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In the ever-evolving realm of online retail, the human administrator is of utmost importance. Hidden behind the enticing digital storefronts, the seamless customer experiences, and the flawless order processing is an unsung hero - the administrator. Their responsibilities go far beyond mere oversight; they serve as the architects of efficiency, the custodians of order, and the facilitators of seamless customer interactions.

The human administrator of an online store is the linchpin that keeps the intricate machinery of e-commerce running smoothly. They are tasked with various responsibilities, including managing products, categories, content, payments, and shipping methods. They must ensure that the digital shelves are well-stocked, payment transactions are secure, and shipping choices are tailored to meet customer needs. Essentially, they are the conductors of the e-commerce orchestra, orchestrating every facet of the business with precision.

However, with significant authority comes significant responsibility. E-commerce administrators must navigate a maze of challenges, from dealing with session timeouts to overcoming obstacles in content management and controlling customer access. Let's dive into e-commerce administration and uncover how Mageside's modules revolutionize human administrators, elevating their essential and exceptionally efficient roles. This article explores the groundbreaking solutions, specifically focusing on three core modules. These modules have been designed to streamline order processing, improve shipping operations, and enhance the overall performance of e-commerce businesses.

Keep Admin Authorized: Ensuring Uninterrupted Work

Have you ever found yourself unexpectedly logged out of your e-commerce admin panel due to inactivity? It's a frustrating experience when you've invested time and effort into editing content or configuring products. By default, PHP sessions expire after a mere 24 minutes of inactivity, regardless of your browser's cookie settings.


Mageside's "Keep Admin Authorized" module provides a simple yet ingenious remedy to this issue. With this module in place, you no longer have to worry about automatic logouts. It sends an Ajax request to the server every minute, preserving your PHP session and browser cookies. It means you can work without interruptions and focus on what truly matters.

Key Benefits:

  • Uninterrupted Workflow: Stay logged in until you decide to log out.
  • Work with Confidence: Never lose your work due to session timeouts.
  • Streamlined Operations: No need to repeatedly log in during your work.

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Admin Links Preview and Edit: Streamlining Content

The e-commerce admin area is a critical workspace, especially for businesses with a vast inventory of pages, products, and categories. However, making edits and viewing the changes can take time and effort.


Enter the "Admin Links Preview and Edit" extension by Mageside, a game-changer for content management. This extension empowers administrators to edit pages, products, and categories directly from the admin panel. With a single click on the "Preview" button, a new page displaying the changes instantly appears. It eliminates the need to switch to the frontend to check your edits repeatedly. Additionally, administrators can effortlessly return to the admin panel of the edited page right from the frontend.

Key Features:

  • Effortless CMS Page Editing and Previewing.
  • Seamless Category Editing and Previewing.
  • Instant Product Editing and Previewing.
  • User-Friendly Configuration.

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Customer Group Permissions: Fine-Tuning Access Control

Efficiently managing payments, shipping options and product access is a pivotal aspect of e-commerce success. Sometimes, you must restrict specific content or services to particular customer groups, such as payment methods, shipping methods, products, and categories.


Mageside's "Customer Group Permissions" extension is a powerful tool that simplifies this process. This module empowers administrators to set granular permissions for each customer group, allowing for restrictions on payment and shipping methods, products, categories, and even wishlists. Additionally, it enables administrators to specify the behavior when a restricted customer group attempts to access blocked content.

Key Features:

  • Precise Control Over Product Access.
  • Tailored Category Access Restrictions.
  • Payment Method Control for Specific Groups.
  • Customizable Shipping Method Permissions.
  • Manage Wishlist Restrictions.
  • Fine-Tune Product Attribute Permissions.
  • User-Friendly Configuration Options.

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Problem: Online Store Experiencing Frequent Admin Panel Logouts and Inefficient Content Management

An online store faces frequent admin panel logouts due to session timeouts, resulting in interruptions in content management. Additionally, the content management process takes time and effort.

Solution using the three modules:

  1. Implement the "Keep Admin Authorized" module to prevent automatic logouts due to session inactivity. This module sends periodic Ajax requests to maintain PHP sessions and browser cookies, ensuring administrators stay logged in until they decide to log out. Keeping admins authorized enables uninterrupted content management, allowing administrators to work without constant interruptions due to session timeouts.

  2. Integrate the "Admin Links Preview and Edit" extension to streamline content management. This extension allows administrators to edit pages, products, and categories directly from the admin panel.With a simple click on the "Preview" button, administrators can instantly see the changes without switching to the frontend repeatedly. It also provides an easy return to the admin panel of the edited page right from the frontend, reducing the time and effort required for content management.

  3. Utilize the "Customer Group Permissions" extension to manage access control efficiently. With this module, you can set granular permissions for each customer group, including restrictions on payment methods, shipping methods, products, categories, and wishlists. Ensure that specific customer groups have the right level of access while blocking restricted access for others. Fine-tune product attribute permissions and manage product access precisely, enhancing overall content control.

By implementing these three modules together, the online store can resolve the issues related to frequent admin panel logouts, inefficient content management, and access control. Administrators can work without interruptions, streamline content management, and ensure precise access control for different customer groups, leading to a more efficient and effective online store management experience.


Mageside's innovative modules are transformative for e-commerce businesses. "Keep Admin Authorized" ensures uninterrupted admin access, "Admin Links Preview and Edit" streamlines content management, and "Customer Group Permissions" provides precise control over customer group access. With these modules in place, businesses can operate more efficiently and effectively. It, in turn, enhances their competitiveness, customer satisfaction, and overall success in the fiercely competitive e-commerce arena. Embrace the future of e-commerce with Mageside's robust solutions. Your journey to e-commerce excellence begins here.