The fact of e-commerce is in a variety of buyers and their unique product preferences. The need for a specific product depends on gender, age category, country of residence, profession, level of incomes, etc. The list of external factors that affect purchases need can continue. Additionally, there are the criteria for choosing a purchase depending on internal factors - character, mood, level of education, and goals of the buyer, etc. For successful sales, your store needs to create your buyer personas.

A buyer persona is a detailed description of a person or group of people who want to buy your product at 100 percent probability. You have a product that you sell or a service that you provide. It means you should imagine an abstract buyer who needs, precisely what you do sell.

To create this buyer persona, you need to know the specific information, including the smallest details that match to him or her. The best way to generate a list of such characteristics is to ask your actual customers to share some information about them.

No need to panic! Nobody is convincing you to ask your potential customers some inconvenient or too personal annoying questions which could scare them off. But, if a person has purchased something on your website, it means that the buyer had some motives that led him/her directly to your store. Communication, in this case, is a chance to improve your e-commerce market position. Do not worry about scaring possible customers off by asking them something.

Yes, of course, if you'll overload the potential buyer by a tedious work, for example, to makes him type long answers and think a lot while answering, then no client will stand and leave your store without having any purchases. Questions should be clear and, if possible, make them in the game shape.

Now, it is easy to create clear short questions on every Magento 2 store, without annoying buyers, with our Multiple Custom Forms module.

For instance, with our module, you can survey the topic: "How do you found our product/page?" It will help you determine which advert is more effective than others. Let's imagine, you sell sports equipment for tourism, and you most likely have already done the potential customers analysis and formed a very blurry but still your buyer persona. It must be a sporty and active person who does not sit at home. Most likely, it will not be a child, since even if the user is a child, the buyer will be parents or relatives. Also, it should be a work-age person, and most likely with an average or high level of income.

Based on this buyer persona, you think which sites he/she can visit most frequently. Then you place advertisements, let's say, on the websites of travel agency, on the gym site and make banners on the entertainment tourism facebook group. Every website seems to be good. You can watch how your sales increased afterward by some level of percent. You think that all three ads are attracting new buyers actively, but please, do not hurry with the conclusion.

Just one additional step can save you from useless spending of funds to nonworking advertising. Create a simple poll for your buyers from the admin panel:

Thank you for your purchase! Please, let us know where you got to know about us? Thank you! Also, admin makes radio buttons with three options: Travel Agency, Gym, and Facebook Group.

And Wow! The survey shows that 70% of new interviewed buyers came from Facebook, but only 23% and 7% from the other sources. To determine what the matter is, custom forms again comes to the rescue!

The next poll that you could make will help you to find out that: people who are coming from the advert on the gym webpage buying the equipment not often at all because enjoying activities in the gym and not using the equipment for tourism. Buyers who came from Travel Agency enjoy tourism with the guide, and in most cases, they come to the travel agency for all-inclusive service, so take on the equipment rental just in the same agency.

Why were most sales from facebook users? It's simple. From the survey, you will learn that in such groups usually are tourists and hiking fans, and they have their jokes and their atmosphere there. As tourism is a hobby for them, advertising in the group was interested in the majority and prompted them to go and see what are new in the world of equipment. It is known to lead to purchases.

After such a detailed search, you finally know your ideal buyer and know on what type of advertising you can spend your budget.

In general, asking questions to clients is a critical matter, and you can read why here: Customers' thoughts and desires reading. Fiction? Reality!

Multiple Custom Forms module will help you to create questions using input types, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more. Try now!