Hardly ever we will find or create something this precious as our lifetime. That is why the time is virtually the most valuable gift we all have and each of us would definitely want to spend this resource wisely, without constantly spreading it into a well-trodden path. Moreover, the ability to manage time is a remarkable feature for a good entrepreneur. An employer is at the optimum of the workers’ productivity if he or she is able to manage time and workflow well. Especially if he or she values and appreciates the time of the employees who are in charge of the selling process.

Processing orders

Processing orders refer to the steps and affairs that definitely takes a sufficient amount of your employees' working hours. The whole journey of the merchandise, beginning with the initial stage when the buyer clicks the button "proceed to checkout", to the stage where the product is received, are still not fully automated. In spite of existing orders repetitions and action templates, there are always steps of a sales process, which require human intervention.

Your order processing flow varies depending of your type of business. Nowadays lots of businesses have different steps which are half automatic and half manual. So, for example, if you have a warehouse, it usually takes care of the orders, shipping packets, tracking numbers, invoices and so on. Or in the case of having smaller companies either are not automated, you would have to actually process them from the backend. To point out, Magento order processing panel contains quite simple functionality and user-friendly interface. But to make your business better, our aim purpose was to create a handy and fast extension for minimizing the time which usually is spending on order processing. So, the mass bulk processing is a convenient addition to the Magento order processing.

We are happy to offer you using our Mass Order Processing extension for Magento 2, which solves the problem of wasting too much time while order processing.

Listed below are some of the main advantages of using the extension:

  • change order status of several orders at a time
  • create shipments without changing working window
  • add tracking numbers right on the order grid
  • send invoices with few clicks

Mass Order Processing extension for Magento 2 actually looks like this:

In the list of actions adds four additional items.


To select orders which need to be processed, mark checkboxes on the left side of the grid.

Check mark

Change Order Status To

To change order status select Order/s > Actions > Change Order Status To > Select the type of order status.

Change order status to

Order status successfully changes.

Order information Complete

For more information, look here: How to change order status in Magento 2?


For invoicing select Order/s > Actions > Invoice> fill up fields.

  • Invoice Comments - write the invoice comment right in the actions panel.
  • Capture - select from Capture Online, Capture Offline or Not Capture.
Orders actions Invoice

For more information look here: How to send invoices in Magento 2?


  • Shipment Comments - write the shipment comment right in the actions panel.
Orders actions Ship

For more information look here: How to create shipments in Magento 2?

Add Tracking Numbers

To add tracking number select an Order > Click the “Add tracking number” button > Fill in all fields > Select “Add Tracking Numbers” Action (from the panel).

  • Carrier - select the type of Carrier from the dropdown list.
  • Title - type the title.
  • Number - type the tracking number.
Orders actions add Tracking Number

For more information look here: How to add tracking numbers in Magento 2?