How to do SEO for Magento 2 website? Visual component of the website. Part 2

In the previous article, we paid a lot of attention to high-ranking online stores as an example of a website's smooth performance, reliability, and customer data security. In the second part of the article, we'll talk a lot about the visual component of the website.

We all become visual consumers as current trends have a huge impact on us. Just think about any presentation of IPhones and IPads. Apple corporation specialists have understood this feature long ago.

They realized that people care about its appearance and not care how many new features it has. Not everyone knows how many megapixels the last iPhone has, but absolutely everyone knows that it has three cameras. Not every person became visual, of course, but this percentage is scanty. We must take the direction of a wider audience and be as relevant as possible.

Try to remember now the last purchase you've made. For sure, you've paid attention to how it looks.

The same thing is with your website. It's enough to understand a straightforward but essential present-day truth: people don't buy your service, and they don't buy your product.

The thing is, people are buying a page on your website first. How you present it, how you place products on it, how you manage shapes and colors while making the brand on your Magento 2 online store is a key decision-making resource you own. So only after they have already "bought your page", they place an order, leave contact information, and you exchange the product or service for its cost.

Visual search

In 2021 people are looking for visual content, not only in Google images, but by browsing Instagram, Pinterest, a variety of blogs, and portfolio websites, etc. more and more people do that every year. For strong promotion in 2021, it's crucial not only to have new visitors each day but also they have to like the visual component of your brand.

Components of visual content

Light design

Check out your competitors’ website design. Analyze their concepts, feel what you like and what you don't, learn from the best and try to do even better.

There's no need to place many images all over the website, endless pop-up windows, and some variegated colors. 2021 welcomes the most laconic design with a lot of "air" in it. We recommend focusing on the products and making the design around them to be undistracted for customers.

Of course, you shouldn't deny using banners, pop-ups, and other sales promotion tools but always do it wisely. Promotion Message module for Magento 2 will help you to cope with this; read more about its capabilities in the articles:

Static visual content

The presence of the photos with the finest quality is truly a must-have for any eCommerce website. The more pictures you have on your website and the higher the quality of these images - the more customers buy your product. The product or service should be shown clearly and in detail so that the buyer can literally feel and smell what you are showing through the screen. To do this, you need to publish a lot of pictures and photos that show every angle of it, how to use it, various situations in life, etc.

Video reviews

It might seem that detailed photos are all that a buyer wants to see, but it's not entirely true. Think back to your own user experience. When you are looking for something, does a video review stay out of your attention? Of course not.

Videos help us to achieve an even better understanding of what a product represents itself in real life. Thanks to the interaction with the item on the video, the buyer can imagine himself with the product, understands it in dynamics. Even in some cases, a video presentation helps to better acknowledge the material which it is made of, its interaction with light/touch/state in moves/ weight, etc.

Checklist for creating a video review for a product

  • set up a good light;
  • choose a suitable, preferably neutral background;
  • prepare the equipment/adjust the mode/wipe the lens/make a test take and see if everything's good in the frame;
  • on the video, you can start by unpacking the product;
  • twirl the product in the hands;
  • describe your feelings (what is its weight/is it comfortable to hold in your hands/what's the smell/your first impression);
  • voice a characteristic about a product from the manufacturer;
  • show how to use it/what functions it has in action;
  • describe your final impressions;
  • hank the viewers for their attention;
  • add an offer for further steps to see the following review/buy a product/consider other or similar products;
  • while editing, add the splash screen with the store name at the beginning and the end of the video;
  • add subtitles.

Checklist for creating a video review for a service

  • prepare the place where the service provided for shooting;
  • describe where you are/what service you will talk about/what you will show in the video review;
  • walk around and show tools/inventory/jobs;
  • if possible, introduce the viewer to the staff and ask them a couple of questions. For example, about their functions in the workplace/their story or a story of how they got this job/how they relate to their duties;
  • tell about the services/their types/prices/opening hours;
  • show how to get to the place of service;
  • interview several clients.
  • And again:

  • while editing, add the splash screen with the store name at the beginning and the end of the video;
  • add subtitles.

The video review doesn't have to be a whole movie with an exciting plot, an intriguing culmination, and a magnificent ending. If you still aren't sure how to shoot a video about your products or if all of the above seems too complicated, just take a regular phone with a camera and start shooting it. Even a minute video with voice acting of product characteristics on your website is better than no video at all. You will receive a lot more orders thanks to this step, no matter what your sales topic is.

Don't forget about the description for the video! The product description should have as much information as possible. It's what buyers expect from you in 2021.

360° photo

It’s when you can twist the product in every direction you want with your mouse or touchpad. We recommend using this modern method to transmit the complete picture of the product through the monitor to the buyer. To make a 360° photo of the product, for you is enough to make about 10 pictures around, combine it with the required program into a 360° view, and that's it. Just one feature allows you to be one step ahead of your competitors!


Use comparison tables and infographics and post them on your website for a better customer experience. This method of presenting information will help the buyer to quickly understand all elaborate details. While infographics are still one of the most compelling visual solutions for completing structured content, they are also a great SEO tool.


People used to search for information only on search engines like Google. But now, YouTube has become one of the great places for that. Most likely, you, as a user, have recently searched for something on YouTube (excluding cats/dogs, music, or some entertainment content). Remember how you found some answers to your question there.

You can't even imagine how many of your potential buyers search on YouTube every day! YouTube is the same as Google was five years ago. If you have thousands of products, then start making visual content with the best-selling ones. Widen regularly of your descriptions, photos, and video reviews. More popular products also can lead to your less-selling products if you correctly set up crosslinks within the website.

Be attentive to detail and generate valuable visual content. Thanks to current opportunities for promotion, you have unlimited possibilities for growth in this direction.