Are you looking for a way to optimize the user experience on your website? You should know that the Magento 2 checkout page needs to load more JavaScript code than any other page. For this reason, we say that checkout is the most difficult and, at the same time, the most important page of any online store. The convenience and efficiency of using the checkout page directly affect conversion rate and your income.

With the One Page Checkout PRO module by Mageside, the Magento 2 checkout process is much more comfortable, faster, and more convenient than ever before. This positive change results in fewer cart abandonments, and it also gives you access to more useful up-to-date features such as:

All ordering stages are displayed only on ONE page

The checkout process is greatly simplified because the buyer sees all the information on a single page. And it is designed to edit all information about delivery, comments, payment methods, etc.

Guest order

People are afraid to be bound by additional obligations. The last thing they want to see is the requirement to register on the site to place an order. Don't scare away your potential buyers and allow your store guests to make purchases without registration. With this extension, a new visitor can place an order just by entering their email.

Checkout login

But, if the client has bonuses in your store, he would have the interest to log himself in. In this very case, The module allows you to choose your customer to enter the system before purchasing a product. This way, the visitor decides to place an order as a guest or as your regular customer.

Gift wrap

The ability to choose the packaging for the product is a bonus option for customers who intend to present it to someone as a gift. Take care of your customers by adding this option to your store.

Congratulatory message

What could be more pleasant than a cute message from friends and family? Your customers can wrap a gift and even leave a congratulatory message with this module. This feature is convenient in preparation for the holidays.

Comments on the order

The "Order Comments" includes a field at the checkout step where the customer can leave a message to the seller.

It can be additional information about the product, convenient delivery time, or any other message for the seller, taking into account the specifics of the goods. It will allow you to be close to your customers as ever and build a good reputation as a result.

Discount use

One of the ways to make customers eager is to offer a discount. Using a discount means applying coupon codes on the checkout page. Coupons can increase your sales, influence customer loyalty, and help your brand to become more recognizable. Clients use their discounts on the same single page. There is no need to go to other pages. Handy, isn't it?

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions govern all commercial activities. For example, it is conditions for visiting the website, placing an order on the Internet, general rules of the online store, etc. The user should be familiar with the regulations of the store before placing an order. It helps to avoid conflict or misunderstandings between them both (for a website and a customer). The store's main task is to consider all the nuances of its work and explain everything in simple and accessible ways.

Newsletter Subscription

This option allows customers to become aware of upcoming promotions, product/service updates, sales, etc. People love to keep abreast of events, but there is a reasonable limit to everything. Therefore, it is better to determine the frequency of mailings immediately. The administrator sets the type of subscription for clients.

Message banner

Advertising banner messages serve as an enticing feature. It influences the target audience and forms lasting associations. Also, this banner will allow you to thank your customers once more with an additional message.

Payment Methods

An online store can't exist without the working payment methods integrated on the website. The creation of such an essential thing іs one of the prerequisites for creating an online store. The more payment options there are, the more convenient it is for the client. With this extension, the client sees all possible payment methods on your store page as a list.

Supports all shipping methods

Lack of choice of shipping methods is one of the main reasons for cart abandonment. It's because of the variety of expectations of different categories of buyers. Some people are ready to wait, save on shipping costs. On the contrary, others pay more, but they need to receive the product as soon as possible. That is why an online store's goal is to satisfy each of these types of customers' needs.

The module supports FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, tariffs, etc. And it also supports many shipping methods from third party providers.

Full control over the item in the cart

The customer can change the number of units in the cart. It means that users can add quantity or remove items from the cart list.

Powerful administration

This Magento 2 extension has convenient and practical configurations from the administrative panel. Despite the module's multifunctionality on the administrator's part, the processes of changing the settings look clear.

AJAX updates

The information on the checkout page is updated automatically. Thus, there is no need to reload the page after changing information.

Give feedback

Comments are an essential tool for e-commerce. New clients rarely make purchasing decisions based only on advertising. But they always read customer reviews about the store. Unfortunately, customers forget to leave a comment. This extension helps the administrator to set reminders to clients in the form of an email.

How will the one-page checkout look like for your customers?

one page checkout

As you can see, everything looks relatively concise and understandable. The user chooses the most convenient authorization option. There are nothing complicated, just minimum but essential steps to make.

Keep in mind:

Don't forget that a good online checkout form is the key to successful sales. The resource can be good-looking, stylish, and attractive, but with a poorly created customer's path, all this won't matter. The One Page Checkout PRO extension will help your business improve one of the essential online store pages and increase your conversion rates.

If you would like to find out detailed information about installing a module or features write to us.