Owners of online business believe that Magento 2 is the best choice for a successful start. More than 54,388 online stores run on the Magento 2 platform, according to the BuiltWith.

All shop owners want to be at the top, ranking leadership is their primary goal, so they strive for excellence. Developers are becoming more and more inventive; the number of business extensions for Magento 2 is growing steadily.

But how to understand what exactly is necessary for your store? What modules primarily a new website needs? We want to share with you our recommendation for a bright new eCommerce website.

What is a Magento module?

Magento 2 platform allows users to install additional features for its websites. These features provide modules that everyone can download and install.

This post includes the Top 5 most useful extensions that all online stores should have.

Top 5 online extensions for new Magento 2 website :

Shipping matrix rates

Shipping_matrix_rates For the initial stages of business trading, it is essential to organize the delivery of goods accurately. Imagine that a customer visits your store’s page, selects a product, and has the opportunity to choose the appropriate delivery method for him independently. It’s beneficial, right?

  • simplify the admin managing;
  • easily customize the delivery process;
  • create shipping rates based on zip codes;
  • easily set individual tariff for the delivery;
  • display several price options for order delivery.



The more store pays attention to the buyer, and the more trusting relationships are between them. SMTP means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is significant to have a reliable, uninterrupted system of sending messages from your store. So it’s better than any other embedded system. Customers should know on time about updates, promotions, successful completion of orders. Thus take care of customers and your authority.

  • gives fast email delivery;
  • provides email log viewer;
  • uses an SMTP connection.

Stripe payments

Stripe payments

Setting up a reliable payment is one of the priorities and necessary whales on which the online store stands. The Stripe Payments extension integrates Stripe payment services into Magento 2. And also, it gives multicurrency orders, various Stripe accounts for different websites, expired transaction processing, specifying standard cards for specific countries, and others.

  • offer customers convenient and reliable payment methods;
  • guarantees trust in your business from the client;
  • protect merchants from the fake card or invalid cards;
  • support most types of credit/debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB.

Our extension has been tested and verified by the Stripe team to meet all integration requirements with the Stripe API as we are Stripe Verified Partner.

Bulk prices updater

Bulk prices updater

Updating prices is not a complicated process, but it is always time-consuming. Why change the price of each product individually? We suggest you do it automatically.

  • easily edit prices in your store;
  • adjust prices at sales, special offers;
  • price updates with a CSV file in just one click;
  • apply fixed or percentage type to update values.

Promotion message

Promotion message

Are you still thinking about how to increase the minimum order amount? Offer your customers a bonus that encourages the buyer to add several additional products to the cart.

For instance:

  • buy goods worth more than $ 100 and get free shipping;
  • order more than 3 units of goods and get a discount of 10%;
  • order 4 products and get 5 as a gift.

Thus today, we presented our Top 5 modules for starting an online business. You can implement any of our modules or find alternatives in the Magento marketplace. Make your choice deliberately, and you will appreciate the results. To learn more about the functional features of the modules, you may visit our module store. Follow us, and we will share other ideas and extensions to satisfy the needs of customers, as well as improve your online store.