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Coupon Code Link

Coupon Code Link allows to get automatic discount coupon code via link.

  • Apply discount link on any page
  • Can be used in newsletter campaigns, emails, social networks, blogs etc
  • Success message about link usage
  • Auto generated coupon codes are supported
  • Automatically applies discount on shopping cart page

Let's face it, almost everyone likes a different kind of discounts and coupons. And the most pleasant thing, when this discount gives you your favorite store. Some people don't like so much to enter a coupon code in the field of a store. So especially for such occasions, we'd like to introduce you our incredible extension the Coupon Code Link. You may ask: "Why this module can be so incredible for our store?" Let's suppose that you want to create coupon code link and use it for newsletter campaigns or emails, or different kind of posts in social networks, or you just want to hang this coupon link in your store pages. Then this module is utterly and completely for you. Once you put coupon code link in the network and a customer clicks it, he/she automatically receives a discount, no coupon code entering is needed. Is it not comfortable? "Coupon Code Link" will automatically apply the coupon code for a customer in the shopping cart. Easy configuration, different pleasant module settings (success message, custom redirection, URL settings), that's all about our extension. The Coupon Code Link extension allows the customer to get a pleasant discount via link instead of entering a discount code on the shopping cart page. You can send coupon code link via email or you can place the link on store's Facebook page, Twitter or you can have a promotion page with all discounts links on your store's page. Also, this extension can check whether the redirect URL is legitimate or not. If not then it redirects a customer to home page of your store.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to apply discount link on any page of your website

    You can place the discount link on as many pages in your store as you want. No limitation for you.

  • Display the content as a banner or popup

    A message will be displayed in a banner or a popup for a user.

  • Can be used in newsletter campaigns, emails, social networks, blogs etc
  • You know that advertisement and newsletter campaigns are the best way to show your store. So using discount links in different social networks, newsletters, blogs will undoubtedly increase the sales of your store.

  • Success message about link usage
  • You can send coupon code link via emails
  • Also you can gather all client emails and send discount link via emails, and it will works for sure.

  • Easy configuration panel
  • Auto generated coupon codes are supported
  • Automatically applies discount on shopping cart page once a customer puts a product to the cart
  • As soon as a customer adds a product to the shopping cart and clicks a discount link, a coupon will be applied automatically. No code typing on the basket page is needed. Very pleasant thing for your clients.

  • Easy installation

So if you really want to increase your sales and make you store more competitive, then the Coupon Code Link extension is absolutely for your store.

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  1. Great guys and easy to use modules
    Super easy module but pretty useful, especially for upcoming holidays. We've contacted support for a couple of questions about installation problems and received a very quick reply. It was helpfull. So, my opinion: it's a very friendly and professional company.


Version 1.3.4 Jul 03, 2024

Magento 2.4.7 compatibility checking

Version 1.3.3 Nov 13, 2023

Refactoring Code

Version 1.3.2 Apr 19, 2023

Magento 2.4.6 compatibility checking. Added compatibility PHP 8.2

Version 1.3.1 May 28, 2022

Added compatibility PHP 8.0 - 8.1 compatibility

Version 1.3.0 Dec 13, 2021

Added multistore compatibility

Version 1.2.2 Dec 17, 2020

Fixed bug with get Magento quote

Version 1.2.1 Dec 03, 2020

Fixed bug with an empty rule

Version 1.2.0 Oct 27, 2020

Updated content messages functionality