Explore the Best Magento 2 modules & Unleash the Power of Sales and Promotions. Part 2

As shopping online continues to grow in popularity, promotions and sales have become one of the crucial elements of the ecommerce industry studies. Implementing promotions and sales is a proven strategy for online stores to generate greater interest and engagement from potential buyers in your products or offerings.

In the previous article chapter we've explored how to automate the process of managing sale listings, countdown timers for special offers, and promotion messages on the online store's pages. With the inclusion of those extensions in your store, your store managers will experience a significant boost in efficiency and convenience when managing sales. Moreover, your customers will enjoy a seamless and user-friendly interaction with your modernized online store and fully explore the benefits of shopping your products.

In this second part of the article, we'll delve into another important aspect of running online promotions and sales. Specifically, we'll discuss coupon codes and related products, two powerful tools that you can use to boost sales and customer loyalty.

Smart Related Products

Drawing customer attention to your product page is crucial in e-commerce business. Once the customer is interested in your product, how can you increase sales and purchases? That's where the Smart Related Products extension comes in handy.

With this extension, you can assign related products to several products simultaneously based on specified rules in the admin panel. For instance, you can assign related products based on most viewed or most ordered products, and specify the number of products to display in one block. You can also display the "Add to Cart" button, show "out of stock" products, and sort products by type which can be extremely useful. Using the extension, you can automatically show blocks with related, up-selling, and cross-selling products, based on the number of views or purchases. You can display the block with the related products anywhere on your website using Widgets. Showing related products is an effective way to help your customers find relevant products and increase the average order value and size. Installing the Smart Related Products extension will help boost your sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Easy to work with. The module has understandable logic on the admin side and we didn't have any issues with it.PAOLO

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Smart Related Products extension with features

Coupon Code Link

Most of us love to get coupons or discounts from any store and especially our favorite stores. But let's face the fact that sometimes it's a hassle to enter a coupon code during checkout. That's where the Coupon Code Link for Magento 2 comes in handy. With the help of extension you can create a coupon code linking use it for all sorts of promotions! And the best part is when your customers click on the coupon code link, they'll automatically get the discount without having to manually enter any codes. It not only simplifies the checkout process but also increases the chances of customers using the discount and making an extra purchase.

The extension is highly user-friendly, so you can customize it to your content, add a personalized success message, set up custom redirections, and tweak the URL settings. So, whether you're sending coupon links through emails or sharing them on your store's social media, this extension has got you covered. You can also create a special promotion page that showcases all the available discount links.

Furthermore, the extension checks if the redirect URL is legit, and automatically redirects your customers to your store's homepage if it's not. In a nutshell, the Coupon Code Link extension works like a magical tool for your customers. It effortlessly simplifies the process of receiving discounts, allowing you to incorporate it into diverse promotional strategies to enhance your sales and foster customer loyalty. It's a mutually beneficial situation where everyone wins!

Great guys and easy to use modules. Super easy module but pretty useful, especially for upcoming holidays. We've contacted support for a couple of questions about installation problems and received a very quick reply. It was helpfull. So, my opinion: it's a very friendly and professional company.OLIVERENGLISH

Coupon Code Link features

Coupon Error Message

We've all experienced the frustration of encountering the "Coupon code invalid" message while trying to use coupons to increase sales on our Magento platform. It's a cryptic error that leaves us wondering what went wrong. Did the coupon expire? Are there no eligible items in the cart? Or does the coupon simply not exist?. The lack of clear information leaves both us and our customers in the dark.

Fortunately, Mageside has developed the Coupon Error Message extension to address this issue. This essential extension allows you to create, track, and display specific error messages tailored to different coupon conditions. By installing and configuring this extension, your customers will receive clear explanations whenever a coupon condition prevents them from applying a discount.

Gone are the days of puzzling over cryptic coupon errors. Implementing this extension brings numerous benefits. It significantly improves customer convenience and saves valuable time and effort for your customer service team. The Coupon Error Message extension ensures a smoother coupon experience, with clear explanations for customers and a reduction in support requests related to coupon issues. Upgrade your coupon system and provide your customers with the transparency and clarity they deserve!

Let's summarize

You definitely understand the importance of attracting customer attention to maximum of your products. Now you can go beyond just showcasing individual items and tap into the power of product associations. With Smart Related Products extension you can intelligently assign related products to multiple items simultaneously based on specific rules. This means your customers will discover relevant products effortlessly, increasing their likelihood of making additional purchases and boosting your overall sales.

Now, think about the frustrations your customers may encounter when trying to apply coupon codes during checkout. You want to offer them a seamless and hassle-free experience, removing any barriers that may prevent them from enjoying discounts. The Coupon Code Link extension is here to save the day! With this remarkable tool, you can create coupon code links for various promotional purposes. Just imagine how thrilled your customers will be when they click on these links and automatically receive the associated discount without the need to manually enter any codes.

But what about those confusing coupon errors that leave both you and your customers scratching your heads? We've all been there. Thankfully, the Coupon Error Message extension is designed to address this issue head-on. Imagine the relief you'll feel knowing that you can now create, track, and display specific error messages tailored to different coupon conditions. This means your customers will receive clear explanations whenever a coupon condition prevents them from applying a discount. Say goodbye to the frustration and confusion, and hello to a smoother coupon experience that enhances customer satisfaction and saves valuable time for your support team.

In conclusion, investing in Magento 2 extensions is not just about enhancing your store's functionality – it's about empowering your business to thrive. By leveraging these tools, you can create a seamless, user-friendly environment for your customers, encourage more purchases, and foster long-term loyalty. Take the leap and unlock the true potential of your online store. The possibilities are endless, and the rewards are yours for the taking.