If you want to convert your guest, to buyers, it is essential that you impress him. Every store owner has to understand that each guest would not buy something. To increase the number of guests who make purchases, you can make use of the Easy Cart for Magento 2 module. It has a simple working mechanism.

Many times, the need to buy something is spontaneous. For instance, cold causes many people to buy warm things or the loss of equipment demands a prompt replacement. Such items are not purchased daily in the supermarket, so they always accompany other purchases as a result.

I love to go shopping and see what catches my eye. Patrick Schwarzenegger

We can consider a situation in which Veronica gets his jacket torn and need to buy a new one. Let’s use this scenario to look at the advantages of the Easy Cart module. When this happens, Veronica goes online to search for questions such as "buy a jacket online" or "winter jackets buy." After this, the search starts. Veronica has to look for a store which has the right price and appearance. She is looking to purchase a jacket in a perfect online store. The choice of the store depends on the amount of time which you spend on the webpage. It means how long the store will be able to attract his attention. In the shopping process, good quality images and a clear description are essential. Many factors are necessary for the shopping process more than the jacket itself.

Veronica's shopping

Imagine that Veronica comes to your store to start her search. She navigates from Women->Tops ->Jackets and your store takes her to a page filled with different jacket sales.


She finds a lovely jacket known as a Juno Jacket. As soon as she places her cursor on the photo, she gets the chance to see the different colors that can be gotten for the jacket. Veronica finally gets her preferred choice of color and click the Add to Cart button with his preferred color and size.


She was satisfied with the quick process without having to reload their, and she is tempted to continue to scroll the catalog.


After she had found another type of jacket, Veronica also adds the jacket to the cart with the specifications. In the highlighted box, an Add to Cart button appears.


Upon clicking on it, she gets a popup window where she can choose the color and size of the jacket. Veronica then decides to pick that jacket too and add more the cart.


As soon as she adds the second jacket to the basket, she is presented with other additional variants of cross-sells. She later decides to pick Sports tights from the suggestions as a gift for her brother’s birthday. She then adds the Lando Gym Jacket to the cart with the desired color, size and number.


Shopping Cart

After making all the selections, Veronica decides to check on all the variants of the products she had clicked on. She gets taken to another page for the first time and is impressed. On the new page, titled the Shopping Cart, Veronica saw the list of jackets that were added to the baskets.She then decided to eliminate the jackets she had chosen, and she did so quite quickly.


Veronica is then able to choose another color for the left jacket in a straightforward process.


After a successful shopping experience, she decides to checkout.



It is quite observable that the entire process of shopping does not require any extra movements from one page to another. However, thanks to offers provided by the cross-sell for the new buyer, he or she was able to make spontaneous purchases. This example is how the Easy Cart module works.

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