It is a well-known fact that only strong emotions can lead to bright memories. This actually emphasizes the power of gifts. Since childhoods, gifts have been associated with holidays, family and pleasant moments. Some online stores face the problem of having a decline or stagnant amount of sales. Therefore, by giving your customers Free Gifts through a free gifts banner you become closer to them and there is a higher chance that your store will be remembered. This will keep customers and guests always coming back to check you out.

It is, however, important to note that care is of more value than gifts, and this means you don’t have to make your gift too big or expensive. If your store runs on a cross-selling and upselling logic, you can make use of your existing conditions and inform customers about the proposals available to the different categories of customers. For instance, you can give the gift to the customer with the minimal required quantity or amount.

As much as people like receiving gifts, they also like getting free things more. This type of promotional offer helps to satisfy a 2 in 1 emotional thirst in your customers. Nothing spreads a better message about your online store than a free gift banner. From research and study, it has shown that customers most often do not mind meeting up with the requirements to get the free gift displayed by the free gift banner. A client may not mind buying one extra unit of a commodity if it guarantees that he will get a free gift. It is also advised that online store owners should not overshoot the conditions for a free gift offer displayed on a free gift banner as this may discourage or irritate the buyer because he/she will feel extorted. You should not set the number of units to be purchased as 5 when 3 units are more than enough to qualify a customer for a free gift. You should also not offer a gift which is not of a significant value to the amount of goods purchased.

It wouldn’t speak well if you offer just a pen for the purchase of 3 units of an item which are costly to obtain. You should do well to offer something of almost a similar value as one unit of the goods to be purchased. The Free Gift offer should also be displayed regularly on a free gift banner, and not as a one-time thing.

It is important that you don’t forget to support ant promotional event, including your Free Gifts offer displayed properly on a free gift banner, with strong advertising and publicity. You should look to capture and attract the attention of your customers to the proposal and what could be more enticing than promotional banners? The bright gift banner will allow customers get to know about the event through one of the most interesting ways instead of making use of long and boring e-mails. By making use of the free gift banner, gifts transform into the attractive reward and make customers meet the requirements of your promotion.

For instance, in your pricing strategy, you may decide to give a free T-shirt to the customer who ordered for two Sweatshirts. To inform your clients about this promotional event by making use of a special gift banner:

  1. The first step you need to take to achieve this is to enable the Promotion Message module by selecting "yes":
  2. Enable Module list box

  3. The next step is to create a new promotion message by clicking “Add New Promotion Message”:
  4. Add New Promotion Message button

  5. The next thing to do is to fill all the required fields.
  6. Create a name for the promotion message and fill in its description if required.

    Example, Name and Description fields

    Activate your promotion message.

    Example, Activation button

    Choose websites where you want your promotion message to be displayed.

    Example, Websites list box

    Select customer groups for the promotion message.

    Example, Customer Groups list box

    Choose the time period in which the promotion message will be made active and type the priority of promotion message.

    Example, Date and Time picker and Priority

  7. When you are done filling up all the required general boxes, make sure you add conditions to your special offer banner.
  8. Example, Conditions for Promotion Message

  9. The next step in the process involves the creation of the HTML banner content version of your promotional message by making use of an HTML code. To do this, you will be provided with five Content Version boxes below:

Click "Show/Hide Editor" to add HTML code or to show the open preview of the created message.

Example of Content Version 1 in HTML code.

Example, Content Version 1 HTML

Example of Content Version 1 with the hidden editor.

Example, Content Version 1 with hidden editor

Example of Content Version 2 in HTML code.

Example, Content Version 2 HTML

Example of Content Version 2 with the hidden editor.

Example, Content Version 2 with hidden editor


In order to view the created promotional message on the page of your store, you have to create a new widget. In the “Widgets” section you can configure the settings of the promotion message. In this section, you are to select the type of widget and a theme of the design.

Example, Widgets Settings, Type and Design Theme list boxes

When you are done with that, type the name of widget title, select which views of your store needed to be assigned to a promotion message widget and type the sort order.

Example, Widget Title field, Assign to Store Views list box and Sort Order field

After that, select the location in which your promotion message widget will be displayed and select a container in which the promotion message widget will be shown.

Example, Display On and Container dropdown lists

The last thing to do is to select a content version of your promotion message.

Example, Content Versions dropdown list

It is important to note that you should create a new widget for Success messages. To do this, you can find tips to do that here: Magento 2 Promotion Message: Application of the win-win tactic.

Congrats! Your "Free Gift" promotion message is complete!

Free Gift banner with promotion message Success Free Gift banner