Assigning of order status to the purchased goods is a must have in the order processing. Whether a business does process an order in the backend or not, it may have different status changes in the flow of the order state.

A typical example is where a customer might purchase goods from your online store and then you may need to make corrections to the ordered items while processing or you need to check the order for possible fraud, or there may be different changes in the flow depending on your system, and more. In instances like these, the default Magento order statuses can be expanded by additional custom order statuses.

By using our Mass Order Processing Magento 2 extension, you are enabled to complete these tasks with ease! With only two clicks, you can change the current status of as many orders as you want. Also, you will be able to add customized statuses manually. This makes it easier if you want to create new steps and implement them into your Magneto order statuses list whenever you want to change order process in your store. So, instead of a time-wasting operation of changing pages with the aim of changing order status for each customer, you can simply put a checkmark on the desired orders and change their status as for one.

Mass Order Processing. Example of changing the status

Here is a typical instance of changing "Processing" status to "Complete". Firstly, tick all checkboxes of orders which need to be processed.

Order processing.Check mark

Next, click on Actions > Change Order Status To and select the type of the order status you need.

Change order status to


Order status updated Order information Complete

Created custom statuses add to the list automatically

Let's see how it works. We have created a new order status

Create New Order Status

Then we assign order status to the state.

Assign Order Status To State

Now our created order status is in the list of statuses.

New Order Status

This results in the custom order status being added to the Actions list automatically.

New Order Status in Actions List