The offer "Buy One Get One Free" is a popular one and is proven over the years. It is still one of the top types of marketing techniques used to boost sales of products and services. The cause of the popularity of the buy one get one free promotion offer is due to its versatility, because this offer can be applied to a wide variety of products. It is can be used for both material goods and non-material goods, such as digital products or service industries.

The uniqueness of this proposal is that it has a large number of variations, which means; you can select conditions which are suitable for your store and implement them during the holidays or for a certain period of time to boost the amount of sales.

Listed below is a variant of the Buy X Get Y Free offer:

variants of Buy X Get Y Free offer

Definitely, one of the most used variants is the original offer of "Buy X Get Y Free". By making the conditions for a buy one get one free promotion, you clearly state what is expected of the buyer to earn a reward. With the aid of our promo manager Promotion Message extension, you can create an unobtrusive and a less provocative special offer banner, which aids buyers in making instant decisions on whether they are interested in the offer or not.

Making use of the information stated above, this means we can divide potential buyers into two categories. The first category consists of buyers who will keep on choosing products based on new pieces of information, while the other category consists of buyers who simply don’t spend much time checking out or reading huge promotion messages or superfluous information. We can then say that such a promotional banner as the buy one get one free promotion will not lead to negative emotions from potential buyers and will definitely not discourage them from buying a product from your store. Asides this, there is however still a chance to attract them. A particular set of buyer may need more time to think about the offer, so you should not hesitate to display the message twice. Ensure you add promotion messages containing the buy one get one free promotion offer to several store pages at any place you want. By doing this, you increase the chances of attracting more guests to your proposal.


For instance, if you want to clear out sweatshirts from your old collection, and you want to setup a "Buy 2 get 1 free" promotion message.

  1. The first step you need to take to achieve this is to enable the Promotion Message module by selecting "yes":
  2. Enable Module list box

  3. The next step is to create a new promotion message by clicking "Add New Promotion Message":
  4. Add New Promotion Message button

  5. The next thing to do is to fill all the require fields.
  6. Create a name for the promotion message and fill in its description if required.

    Example, Name and Description fields

    Activate your promotion message.

    Example, Activation button

    Choose websites where you want your promotion message to be displayed.

    Example, Websites list box

    Select customer groups for the promotion message.

    Example, Customer Groups list box

    Choose the time period in which the promotion message will be made active and type the priority of promotion message.

    Example, Date and Time picker and Priority

  7. When you are done filling up all the required general boxes, make sure you add conditions to your special offer banner.
  8. Example, Conditions for Promotion Message

  9. The next step in the process involves the creation of the html banner content version of your promotional message by making use of a HTML code. To do this, you will be provided with five Content Version boxes below:

Click "Show/Hide Editor" to add HTML code or to show the open preview of the created message.

Example of Content Version 1 in HTML code.

Example, Content Version 1 HTML

Example of Content Version 1 with the hidden editor.

Example, Content Version 1 with hidden editor

Example of Content Version 2 in HTML code.

Example, Content Version 2 HTML

Example of Content Version 2 with the hidden editor.

Example, Content Version 2 with hidden editor


In order to view the created promotional message on the page of your store, you have to create a new widget.

In the “Widgets” section you can configure the settings of the promotion message. In this section, you are to select the type of widget and a theme of the design.

Example, Widgets Settings, Type and Design Theme list boxes

When you are done with that, type the name of widget title, select which views of your store needed to be assigned to a promotion message widget and type the sort order.

Example, Widget Title field, Assign to Store Views list box and Sort Order field

After that, select the location in which your promotion message widget will be displayed and select a container in which the promotion message widget will be shown.

Example, Display On and Container dropdown lists

The last thing to do is to select a content version of your promotion message.

Example, Content Versions dropdown list

It is important to note that you should create a new widget for Success messages. To do this, you can find tips to do that here: Magento 2 Promotion Message: Application of the win-win tactic.

Congrats! Your "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" promotion message has been set up!

Buy One Get One Free promotion message Success Buy One Get One Free promotion message