Explore the Best Magento 2 modules & Unleash the Power of Sales and Promotions. Part 1

Since childhood, we have used to plan our lives, from mundane daily tasks to important life decisions. However, unexpected events and accidents can enrich our experience with colorful emotions and bright memories. In e-commerce, following strict rules and relying on statistics and marketing predictions may limit the potential for spontaneous and impulsive sales.

Note the Promotions and Sales strategy capitalises on the impulsiveness of customers, resulting in a chain reaction of impulsive purchases with minimal effort on your part. This approach highlights the importance of unpredictability and emotional resonance in driving online sales rather than relying solely on a predetermined formula.

An interesting fact is that promotions often lead to impulse buying. According to a study by CreditDonkey, nearly 60% of online customers said they had made an impulse purchase because of a promotional offer or sale seen by chance. It proves the power of influencing fortuity to customers' behavior in the online store. It's difficult to overestimate the importance of executing promotions to drive sales.

Let's leverage the benefits of online sales and optimize your Magento 2 store for executing promotions of any size or level of complexity!

promotions and sales

Sale Category & Sale Category Pro

For an admin, managing sale listings can be a challenging task. Going through the entire product catalog and adding or removing items with special pricing to a "Sale" category can be time-consuming and exhausting. However, the Sale Category PRO extension for Magento 2 automates adding or removing products from the Sale category. To use the extension's features, an admin should select a product from the backend, set a special price that is lower than the regular, and click the "Save" button. The product will be automatically added to the Sale category!

Automating the process of managing sale listings can offer numerous benefits to the owners of online stores. It can increase admins' productivity by reducing the time and effort required to update and manage products manually. By automating the process, owners can ensure that their store's sale offerings are always up-to-date and accurately represented without requiring significant time investment from their managers. Also, automating the process of managing sale listings with the Sale Category PRO can lead to greater consistency and accuracy in the sale listings presentation. It will help you to build trust with customers, who will appreciate the reliability of the online store's sales offerings.

Finally, by freeing up managers' time from the repetitive task of updating Sales products, they can focus on other vital areas of the online business. For instance, they can improve customer service, analyze sales data, get more education, and develop new marketing strategies. In this way, automating the process of managing the Sale process can help owners optimize their online store's performance and increase overall profitability.

We have begun the article with the most appealing module for you because we offer Sale Category module for free so that you can access all its benefits for simple products at exceptional prices. Additionally, we offer Sale Category Pro module that supports all product types.

The article starts with the most appealing module for you. Mageside provides free of charge, giving you access to all the benefits it offers for simple products with special prices. But also, a PRO version of the module is available that supports all types of products.

Great module! Clean code, simple and free! We used it for White Friday pages for 2 years with minor issues. Also, as a Magento Developer I was able to do some quick fixes easily because its code quality is excellent.MSH

have handled my issue in a sec! But extension in general is good! Works as described, but most of all, it's very pleasant to work with Mageside!AMODY_PICK

At first, I've downloaded the free version, but it was so good that we decided to try this one. It was worth every cent.JEREMY W

Sale Countdown

Special offers and deals are a great way to attract customers in online stores, but setting a time limit for these offers is also essential. This nuance creates a sense of urgency and encourages customers to act quickly. It's where the Sale Countdown module comes in handy. It allows online store owners to create an attractive and customizable countdown timer for special offers and promotions with just a few clicks!

The module offers a range of customization options. For instance, managers can choose the countdown timer's type, style, and size in the backend and place it on the product page, category page, or any other relevant page to the promotion. They can also customize the timer's title by selecting the title's font, size, color, and location.

The Sale Countdown module is not just limited to managing sales and promotions. It can be used for various purposes, such as highlighting the time left for buying a limited edition product, a flash sale, or a pre-order.

With the help of the Sale Countdown module, you can effectively be in touch with your audience and successfully drive sales.

This countdown feature has a wide range of usage. We use it from now and then in deterrent situations. So funJANIN H

Nice extension and great support. Thanks, guys!KIT

Good extension and fantastic support! There was a conflict with my theme and the developer fix in a few hours.FRANCESCOB

Promotion Message

So, you can utilize various strategies to increase the visibility of promotional events beyond simply posting countdowns. These could include tactics such as collaborating with influencers or bloggers, using social media platforms, optimizing our website and product visibility, using email marketing campaigns, etc. But remember to implement one more tool - a promotion message on your web store page.

Automatic promotion messages based on shopping cart rules can increase the average order value. The Promotion Message extension for Magento 2 is an excellent tool to inform about available promotions while customers add products to their shopping carts.

Promotion messages are only displayed when customers have at least one product in their shopping cart. This feature helps to ensure that customers can handle pop-up messages before they have even begun shopping. Additionally, admins can manage the rules to encourage customers to add more items to their cart to benefit from the available promotions. It creates a win-win situation, where the customer receives a discount, and the store increases the order value.

Promotion Message for Magento 2 has a range of customization options available and is a powerful tool for any online store searching to boost sales and improve customer communication.

Quite interesting functionality for my website. I liked this module. Very easy to use and we've found no issue yet. Thanks, guys!JONATHANDELEE

Very happy with the plugin. Does exactly what we need. We use it to display free shipping minimum's to customers, and it works efficiently. Support is 10/10. Would purchase from Mageside again if we need another plugin. Thanks!CLARE

Extension working perfectly, very easy to use and configure as you need. Mageside support is very good, in future I will definately look for more extension here. RecommendedALESSANDRO

Now you know that implementing promotions and sales strategies is crucial to capture the interest and engagement of potential buyers. But you also understand the challenges that come with managing sales effectively. That's where the power of Magento 2 extensions comes into play! By incorporating modules as game-changing tools, you can streamline the management of your sales process, saving you valuable time and effort. Imagine how convenient it would be to automate sale listings, set up countdown timers for special offers, and display eye-catching promotion messages on your store's pages. With these extensions, you can effortlessly create an irresistible shopping experience for your customers, encouraging them to make a purchase.