It is quite common knowledge that a lot of our new technology is based on old technology. During recent times, we are able to study the trends of previous years, analyze the behavior of the products at the peak of its popularity and even make structured predictions on the behavior of such trends.

The meaning of fashion and trends.

Fashion isn’t just about clothes. This word can be applied to equipment, cars, sports, cosmetics, food, book and so on. Fashion basically concerns everything in the society of man. Also, fashion deals with what we use, study and the locations we live in. Fashion can sometimes be likened to be a lifestyle. The fashion (trend) of the market will significantly determine the type of goods to be bought by customers for a certain period, and this would influence the amount of profit you accrue.

Top products are not necessarily the products which are bought based on importance, but they are the ones demanded by most people. Top products are products which have diverging ads, can be adapted to different human lives and people get to know about them from society. If you are looking for the best products to sell, all you have to do is simply take note of the specific trend and catch a wave of its popularity.

For instance, there is now a trend for a healthy lifestyle. This trend has gained a lot of promotion over the years and is very beneficial to every person involved. Recently, there has been a notable spike in the number of people who take note of their health. Good health has become fashionable due to good social media coverage. Due to this coverage, a lot of people have diverted their attention to the perks and benefits of a sporty life. Based on recent trends, everything needed for a sporty lifestyle is readily available in online stores. They include food, fitness products, different clothes, and shoes.


We have taken note of certain products which have a high level of popularity, such as clothing. Clothing is very essential to every human and has been adopted by society, and it is now considered to be a necessary element of life and being naked is considered to be wholly irrational and unacceptable. Clothing goes beyond the thick fabric designed to keep us from the cold. Our clothes now help to provide an identity even in a crowd of people. With clothing, we can express our deepest feelings and who we are actually. All over the world, there is a wide range of clothing for anyone to choose. From that, it would be impossible not to find what you need on the internet. Also, with the use of keywords nowadays, you can quickly get anything which you want in online stores.

If you are the owner of an online store, you should keep yourself adept with the trends in the fashion field to stay on top.

According to Google Trends, leggings have gained a lot of popularity. It is probably considered the most sought after piece of clothing that people are looking to buy or sell. By making use of keywords, people get directed to different stores to purchase their leggings. Since the 13th year, there has been a constant increase in the number of leggings found on the internet. This can also be attributed to the new sporty lifestyle adopted by different people around the world. Leggings are also considered to be one of the most comfortable sportswear.


Another notable form of sportswear is jeans’ wear and jeans. They are also quite popular. These pieces of clothing are comfortable for daily living, and they are available in a variety of styles and designs.


Also, footwear have the same high importance in our modern life. Everything around us has become so fast-paced, and people prefer to make use of comfortable shoes that they can wear for long periods. Snickers have all the features needed for footwear that can be worn daily. They are designed to be light and comfortable to the feet. Since the 13th year, the popularity of snickers has also been on the rise.


Fitness products: smartwatches

Smartwatches can be considered a relevant item for any season. It can serve as an excellent gift for any holiday or even as a personal purchase. Accessories often help to add a lot of flexibility to our lives. These accessories can be with ornaments, different belts, color and so on. Recently, the popularity of smartwatches has experienced a notable increase. Stores and shops in the sales of smartwatches have been known to earn a lot of profit. This is since smartwatches regularly undergo development and changes. Smartwatches also have a lot of functionality that surpasses that of regular watches. The more advanced the features of any smartwatch, the better the model. However, do not forget that there is a risk of the user being overwhelmed with too many options.

In the present day, smartwatches have been designed to have the abilities to make and receive calls, SMS and other forms of messages. Certain more advanced smartwatches can measure pulse, and the distance walked. The market for smartwatches has advanced such that any store involved in such sales can experience a spike in popularity.


Fitness products: bounce shoes

The exciting trends to follow in today’s market are often found in fitness products. This is due to a new found love for people to keep healthy while looking beautiful and smart. Another modern equipment used by a lot of people is bounce shoes. These shoes have only recently appeared on the market, but they have already gained a lot of popularity. Their popularity is due to some very effective advertisement campaigns. This new type of shoes seems very interesting to different buyers all over the world. The boots help run more distance, build more leg muscles and enhancing balance. If you follow the trends of bounce shoes from as far back as 2008, there is a notable increase in the number of sales and popularity of the shoes.


Fitness products: resistance bands

Another necessary type of innovation that supports a healthy lifestyle are resistance bands. The reason behind their popularity is down to the durability of the bands. These bands are also lightweight. These bands can quickly be taken on journeys to ensure you can exercise in the home or hall. Resistance bands are also designed to offer a varying amount of thickness that depends on the user of the band and his goals. Users can learn a lot about these bands via a lot of instructional videos which are found all over the internet. These products were quite quickly adopted by everyone around.

These bands have been favorite since 2008 where they have steadily been gaining prominence and popularity due to their usefulness and importance features. These features help to benefit the health of any user. The amount of online presence for resistance bands is increasing, and a lot of users and buyers now come across a variety of options online. It is vital that you do not get lost by the type of options which are available for the product. The trends on resistance bands are very impressive and could possibly grow in popularity over the coming years. The resistance bands are one of the best products to sell.


Beauty products

One of the basic features of women is their constant pursuit of perfect beauty. Online stores that specialize in the sale of beauty products and cosmetics always have customers patronizing them in droves. On these stores, you will find women, ladies, and girls of all ages. Till date, there is a very massive network of brands that are very popular among women. Internet searches on cosmetic are very reliant on fashion. Over the past 2 years, natural fashion has experienced an increase in popularity. This means that women are looking forward to cosmetic products that still help them to maintain their natural looks. These types of cosmetic products are considered the top choices.

Highlighter has become a quite popular modern product. When dealing with trends in cosmetic, highlighters are deemed to be in pole position. The highlighter allows women to make a specific part of their face shine by applying it correctly. The effect of the highlighter is to ensure a more natural look.



Without taking a look at any statistic, it is quite common knowledge that the purchase of books has remained as popular as always. People have always sought to educate themselves. These books are a straightforward way to engage in self-education. Also, books do not get spoilt, and they have a lot of options for different types of reader all over the world. Books selling have a crucial place in the Jeffrey Bezos e-commerce success story. Another kind of paper product which has experienced an increase in popularity is tickets. A lot of people want to go to different places and events. This is why these tickets are often found for sale on the internet. These tickets are usually for exciting activities such as concerts, exhibitions and so on. The purchase of tickets online has experienced an increase from 2013 – 2019.


Self education

Without leaving the education and personal development category, online courses have also become quite popular. A lot of people around the world make use of these courses to become aware of the different subject all over the world without having to attend any formal school. There is now an increased search for online classes all over the internet. If any individual is interested in learning about anything, he or she can simply go online to get access to a course for better teaching methods. It doesn’t matter what is to be learned, there a variety of online courses for almost everything on the internet. You can learn about music, TV programs, IT, art and so on. We are now in an age where online courses are the way to learn and rank among the top searches online.


Yes, this would be incomplete without talking about electronics. Electronic appliances are now everywhere around us. You would find a lot of electronic devices in homes, offices and even on the street. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular electronic appliances in the online market.

The first device which has experienced an increase in popularity is the coffee machine. You can take a look at the statistic, and you can see the number of people that drink coffee daily. Making coffee has become quite popular that virtually every adult does it. There are a lot of coffee connoisseurs that need the coffee machine. Coffee machines are designed to meet the taste and needs of different customers. Recently, it is not uncommon to find a coffee machine which has been specifically designed for use in various institutions and even at home.


The blender is also another electronic appliance that is becoming increasingly popular. The popularization of mixers can also be said to be due to the need for more people to engage in healthy eating. It is now common to find a lot of recipes in which people prepare smoothies or blended soups that require a blender for preparation.


Probably, the most popular electronic devices in history are smartphones, computers, and headphones. These devices have become similar to personal accessories utilized by everyone in the new modern world. Before the purchase of any phone or computer, people will look at the reviews, and this increases the search ratings for these products. If you own an online store that offers the sale of electronics, you are to implement these 3 positions into your store.



Also, an excellent addition to all the products listed above will be leisure. We have treated books and tickets, and it is equally important that we take a look at toys. Toys are products which people find easy to buy on the internet because they do not need to shop much for any particular model as long as they know the toy model to buy. It is very convenient to purchase toys from online stores in comparison with physical stores.

Now, you may ask, who buys toys? However, you will be amazed that there are a lot of parents or people who want to offer a gift to a child. These people do not often have time to search for the best toys by going to the shops, and this is what makes an online store the perfect choice. New toys are quite surprising that even adults may decide to get some for themselves. An excellent example of this type of toys is Lego which is popular among children and Adults.

Another impressive "toy" purchased nowadays is the scratch map. During recent times, there have been positive ratings on searching on the internet. Scratch maps are a perfect motivation to travel and document all your achievements on the different trips to different corners of the world. These maps are beautiful and can be pasted on almost any wall. This is why a lot of people are found shopping for scratch maps on the internet.



In the conclusion of the theme of trends and Magento trends, let’s take a look at food. It is undoubtedly one of the most critical products for our existence, and we are most times found looking for what to eat. The trend of recent years has been granola. Granola is a porridge which is baked with honey or other sweet fillers with the addition of nuts useful grains such as chia, goji, raspberry, strawberry, cherry and so on. The mixture of granola Is sold in dry form. It can easily be prepared at home using milk or water. This product is therefore straightforward to sell and ship to different corners of the world. It has a very long shelf life and is popular among individuals who choose their health first.


By the way, we can offer you a look at our great Recipes and Ingredients module which help increase sales of products. You can read about it here: Whats excellent customer service and how to improve it on Magento 2 food stores?

We hope this study has been insightful and revealing to you, and partially answer the question of what to sell online. By making use of trends to determine the selection of goods for your store, you are one step closer to getting better results. We wish that you are always aware of the trend, Mageside team.