the possibilities of the Magento 2 module for your online store.