A website product finder is a tool that helps customers find a product quickly and conveniently among the store's massive list of products. Its algorithms help to process information and give a relevant response to a visitor. The more products there are in the store, the more critical it is to set up the search engine.

The essential elements of a successful website are a user-friendly interface, informative content, easy navigation, and eye-catching design. Every detail of it is vital for users, especially related to the search box. It is only a tiny site component, but its simple functionality enhances usability.

According to Search Engine Journal research, 40% of site participants say that the search box on the website is the first and most important element they pay attention to.

Customers often search for products by a shortened name and receive the standard phrase "Product not found" in response. To avoid this, you must teach the search algorithm to understand colloquialisms, abbreviations, etc. It means that the search feature should return values at the client's request and operate with a possible combination of several inputted languages, correct spelling mistakes and handle incorrect inputs.

Why does the site need a search module?

  • primarily to improve the navigation;
  • to be mobile-friendly;
  • to track popular queries;
  • and to simplify the purchase process for a client.

Easy to navigate

An efficient search bar helps provide relevant information to customer requests much faster and simpler. It is especially true if the store has a vast selection of products. The client does not need to have a complicated day by manually navigating the entire site from page to page to find what they need. Because the more straightforward the search, the more convenient and faster buyers could find the wanted product. And, of course, this affects the user experience and customer loyalty.


The search box is one of the main elements of the adaptive mobile layout of the site. Optimizing content for mobile screens helps you get more SEO traffic and will positively affect your conversion rate. According to Statista research, mobile devices generate about 51.53% of traffic.

Analytics with search navigation module

Integrate search with Google analytics and track the most popular customer queries so that you can adjust your site to the demand of your target audience. For example, you can determine what is your most searched product and place it on the main page, so the buyers can quickly go to the important section and not get distracted before they make an actual purchase.

Simpler purchase process

The search bar is a fundamental and user-friendly feature. You cannot afford to have a website that is inconvenient for users because you risk losing a potential income from it. The search feature can significantly help reduce your site's bounce rate.

How to design a perfect search bar?

The search bar is an input field with a single-line text box and a search icon beside it. If necessary, advanced search options may also be shown to filter parameters and display more accurate results.

The input field should be long enough so that users can see what they have entered. The store can place sample text in a default input field that disappears when the user enters text. In addition, there may be advanced features such as spell check or auto-correction. The search field should be easily visible and reachable.

It's better if it's visually different from any other button on the web page. Category search is a concept for working with categorized products. It significantly narrows down the results with filtering options. It additionally filters the generated results in the sidebar.

Relevant keywords can be highlighted in bold and increased in size compared to the rest of the text so that customers can see the correct link to what they were looking for. Try to avoid the "No results" page as much as possible. Instead, a page with "similar" and relevant results can be helpful; here, 301 redirects can come to your rescue.

Ready solution for the search box on Magento websites


Products finder solution module for Magento 2

The module helps display product filters that help customers find products more quickly. Make it easy for customers to find correct results by models, colors, specifications, etc.

Module Features:

Show filter in one related category

The filter can only be applied to a specific product category, such as the "bags" category.

Create an unlimited number of filters for each product

You can apply any filters for products.

Automatic application and partial search

If you have selected many search parameters, you automatically receive search results with the specified parameters when you activate the filter.

Add related products

When importing, a search is performed with a general match of the identifier (article, product name, etc.) and a partial match. That is, when you search for the word iPhone, you get not only phones but also all accessories for them. Because the phrase iPhone Accessories is indicated in the product description.

Solution import/export

Import is possible by fields such as "Article" and "Product name," as well as by all other fields you have created.

Add a related product to the filter directly on the product page

You can create options with an additional item.

Remember customer choice

The extension uses cookies. So it saves the information about the previous client's search even if he is looking for a product in a new category.

Simplifies the search for customers on the pages of the online store

It provides a quick search across all product categories. If you need more information about the module, click here.


The search feature on the website plays a vital role in running a successful e-commerce business. You can create a unique marketing strategy for your case with a nicely performed search analysis. If your store is still without a search bar, then perhaps, the extension from Mageside will become your indispensable assistant.