Today we will talk about how to develop rock-solid e-commerce business. If you want to sell more and, accordingly, earn more, you need to sell on the internet. Recent events with COVID-19 influence show us the enormous growth of online business.

Progress does not stand still, and humanity strives for comfort. According to the statistics, the household appliances market will grow by 3.2% by a year (CAGR 2020-2025). Online trade-in household appliances are more comfortable than in a real store. There are no high costs for renting premises, no expensive commercial equipment. Labor costs for employees are much lower because the staff is smaller (minus cashiers, movers, security guards, numerous managers, etc.). The main thing is to properly organize the sales process, create an excellent looking website, think over the logistics, and provide high-quality service at the end.

Let's discuss it more closely with the example of an electronic store that sells different kinds of parts and products.

Options for organizing business selling devices:

  • Option 1 is to be as close as possible to a traditional store.
  • You have an office, a warehouse with goods, organized packaging and shipment, and your delivery service. Only the showcase remains virtual, where the buyer can get acquainted with the range of equipment and place an order. At the same time, each product item should look as comprehensively as possible. It means high-quality photos of the product from different angles, a detailed description with reliable, technical characteristics, etc.

  • Option 2 is for dropshipping sales.
  • In this case, you only have an online store with an assortment of goods that you don't even have in stock. There is no warehouse and no office, but all this is available from your supplier. You don't buy anything in advance. As soon as —Ālient makes an order at your store, the goods are sent directly from the supplier's warehouse to him.

In any of these cases, a well-designed website plays a key role.

Create product ads

Frequently, ordering some devices online is more convenient than buying the same items from a specialized off-line store. Especially if parts that the buyer needs are rare or discontinued. The buyer won't be able to handpick the right item personally without your help. So you have to make a clear description and put a photo with good quality.

The length of the description must be "sufficient." Large text is often difficult to read and understand. The volume of 400-800 characters is optimal. We recommend putting keywords in product descriptions. It is best to include not high-frequency keywords, but medium and low-frequency ones. Thus, the page of a specific product will increase the likelihood of reaching the top of the search results for your query.

List the essential characteristics.

For example, for an auto parts store, it could be:

  • name;
  • cost;
  • photo;
  • the model for which the spare part is suitable;
  • part catalog number.

Delivery of spare parts to the buyer and feedback

In your ads, you can indicate which delivery service you use to send details. The delivery price could vary depending on the type of product packaging because some items need to be sorted and packaged separately. Or the elements may be too bulky, in which case the cost of packaging becomes more expensive. How to correctly calculate the price of a product? If we want to display it to a buyer while considering all the nuances of its delivery cost? We suggest you use the Dimensional shipping module.

Advantages of the module:

  • the admin sets the price depending on the dimensions of the product;
  • supports all kinds of products;
  • compatible with Canada Post, FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS.

And don't forget about asking your customer about his feedback. Positive reviews are directly related to the number of future orders on your site. After receiving the ordered goods, the buyer can leave a review on your website, for instance, by using a direct link that you've sent or by unique form on a website. Make it as easy as possible for clients to do it.

Also, it is possible to connect to targeted advertising. It allows you to quickly promote your website and bring buyers to your online store for shopping. Thus, we see that setting up an online business or transforming a business online is not difficult. The main thing is to think over each step and organize everything as thoughtfully as possible.

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