How to impress online customers with Ajax add to cart extension?

It can be quite difficult to impress a customer nowadays. However, every single moment, online stores find new ways of being more attractive to their customers. If certain people develop an interest in promotions and discounts, then the others focus on the oddity of their sites and goods. The truth is this is not the only way to attract customers. Magento stores have the ability to add a massive amount of impressive modules to simplify the whole shopping experience for guests and guarantee quality service.

You need to put in your best to impress the client. To create a form of enthusiasm, you may not need to do anything extraordinary. All you have to do is making the entire shopping experience more fast, comfortable and convenient. The clients certainly come back to your store. It makes your store unique among others. There are a lot of useful modules to help you but pay attention to the Easy Cart module.

This module is important because navigating from one page to another to get a product can be quite frustrating. The problem would even become worse with a slow internet connection. Each navigation by the client is worth time and money. It is also difficult for the client to remember everything that they want to purchase. Clients can quite easily mix up their orders when navigating from one page to another. The Easy Cart extension makes it easier for clients to add different products to the basket without having to reload the page. This module also offers the chance to choose the desired size, color and quantity of the product to be purchased.

Backend configuration

The Ajax “add to cart” extension offered by Magento 2 is quite easy to use and configure. To make use of the extension should be enabled by the admin. Click on yes in the General configuration tab to enable it.

There are three segments of configuration in the admin panel. The admin can make changes to these segments which include: confirmation popup settings, add product confirmation and remove product confirmation.

The block of confirmation popup settings is made up of different fields to fill in and choose the required values. In continue shopping button, navigate to the checkout button and navigate to cart button fields. Here, the admin enables or disables buttons displayed to buyers.

In the show related products segment, the admin should enable or disable displaying relation products in the success popups.

In the products section, the admin should select the type of products which would be displayed in the popup to the client. There are three different types of products to suggest - related, up-sell and cross-sell. To edit the type of products, the admin should navigate to Catalog->Product->choose a good product.

In block items, the admin should input the items which are available for cross-sell.

In the close delay, it determines the number of seconds after which the popup close. To eliminate this option, the admin should insert the 0.

To identify the width of the popup in pixels, the admin should input the popup width field.

The next part of the configuration is the “Add Product Confirmation.” It makes it easier to alter the content of the success message.

The Remove Product Confirmation alters the text of the remove message confirmation popup.


When the cursor hovers over the desired product, the Add to Cart popup appears.

After clicking on the button, a popup indicates all the essential parameters of the product such as the color, size, and quantity. After selecting the preferred parameters, the buyer could click the “add to cart” button one more time.

A popup message appears containing the customized cross-sells.

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