Shopping cart, Checkout and Shipping upgrade for Magento 2 store

For many years we, the Mageside team, have invested countless hours developing and improving our modules and offering quality support to help you make your Magento website as a top-notch online business. Our modules are easy to install and configure, and running it doesn't require any programming skills. We carefully analyze requests for Magento 2 stores' additional features and implement them in the most convenient and accessible format. Our main goal is your satisfaction with our products.

We have a lovely tradition to look back and remember the previous year in our blog. Now, at the beginning of 2023, our life and work in Ukraine, more than ever, test our resilience and courage. Above all, we all strive for peace, and at the same time, we are still up-to-date with current events and trends in e-commerce. Your feedback is our motivation. We know that our work is important and valuable to you. Reading your reviews, we feel how highly you appreciate our efforts while using our services. Thank you for choosing us!

During all this time, our collection of modules has become our great assets, which we are proud of. There are still many tasks waiting to be solved, but today let's stop for a while and read your feedback together.


Shopping carts, checkout, and shipping options are crucial elements in any online store. While a shopping cart allows customers to store list of items for their purchase, the checkout process includes entering customers' billing and shipping information and finalising the purchase. If those elements are challenging to use or need to be more secure, it can lead to a high abandonment carts rate and a decrease in income for the online business.

We analyse current information about customers' behavior on the checkout and design our modules for Magento 2 to make the checkout process easy to navigate and understand so that customers can complete their purchase fast and without any confusion.

High-quality shipping is also crucial for online stores. Shipping functionality for your store can impact the overall customer experience, and delivery speed and packaging can either enhance or detract from the perception of the product and the store. Efficient shipping ensures that products reach customers in the best condition, reducing the likelihood of returns or other issues.

Therefore, Magento stores need a user-friendly and well-designed shopping cart, checkout path and shipping features to ensure a streamlined and efficient experience for customers. Also, the checkout process should protect the sensitive information of customers.

Subscribe To Newsletter At Checkout

Newsletters allow businesses to build a loyal customer base and stay in touch with them. Newsletter subscriptions can increase sales to online stores by sending regular updates about new products, promotions, sales, and exclusive deals. They can also help to keep subscribers informed about the store's activities and, as a result, to build customer loyalty. Also, online stores can use newsletters to target specific customer groups with personalized offers and promotions.

The Subscribe to Newsletters at Checkout module adds a checkbox for subscription at the online store's checkout. Guest customers can sign up for your store's newsletter. You can subscribe the customers to your newsletter forcibly by setting it as a default option or letting them choose.

top notch free module for marketing purposes. Always easy to work with their modules and this one is also very good (even so it is free ^^)KAIKAI

Great free extension. It definitely works on magento2.4 and it is free so it's a good opportunity to test mageside products. I recommend itJULL36

Great feature for marketing. This extension is very useful for building a strong email base from our existing customers. We love how easy it is to manage.ADAM CHO

This is so great. We definitely increase our email lists :) Module is bug-free and easy to install.JAMIE JAMES

Thank you for all your feedback! We work for the highest quality of each of our modules, whether it is paid or free.

Subscribe to Newsletters at Checkout

Dimensional Shipping

Smart product packaging refers to the packaging that is designed to protect the product until it is shipped to its destination and also can reduce its cost. There are four main types of products in the online store such as configurable, bundled, grouped, and simple, and here's a brief overview of them:

  • Simple products are standalone items. It can be sold individually and doesn't have any options or variations. A simple product is typically a physical item with a single SKU.
  • Configurable products have multiple options for customization, like color, size, or material. Customers can select a product that meets their specific needs from the available options.
  • Bundled products are a collection of similar items that are sold together. Unlike a grouped product, customers cannot choose individual items from a bundled product.
  • Grouped products are a group of individual products. They are sold together as a package deal. Usually, the customer chooses which items they want to include in the group. In such cases, the price is calculated based on the items selected.

The Dimensional Shipping extension for Magento 2 determines the shipping costs by considering the products' dimensions and packaging boxes. The online store administrator must input the product dimensions and set up the shipping boxes in the configuration panel. When a customer places an order with specific product dimensions, the module will find the most efficient way to pack it properly. All this information is then transmitted to the carrier to provide accurate shipping rates for this shipment.

The extention works great:) First, we have some problems with it, but then the support team help us to configure the extension. And now the module answers all our requirements. We are happy to use it. Thank you. If we had some questions, the support team helped and fixed the errorsINFO@FIDDLEHEADS.CA

clear code. Good extension, it works nicely.ADAM J

Your customers will be thrilled with the convenience of your smart product packaging! We are pleased to offer our module, so those orders can reach them quickly and safely.

Dimensional Shipping

Shipping Matrix Rates

Customers' shipping experience with an online store usually impacts their overall satisfaction with their shopping. A negative shipping experience can include delayed or slow delivery, lack of communication, and inflexible return policies. It can make customers feel frustrated and less likely to return to that online store for more purchases. Providing a positive shipping experience for customers can ultimately drive more successful sales for your online store.

To improve customers' shopping experience, provide customers with fast and reliable delivery, clear communication, informing customers about shipping times and tracking information, and flexible options such as the ability to change a delivery schedule or address.

The Shipping Matrix Rates module for Magento 2 makes it possible to

  • Create rates from multiple product criteria like destination country, state, product price, quantity, weight, group, customer group, or custom post-calculation parameters.
  • Create precise shipping rates based on postcode filtering.
  • Present several postage prices per order.
  • Use exclusive requirements to create rates and more.

Recommend. Not bad for precise calculation, we actually loved it. Easy installation. Have spoken to the support department about one little but annoying thing and it was a pleasant interaction with them. Helped me in a sec.JEREMY 786H

Definitely recommend. the support team is very responsive and would help you resolve the issues quite quickly. I ran into one problem with an installation and couldn't figure out what was wrong. I emailed them and after just a few emails, we resolved it. Thank u, Julia for the help!FRANK89

Excellent extension and support. Does what it says on the tin and prompt support.TONY

Thanks for the quick support response. I had a question about integration with existing modules on my project and mageside responded super quickly, very nice people to work withDEVELOPERMAGENTO2

Quick & Good support, Perfect Extension for Needs. The native shipping methods in Magento are not enough to meet our shipping needs, but this module is the perfect remedy. You can check qty, price, and weight simultaneously when deciding available shipping, and can even use calculations in the module to meet even more niche needs. The support is also quick and efficient. 100% satisfied with the purchase.RAFAEL

We are glad to assist you with all of your shipping requirements! Our team is committed to ensuring that your customers will have a seamless experience in ordering products. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your online shop shipping needs are in good hands. So why wait? Let the module help you get started today!

Shipping Matrix Rates

Canada Post Shipping

Shipping experience is one of the most critical aspects of customer interaction with online stores. Customers are more likely to purchase in your store if you provide them with the following:

  • Fast delivery with the ability to track their packages.
  • Affordable shipping options and, as a result, reasonable delivery costs.
  • Accurate shipping information. Before customers make a purchase, they want to know shipping options, the cost of delivery, estimated date at least.

Use the Canada Post Shipping module to your Magento store to provide your customers with all the listed aspects. Canada Post is the leading delivery company in Canada. Whether somebody's shipping within Canada or around the world, they provide one of the most reliable services which include: fast delivery, clear and accurate shipping information, and affordable shipping options.

Mageside has fully implemented Canada Post web API for Magento2. This module enables you to showcase up-to-date rates to your customers before and during checkout, generate shipping labels, register packages with Canada Post ahead of drop off, monitor previously shipped boxes, and generate manifests for all shipping labels. With the extension, you can ensure that your customers receive accurate live rates for all shipping destinations. The service supports all shipping options, including Regular Post, Priority, and Xpresspost for packages and envelopes.

Excellent Support. I placed the order since long time, and when I asked support, this company provided the support in a professional way and for free. I recommend this company. Don't focus on the price, focus on the support service after sales. Thank youADNAN

Excellent and ongoing support. After initially installing the software, it took me some time to figure out to correctly configure it. Mageside support was always there and available, and very patient. Later on with an update to magento 2.4, the software also need to be updated, and they even added a feature request to the update that I need, at no extra charge. Excellent software, excellent support. Buy the software here on their site as opposed to via the marketplace, quicker direct support!JESSEDW

I have placed an order for this Canada Post extension for my Magento 2.4. It is working fine now. The support team for this company professional and helped me in configuring the configuration at Canada Post web site for free. Really, I am thankful and I recommend any one to work with this company for any Magento Extension.ADNAN

Easy install quick help. The module has many options, and seems to work great. I installed it first via composer after having purchased it at the Magento Marketplace, however that version was out of date and had errors. A quick email to customer service, and they sent me the updated version. Seems like its best to buy directly from Mageside.JESSEDW

Canada Post Shipping

Our team of experts works tirelessly to maintain the highest quality standards and ensure that our code is reliable. That's why we guarantee top-notch code and excellent customer support. Should you ever have any questions, our customer support team is always here to help. We believe your satisfaction with our cooperation is the key to our success! Thank you for placing your confidence in us and our joint commitment to excellence!