Are there any incentives more appealing to customers than discounts? Well, this is very difficult to say. In reality, discounts serve as a powerful motivator to encourage customers to buy and spend more, and this is the main reason behind the setup of all promotional events. It is also not a secret that certain customers look out for discounts and purchase products which offer only profitable offers. In the same vein, sellers always look to answer questions like: “How to attract customers to a discount”, “How to setup and attractive and accessible workable discount message?”, “How to motivate buyers to make use of such discounts?”...

Promotional message: This is a marketing strategy developed by a business to promote a product or service. A promotional message can be in form of a television or magazine advertisement or just a simple slogan on a product package. No matter its form, its purpose is to spread a particular message about the good or service being promoted.

Customers are sometimes tired of seeing the same thing on different online stores they visit. A promotional message will not only make your online store stand out, it will also beautify it and consequently increase the amount of sales and guests. A well set up promotional message will make sure that your customers are not tired of seeing the same thing, they will regularly be looking forward to visit your site to check for new offers. As an online store owner, you should always be looking to improve your online store with different promotional messages.

For the purpose of this article we are however considering the promotional messages which are displayed on an online store.

The proper placement and appropriate content of a promotional message is enough to propel the sales of a business to unexpected heights. In the real sense, there is no big secret to setting up a promotional message that would be effective. To set up an attractive and effective promotional message, follow the tips listed below:

  • Create an interesting offer
  • Regularly display the promotion message
  • Make sure the promotional message is brief and as clear as possible

By considering and making use of the simple rules listed above, it will be easier to setup an attractive and beneficial promotional message which will boost the average number of sales of your online store. The Promotion Message extension has been put in place to help you achieve this. By making use of our promo manager you can set up an attractive promotional banner. It is quite easy to note that, a special offer banner is most time setup for the purpose of attracting new customers to purchase the products. The information that explains what the promotional event is all about will appear on different pages of your store. More often than not, discount banners are a very effective method used in getting the attention of the buyers.

For instance, if you want to give customers a 12% discount on a product purchase of $300 dollars or more.

  1. The first step you need to take to achieve this is to enable the Promotion Message module by selecting "yes":
  2. Enable Module list box

  3. The next step is to create a new promotion message by clicking "Add New Promotion Message":
  4. Add New Promotion Message button

  5. The next thing to do is to fill all the require fields.
  6. Create a name for the promotion message and fill in its description if required.

    Example, Name and Description fields

    Activate your promotion message.

    Example, Activation button

    Choose websites where you want your promotion message to be displayed.

    Example, Websites list box

    Select customer groups for the promotion message.

    Example, Customer Groups list box

    Choose the time period in which the promotion message will be made active and type the priority of promotion message.

    Example, Date and Time picker and Priority

  7. When you are done filling upall the required general boxes, make sure you add conditions to your special offer banner.
  8. Example, Conditions for Promotion Message

  9. The next step in the process involves the creation of the html banner content version of your promotional message by making use of a HTML code. To do this, you will be provided with five Content Version boxes below:

Click "Show/Hide Editor" to add HTML code or to show the open preview of the created message.

Example of Content Version 1 in HTML code.

Example, Content Version 1 HTML

Example of Content Version 1 with the hidden editor.

Example, Content Version 1 with hidden editor

Example of Content Version 2 in HTML code.

Example, Content Version 2 HTML

Example of Content Version 2 with the hidden editor.

Example, Content Version 2 with hidden editor


In order to view the created promotional message on the page of your store, you have to create a new widget.

In the “Widgets” section you can configure the settings of the promotion message. In this section, you are to select the type of widget and a theme of the design.

Example, Widgets Settings, Type and Design Theme list boxes

When you are done with that, type the name of widget title, select which views of your store needed to be assigned to a promotion message widget and type the sort order.

Example, Widget Title field, Assign to Store Views list box and Sort Order field

After that, select the location in which your promotion message widget will be displayed and select a container in which the promotion message widget will be shown.

Example, Display On and Container dropdown lists

The last thing to do is to select a content version of your promotion message.

Example, Content Versions dropdown list

It is important to note that you should create a new widget for Success messages. To do this, you can find tips to do that here: Magento 2 Promotion Message: Application of the win-win tactic.

Congrats! Now your "Discount" promotion message is done!

Discount promotional banner Success Discount promotional banner