The process of shipping is known to all, but there is only a small part of delivery companies who, have earned the trust and respect of stores’ clients.

Because there are specific obligatory requirements for obtaining and maintaining the status of a trusted company which ones must be met by them - not all shipping companies could be like a dream. Inexperienced or uncareful carriers could make a lot of fuck-ups during the shipment and below described some of them.

Below are some of them:

1. Lost packages

At the very least, the company that takes the responsibility to deliver goods must really provide it. It is unacceptable to lose packages without serious reasons. Of course, given the presence of a large number of orders and different weight/destination assignments sure, it could be a certain percentage of mistakes. However, there should always be a clear trace of an error that leads to the starting point of it.

2. Wrong address delivery

Another unacceptable occasion for the carrier company is sending the product to the wrong address. A common practice for today is tracking of packages. The buyers use it to make sure their stuff is on the way. Therefore, the shipping company will not be able to hide an error from the store and its customer. As a result, the store has broken terms and the responsibility of apologizing to the dissatisfied client lies with the store.

To avoid such mistakes, we suggest you try our Canada Post Shipping plugin, for the customers who will choose Canada Post shipping methods. With our module, the store admin can quickly view tracking information and the status of any packages in real-time.

3. Damaged package

The delivery company must have an iron-clad rule: "We keep the package integrity". People trust the carrier's hands and give them the right to carry things that are important to them. If they buy it, then they expect to get the product safe and sound. By disappointing the customer with the quality of delivery, a lousy reputation falls not only on the delivery company but also on the seller's company itself. In this case, the carrier may even fall under the terms of compensation for damaged goods.

Accuracy, speed, and quality are one of the most important criteria for which suppliers choosing the carrier. These three criteria should be the principles if the carrier wants to occupy equal recognition among other carriers. If the shipping company wants to be able to compete for the leading positions, it should cover and prevent most of the incidents.

Canada Post Shipping module for Magento 2 provides the ability to clearly control and process complex operations such as splitting an order into more than one package. The administrator will be able to break the products into different boxes and create separate labels for each from the admin panel. All parts of the module can be controlled by the administrator from the admin panel.

4. Wrong fit packaging

It would seem that this is the least grave mistake that the carrier can make. However, the secret of successful shipping is in using suitable packaging or rightly filling the packing for the package. Often, the too-big box can cause damage. Even if you fill the space with package filler - it is not always economically beneficial.

That is to say, there is the difference between a book packed in several layers of additional filler in a huge box and the same sized tablet in the same package. Additional protection is more appropriate to the tablet since the book can be packed in the box almost identical by size. It will hardly break but the delivery company avoids the perplexity of the buyer with his following question: "Why is it so much unnecessary packaging and filler?" and avoid his discontent, because, in fact, he pays for it all. The main thing in packing is that the item shouldn't be damaged, but also we should remember that more than enough is too much.

5. Improper parking

The strange last seconds of the delivery concludes our selection of delivery fails. This applies to door-to-door delivery or delivery to the mailboxes. It is worth fixing the delivered object securely to avoid spoilage of goods when nobody watches for it. The damage can be due to weather conditions such as wind or rain, and street animals may be interested in a package on the doorstep. So the carrier must be sure that this package is safe.

So, if you are a carrier company, make sure that such fails will not apply to your company. Take care of the delivery quality and shops will gladly cooperate with you. And if you own a store and choose delivery companies for cooperation - choose them responsibly. Excellent quality of delivery will provide you with the return of buyers over and over again. Be careful and watchful!