Are you aware that excellent customer service is a way to ensure sustainability and promotion of your business? In business, every person is regarded as a buyer. You should always take note of this. At times, it may be necessary to trade places with the buyer and this would create new concepts and opportunities. It is very vital to understand the mind of the client and monitor his needs.

Do your best to pay attention to the client’s emotion at the time of the purchase and after. Let your service have a lasting effect on the customer. Excellent customer service is about creating a connection with the client. This is a relationship between the seller and the buyer.

You should know that it is important to source for the opinion of the client after their purchase. This will create an opportunity to correct errors of your business and improve. In business, there is only one boss, the customer. He controls everybody in the company with his money. Analysts say that involving customers in customer service is the best. By doing this, the customer is part of the project. The greater the participation of the customer, the higher his loyalty to you.

This is the opportunity our team looks to tap into with the RECIPES AND INGREDIENTS extension and its other advantages. With the use of the RECIPES AND INGREDIENTS, you can create a personalized recipe. You can also fill in all the parameters such as image or video, description, specify the cooking time, the algorithm to create the dish, add ingredients from your store found in the recipe and make use of filters to check the quality of your recipe. The buyer saves a lot of time since she can purchase all the ingredients with one click. This is an impressive strategy.

To make use of the extension, take note of the following steps:




  • Enabled- in order to enable the module, select “Yes”.
  • Google Rich Snippets- to enable Google Rich Snippets, select “Enable”.


Recipe List

  • Enabled- in order to enable Recipe List, set “Yes”.
  • Recipes Per Page- fill in the number of recipes that will be displayed on one page.
  • Social Share- to set Social Share, select “Enable”.
  • Facebook Share - select Enable to install “Facebook Share”.
  • Twitter Share- to install Twitter Share, select “Enable”.
  • Google Share- to install Google Share, click “Enable”.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Route- enter the route of your recipe.
  • Page Title for Recipes- type the page title for recipes.
  • Postfix- fill in the postfix for your recipe link.
Search engine optimization

Recipe Reviews

  • Enabled- to enable Recipe Reviews, select "Enable".
  • Allow Guests to Write Reviews – to enable guests of your site can write reviews, select “Yes”.

Product Page

  • Show on Product Page - to show the block on the product page, put "Yes".
  • Block Title - write the block name for the recipe block on the product page.
  • Number Recipes - the number of recipes that will be displayed in the block.
Product page For example, you have the product Butter and under this product will be displayed a block of other recipes related to this product.


Customer>All Customers

Assigning Recipe Writer

Select a customer and click “Edit”. Click on the Recipe Writer section.

Fill in the fields:
  • Writer-enable if the client is the author of the recipe.
  • Avatar - upload a photo of the buyer.
  • Writer Image-upload photos of the author's recipe.
  • Writer URL Key-enter the writer URL key.
  • Nickname-enter a nickname of a writer.
  • About Writer-fill some information about the author of the recipe.
  • assing recipe
  • Writer Info Text Color- select the color of the text that displays the information about the author.
writer info text
  • Website Link- enter the link to the site that the writer owns.
  • YouTube Link - write a link to YouTube in the author's profile.
  • Facebook Link-enter a link to Facebook in the writer's profile.
  • Instagram Link- insert Instagram-profile writer.
  • Snapchat Link- enter the link to Snapchat in the author's profile.

Manage Recipes

Content>Manage Recipe>Add New Recipe

In order to see the recipes, use your store url address / recipe

General Details

  • Enabled- select “Yes”.
  • Title-write the name of the recipe.
  • URL Key- enter URL key.
  • Thumbnail- download the recipe picture.
  • Media Type-choose a video or image for the recipe.
  • Short Description-write a short description of the recipe.
  • general details
  • Store View- set the type of store and additional filters.
store view


  • Prep Time - show the recipe cooking time.
  • Cook Time- set the cooking time.
  • Serving Number- set the number of servings.
  • Ingredients- specify the ingredients for a recipe, measures (grams, liters, tablespoons, etc.)
  • URL- enter the full URL of the ingredient.
  • Methods - step by step describe the method of cooking.

Assigned Products

To assign prescription products from your store, click "Add Assigned Products".

Select an item from your store list.

assing products

Recipe Filters

Content>Recipe Filters>Add New Filter

  • Type- write the name of the filter.
  • Filter Code- enter the Filter Code. For instance, if you entered in Type ‘fruits’, so in Filter Code you can write for veggies etc.
  • Options- you can add filter options. You also add a photo of the filter parameters in the size of 35x35.
add new filter

Recipe Reviews

Content>Recipe Review>New Review

Choose the required recipe and fill the fields.

recipe reciew

Additional Features

Search Recipe

For instance, if the writer has published many recipes and the client wants to locate any of them. Considering this scenario, the customer enters the name and all recipes with a similar name will be displayed to him.

search recipe

Add All Ingredients to Basket

If you have a recipe filled with a long list of products with links to each product. However, the buyer is able to purchase all the products with just one click. This is because he can click on “Add all ingredients to basket”. All the products with links to your store will be added to the cart.

ingrediants and methods

If products have been successfully added to the cart:


Leaving Reviews by Customer

Any customer can leave a review.


The recipe will look like this:



The relationship existing with the client is a very important one. Successful businesses have made it the foundation of their business. Do your best with our Mageside team. If you have any inquiries on RECIPES AND INGREDIENTS you can always contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.